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  1. jojo1997

    Roof Techniques

    Please can you give me the bricklink number of your bricks from the roof. Jonas
  2. jojo1997

    Lancia Fulvia HF

    first I see this car I think it's the car from nico71.
  3. jojo1997

    8258 Truck cab

    loke at designer han's cabin from his dumptruck It look like a scania too. But I think I'd like to build the cabin from han. He make it a little bit difficult but it lokks like a real scania cabin
  4. nice design. Do you want to make a instruction for this C-Modell?
  5. I love. I would love him more if he had yellow. :thumbup:
  6. jojo1997

    Best Technic MOCs

    A really cool modell to from 696 pazuzu. I really like his idea with this extravelator. Sorry my poor english.
  7. I really like your extravelator but please make a video with this extravelater. let him dig a hole.
  8. jojo1997

    MOC: Rally Car

    I like your car but can you make it so that we can't see what's inside the car. Make some brics into the side so we can't see more. It make a modell a little bit pretty. maybe you can build a chassic like that (Jako4001)
  9. jojo1997

    Steve's first MOC - Tank - completed

    pretty cool but has the turret sit as far back. I see many tanks and mostly the turent sit in the middle of the tank,
  10. I see AlvinB`s place and think OMG this big crane
  11. please can you make an instruction for your "gearbox". Jonas