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    McDonald's Happy Meal LEGO Racers

    Hmm. At first glance, this looked promising, yet, on closer inspection the sets look like they have few useable pieces. Darn.
  2. Just A Minifig

    Best and worst Lego set of the 2000's

    Anything with hideous quantities of flick-fire missiles is terrible automatically.
  3. Just A Minifig

    My first Brickfilm

    Could you give us a sample of the animation?Something to see a part of the film?
  4. Just A Minifig

    Amateur BrickArms review

    Excellent review, I was modt interested in the currently unreleased products, I'm really excited for the Kitchen Knife and AC-8.The sawn off shotgun somewhat reminds me of a flintlock pistol though.I have avidly bought much Brickarms, including last years "Zombie Survival Pack"and I think I'll be getting these.I wonder if brickarms will make some of these available for the Apocafest?
  5. Just A Minifig

    MMR-R Series Remote Control Moon Rover

    Very nice,looks sturdy , like it could stand up to being smashed by an asteroid.It somewhat reminds me of crocadile for some reason. The R/C is very well done too.
  6. Just A Minifig

    The Reclaimer

    Hi. I just made this little thing,it's built to store and transport food from the apocalyptic city.It is also fitted with a heavy infantry slaying armament,I quite like it,it's only a few minutes work,but...it's ok.
  7. Just A Minifig

    Post-Apoc Marauders

    Ooh,that's some nice post-apoc there...It makes me want to build more post apoc!I would love to see them in zombie combat...
  8. Just A Minifig

    MOC:The Final Survivor Falls...

    NOTE:If this is the wrong forum for this,I'm sorry. The final survivors of the black fantasy plague are hunted down...and consumed. Brickshelf -JAM.
  9. Just A Minifig

    [MOC] Battle Suit - OSTRICH

    I'm not sure about the yellow,but I like the design of the arms.I personally think it reminds me of a chicken,but then again,so did the AT-ST. I liked it alot though.
  10. Just A Minifig

    MOC: Battle-Backpack!

    I put this together today, I thought iyt might look good on a post-apoc MOC,fighting some Zombies...too bad I can't make it too Zombie Apocafest '09 eh? Tell me what you think.... Brickshelf Gallery -JAM,MOCin' through life...
  11. Just A Minifig

    MOC: Neo-Spyrius starship

    Ooh,I like that, very insect-like and fluid.A very generous helping of guns aswell...
  12. Just A Minifig

    MOC: The Reality Dysfunction

    That is wonderful!I have recently taken a great enthusiasm towards black fantasy and the like,and I find this one of the best MOCs I have seen yet! The entire model has a sort of...organic feel to it!
  13. I made these a few days ago,and would like to show them off,though at the rate I'm converting Brickarms weapons,I'll have run out in a few days! NOTE:tutorials for the second and Third weapons can be found here. An RPG-Pistol: A spacey-pistol: A snubnose revolver: Thank you,and please tell me what you think of the tutorial and customs! -JAM
  14. Just A Minifig

    Personal Skimmer-Craft!

    Yeah,I made another aswell, it's a bit bigger and has a cannon attached on the side: What do you think?
  15. Just A Minifig


    Cool,yet for some reason,that tape and binocular combo looks abit like a person to me.