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  1. gev

    The Ugly Bastard

    While the parentage of this ship may be in question, it is definitely *not* ugly. Bravo!
  2. 800x600? I can't take pictures that small!
  3. gev

    Hello! My name is Morphy.

    Welcome, Morphy! Are you familiar with TexLUG? :)
  4. gev

    Once upon a time in the West

    So, I can't reply to: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=88139 so I'll nit pick here. "He used some clever technics and even included interiors!" I don't see significant Technics used in this MOC, but many fine techniques.
  5. gev

    Review Review: Friends 41005 Heartlake High

    Excellent review. I was already interested, now it's a confirmed buy, like the cruise ship. :)
  6. It will not tilt more, there are plates under the lower side, but it is not a solid bottom.
  7. Love this set, though I expect it to be not-very-popular and therefore going cheap soon. Perhaps that's just wishful thinking, as I think it's a great parts pack too. As for the wobble of the inner cylinder, that can be greatly reduced by squishing the outer bits. Also: we know the price: US$34.99, right at the popular $0.10 per piece price point.