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    The Great Pineapple

    One word Brilliant this is just so ridiculous it works, My favourite part of this MOC however is the sail it just... works
  2. shineyfish

    Indiana jones 4 ?

    Am i the only one who thinks the Indy 4 movie would be a great Opportunity for a new Adventurers line. The indy 4 movie is great advertising for the adventurers kids would intsantly be interersted in the whole exploring concept and best of all....... no need for a licence!
  3. shineyfish

    Durmstrang or the 4+ ship?

    Am i the only one who is now wondering what the other shield on the Durmstrang ship looks like up close? Arguing about the figs is silly seeing as both ships come with figs that are incompatible with the pirate theme makes you wonder though what could the figs in the Durmstrang ship be used for? So from what ive read thus far people seem to prefer the 4J ship thats just Astounding i might even get one
  4. shineyfish

    Durmstrang or the 4+ ship?

    Mister Phes what is with all the negativity towards the durmstrang ship. Why do you call it dungstain when it is not even brown? Even though its not a real pirate ship it can still be used in pirate mocs can it not?
  5. shineyfish

    Durmstrang or the 4+ ship?

    so if you had to pick from either the 4+ pirate ship or the Durmstrang ship which one would you pick on terms of usefullness? i ask this as those are the 2 current avaliable pirate ships and if i were to buy one of them i would like to buy the right one. Oh and you cant respond by saying the viking ship *sweet*
  6. shineyfish

    Black Falcon's Fortress

    Sorry for confusing everybody My initial post was just asking if there was a change in grey inbetween the release of AT-AT and the BFF. And no i dont think there was ever a bley AT-AT, it would be kind og funny lookin'
  7. shineyfish

    Black Falcon's Fortress

    Hail fellow castle dwellers I come to you with a question about the legend edition of the much loved Black Falcon's Fortress. What i want to know is does it use the same shade of grey as say the Star Wars AT-AT? Its not that it really matters its just i would like to combine it with my current castle sets (none using bley of course) Any way thanks in advance
  8. shineyfish

    Train News

    oh why does the cargo train set have to come with a cargo train. When all i really need is that blue truck *wub* its *sniff * just so *sniff * beautiful oh and whats up with that passenger train im sorry to say that it looks just a little bit BAD
  9. shineyfish


    while i have no idea on what butterfly was babbling on about. I would quite like to hear kotua's tips on restrooms and hotdogstands
  10. shineyfish


    Ok so i brought up something that had been talked about before but i had too stop the spamming! come to think of it i did read that post but since no one seemed to talk about it i kind of forgot. am i the only one whos getting excited about this theme (even though the avatar is not shown where i live :') ) it seems great for castle mocs and momo sound like a good monster to have
  11. shineyfish


    I agree lets get back onto the topic of dark1 the name bender woops i mean avatar the airbender as far as i know we have not been told which MFs will be included. Or was i not paying attention So anyone know or have any ideas on who will be included
  12. shineyfish


    the mountain with the buildings!?!?! are you sure oh no im sensing a massive base plate
  13. shineyfish

    city poster

    this is the most random thing i have ever seen what is timmy from time twisters doing why is luke a girl why are they using that car from harry potter AND WHERE DOES THAT TORSO THE OLD WOMAN HAVE COME FROM!!!!!! that will do >-| (sorry had too)
  14. shineyfish

    My Drawings

    my previous statement was a bit harsh so im going to try again dark1 you dont need to get an admin to tell you how to post correctly you are the problem is with the drawing its self all i see is a massive black rectangle with people's feet at the bottom i think it has been partly cut off or something. OR it has a massive censor bar *satis*
  15. shineyfish

    Has anyone

    No xwingyoda i did not steal akkhraziel's avatar i dont even know who akkhraziel is. HI AKKHRAZIEL!!!!! you can find this avatar and more on the preinstalled avatar list thats on this site somewhere. Sorry to have confused you