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  1. I have decided to begin selling off my modulars to make a little bit of money. What I have here is the full set 10182 Cafe Corner, purchased in 2008-2009 from Shop at Home. The set was assembled only once and left on display until yesterday, when I disassembled and re-packaged it. The parts are divided by level (Bags 1 - first floor, bags 2 - second floor, bags 3 - third floor and roof), then by colour, then in some cases by element type. They have been organized to make easier the job of the builder or sorter. They come in the original box with the original instruction booklets, which are reinforced in-box with a file folder to remove the likelihood of damage in transit. All of the elements are present, however none of the extras could be recovered. During the process of disassembly I tried my best to remove dust from the parts and they look new. I am based near Toronto, Ontario. I have seen this type of item go for ~$1000 on Bricklink, but I am new to the Lego marketplace so I am not experienced with any kind of negotiation. I have not yet worked out shipping, but if you are in the area it would save me a lot of trouble if we could meet up in person. If you are interested in this item please send me a PM with an offer or any of your questions. Ships to Canada and US.
  2. cottonwood

    1977 Dodge Powerwagon MTIB

    Interesting backdrop there Oran. I too live the chrome parts. I'm wondering if a mini fig will fit in there.
  3. cottonwood

    Modular Madness: French Cafe

    This is a fantastic entry. I love the way the facades of the buildings are subtly textured without being gaudy. The patio furniture is also very realistic and LEGO-looking - a great mix for modulars. The figs walking down the sidewalk are gonna have a hard time getting past it though!
  4. mObby - 2 points LegoJAlex - 2 points Oky - 1 point
  5. George G - 2 points lisqr - 1 point CarsonBrick - 2 points
  6. cottonwood

    Modular Madness: Junkyard

    This is great. I love the use of the old style dogs. The huge tiles out front are a nice shortcut but I can't help imagining it looking better with the uniform 2x2s. Great work, either way.
  7. cottonwood

    9398 - Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler

    interesting. I think it may be a wise choice for me to save my money and make a decision later. I will have to settle for drooling over pictures and videos of both models online for now.
  8. cottonwood

    9398 - Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler

    Thanks for the advice. May I ask what your personal opinion on the model is?
  9. cottonwood

    9398 - Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler

    I know there is a pretty big difference in the parts count for the models. Is this difference really felt when building, or with the models' final size? I don't want to feel like I'm buying a ~$170 set for $250 with the crawler when I could be buying the Unimog for better parts/price value.
  10. cottonwood

    Yet another crawler

    Very interesting build there. This crawler is definitely 'original' in design. I'd love to see this fully realized with a body and everything!
  11. cottonwood

    9398 - Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler

    To any users that own this set and 8110, which would you say is more valuable? In terms of build experience, time spent with the model after being built, and potential resale value. Also, which is less noticeably affected by using rechargeable batteries rather than alkaline? I am looking at purchasing one of these two items. I'm having a hard time justifying spending $250 CAD on just one of these at the moment. I can't decide which I prefer at this point, this is why I would like some input from someone who owns both. Thank you kindly.
  12. 27. Myko - 2 points 22. Matn - 2 points 1. castor-troy - 1 point
  13. cottonwood

    Grand Emporium vs Pet Shop

    Definitely GE. The Pet Shop can wait, if you are going to get it at all. It's a nice build but it just doesn't live up to the line like the GE does. Plus, this will be your first corner building, which is a nice change.
  14. cottonwood

    More exclusive set info

    The level of detail on the interior of the Van is insane!
  15. cottonwood

    More exclusive set info

    If this news is accurate, I might have to hold off on the Pet Shop.