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    MOC Medieval Windmill

    It’s been a while since I’ve completed a MOC. I’ve been building on several MOCs but not 1 made it to the finish line, except for this one! I’ve always wanted to build a Mill before and this concept was incorporated in a previous WIP but now is completed as a stand-alone MOC. As always, Thanks for looking and your thoughts!
  2. Perterz

    MOC Medieval Windmill

    Thank you very much!
  3. Perterz

    MOC Medieval Windmill

    I’m a purist myself but sometimes it’s needed to cut a hose.. I also cut hoses if I need a 1L or 2L bar which LEGO doesn’t provide; it still is a LEGO hose tho 🤪 Thanks for your opinion! 👍
  4. Perterz

    MOC Medieval Windmill

    Thank you very much! Sure do, I did the same some time ago. I find them very usefull, strong nu flexible & if needed you can cut them at specific lengths! It’s very important to start on a strong stable base to add multiple layers easely. It became very tricky closer to the top of the cone, I had to switch to wedgeplates to finish it.. When I decide to stop a WIP, I break it down to get the parts back. Tho I keep everything I build in my head to use in other projects. As an example, the Windows, the porch with stairs, the raised groundlevel you can see in this build all were ideas from previous wips.. The only WIP I released was this tavern.. Thank you very much, glad my MOCs inspire people! It’s always fun to discover new things the more you look at something! Thanks again for all your comments and kind words!
  5. Perterz

    MOC Medieval Windmill

    Yes those are black capes! Had them laying around unused and they were a perfect fit for this, Thank you! At first I was affraid they wouldn’t hold position but apparently the fabric is strong enough + the small overlap makes them even stronger.. The holes for the minifig head perfectly align with the clips of a 1x2 modified plate with clips aswell. I settled pretty fast with this setup. Thank you! Thank you very much, glad you like it! The trick with the roof is actually pretty simple, it’s just tiles clipped on hoses 👍😉 Thank you very much for your kind words! Thank you very much! Glad you like the colors as much as I do. I really like working with color, especially with the darker shades LEGO has, they feel more natural. Again Thanks all for your input, really appreciated!
  6. Perterz

    Medieval Tavern [WIP]

    Medieval Tavern, actually this is a WIP but I’m working on something else at the moment. Besides. I need a few parts from this build so I snapped a picture of it before parting with it again.. Flickr
  7. Perterz

    Calyva’s Hide-Out

    ‘Calyva, a legendary mystical figure is said to rule the swamps. Nobody is brave enough to search for his secret fortress. Situated on a lonely rock, only accesible by boat. One has to climb the trees and cross a bridge to even get close to the structure. It’s location makes it very hard to intrude; it’s almost suïcide trying to.’ This MOC actually started with the idea to use tires as tree bases, very soon the ‘swampy’ feel grew on me. So the start was set. At first I didn’t have a clue on what building I wanted on top of the rock. Restricted by the size of the rock, it had to become a tower. I wanted to use darker colors to add to the atmosphere of the MOC but still wanted some contrasting color, Dark Orange complimented by Dark Red does the trick I think. It was a challenge but fun to build, I hope you like my newest MOC too! Credit to Barthezz Brick for the flag on top As always, Thanks for looking/reading. Any input, comments are very appreciated 😉 More on Flickr
  8. Perterz

    [MOC] Cozy Cottage

    I don’t really have a background story for this MOC apart from being a small side project inbetween a larger one. As always, comments and critics are welcome and appreciated!
  9. Perterz

    [Moc] Guarded Inn

    Lovely little MOC, great Classic & modern mix in building style!
  10. Perterz

    [MOC] Roman infantry

    Awesome figs! Love the colors! Also great little base for them to walk on!
  11. Perterz

    [Moc] ''Hide to the Forest''

    I really like the Classic/nostalgic feel the MOC brings up in me. I prefer the forest bit, I just love foilage haha. Great detail overall, well done!
  12. Perterz

    [MOC] Cozy Cottage

    Thank you very much, once in a while one has to experiment a bit 😉 Thanks! Thank you very much, glad you like it!
  13. Perterz

    [MOC] Cozy Cottage

    Thank you very much! Thank you, the colors used for the ground were experimental. Not everyone likes it, that’s logical. IMO it fits the built perfectly, otherwise the pink flowers would not pop out like they do now 😉 Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate that! 👍
  14. Perterz

    [MOC] Fus Ro Dah !

    This is stunning! Love the techniques used for the rocks!
  15. Perterz

    [MOC] Dark Lord

    Very unique MOC! love all the detail put in it and especially the overall look and feel of the picture!
  16. I’m digging it! The Brachiosaur is neatly built. love all the little features it has! supported on LEGO Ideas aswell! 👍
  17. Perterz

    [Moc] Dwarf lonely mountain

    It’s great to see your evolution! great work on the rocks and stone gate. I love how the pieces fit together, the ground and vegetation is very neat 👍 Keep it up!
  18. Perterz

    [MOC] Cozy Cottage

    Thank you very much for your input! Thanks! Appreciated! Thank you, I’m glad you like it! Thank you very much for your comment, very appreciated!
  19. Perterz

    Colossal Castle Contest

    Just checked again, I now can log in onto the forum! Best of luck to you too 👍😉 Happy Newyear!
  20. Perterz

    Colossal Castle Contest

    I can’t Log in on the forum either, registered 2months ago and my account still isn’t activated. But I was able to submit 3 entrees for the CCC tho!
  21. Fary’Khon is a small town situated in the vast mythical forests where very large flora defines the landscape. Though the town has allies and trading routes established, Fary’Khon is often abused by surpassing legions due to its location in between several great empires. A deffensive wall surrounding the fragile town had to be build in order to survive these large armies. The MOC is a part of the southern wall featuring the gate on a trading route. This also will be my last contribution for CCC XVI Flickr
  22. Perterz

    [MOC] Fary’Khon South Gate

    Thank you very much! True! I haven’t looked at it that way. Thank you for your input!
  23. Perterz

    Olivia’s Get-Away

    Thank you very much for your input! Currently I’m redesigning the entire MOC especially for LEGO Ideas.. Including an interior, liftable roof and easy access to the interior so kids could actually play with it!
  24. Perterz

    Olivia’s Get-Away

    ‘As the world is modernising; cosy villages turn into busy cities, coins replacing trade markets, the rich taking control over the poor.. Olivia likes to be on her own and wants to escape the harsh reality she living in. Sealed from society deep into the woods, she lives in a weathered cottage doing what she does best, magic. She’s a witch and doesn’t fit in with the general population anyway.’ Olivia’s Get-Away is a MOC I really enjoyed building, it uses most of my favorite colors. It features an Olive Green cottage with a shed situated on a rather dark yet colorful landscape, which perfectly fits the personality of the featured character of the MOC. Details like the overal weathered look, animals, flowers, brick build trees, accessoires at the back of the house make this build come to live. Even as a display piece, there’s always something new to discover. Not included in the MOC is a fully detailed interior. A small table, chair, sewing machine, fire place, even a laboratory to experiment with herbs could be included in an updated version. Thank you for looking at my MOC. I hope you like it as much as I do. If you do, please support me and spread the word. Thank you. Now on LEGO Ideas More on Flickr