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  1. I've always wanted the Model Team trucks when I was a kid, now after dark-age, I still want them! Not even 1 Creator set got me impressed like those Model Team trucks still do today. Also I still find the older Technic models with bricks instead of beams far more attractive in some way aswell.
  2. Perterz

    Modular Building Exclusive Sets

    I have them all! The only sets I collect + select figures and animals aswell. Don't mind the room, needs to be painted still as I've justed moved in with my parents again :s Your best shots will be LEGO S@H or BrickLink. Kevin
  3. I have this minifigure in hand, nr 215 of 450 in original package + signature. Does anyone have more information on this minifigure? Origin, price etc? Thanks! Kevin
  4. Perterz

    Limited edition minifig

    Interesting info, thanks! Why doesn't it appear in any LEGO catalog like BrickLink, Peeron, Brickset etc? Wasn't it made by LEGO?
  5. Perterz

    Cheerleaders hairstyles!

    Wow creative! I'm surprised by the look of the skaters hairpiece on the cheerleader, looks really good and wild! Maybe add a couple different faces, it's funny to see them all with the same face. Also is 28 not a bit much for 1 sports team? :p Awesome nevertheless!
  6. Perterz

    [MOC] 'Stone' Well

    This looks very good! Really loving the cheese slopes! Great effect. I agree on a small wooden rooftop tho, would make it perfect ;)
  7. Perterz

    MOC : a bathroom

    Cool, I really like it. Good detail and proportions, might be a bit big to use inside lets say a modular house. Replacing the bath with a shower probably solves the issue. Anyway it's a fresh and inspiring MOC, I personally would opt for a 1 wide medium blue stripe instead of the 2 wides you've used. Interesting colorcombo on the floor, dark tan - dark stone looks great!
  8. 1 No 2 Individual 3 Dubai, Colloseum, Inca ruins, Cathedral, Concorde, Hubble Telescope, MIR spacestation, Model-T, Piramide or even a landscape or a sculpture of the globe itself 4 Titanic, gigantic Castle/Medieval Village (two thumbs up for 10193!) 5 It would be nice to see a new Western and Model Team line! Thank you for the opportunity to write down our wishes!
  9. Good day all, In order to create some more space in the room over here, I decided to drop prices with 25% Instead of listing what I have here, take a look here as everything is there! My prices usually are BrickLink avarage or below avarage (that is even without 25%), grab some on discount if you need some parts ;) Thanks for stopping by, Kevin
  10. With the pin into the brick, hope the image makes it clear what I mean. Thank you
  11. Please excuse me if these were posted already, I haven't had the courage to read to the whole thread. That being said, I'd like to propose these, I've been looking for them for many times but haven't found them in LDD. 6571 6572 6574 6630 4442 Would be awesome! O yeah, also the ability to put pinstuds into the underside of a normal 1xn brick would be great ;)
  12. Perterz

    MOC: Garbage truck

    Yeah I've noticed it aswell when I saw the underside, that's neat! Also, what piece is the light on the roof? Is it one of the older sirenes? I used to have a fire engine and police car which had a battery box and a buttom on the top creating light and sound as a sirene. If I recall right you could place a colored shell over those lights. I had red and blue ones, is this the same part? edit: spelling..
  13. Perterz

    MOC: Garbage truck

    Looks great, realistic. Clever design, nice details to the underside aswell. Color differences are a slight bugger tho
  14. Good day all, While the SUV doesn't progress as planned, the love for Hot Rods continues.. This one came up during past week. It has a functional steeringwheel and is produced in my favorite color, Tan! The Dark Tan Technic wheels are a bit to wide for Model Team tires but they do their job just fine. The flatbed is tiled with custom wood pattern tiles I've picked up almost a year ago and are put into decent use on this MOC. I'm very happy with the result, its my 3rd completed car I've build so far and feels to be my best yet. In the future I forsee some more chrome for this car and a finished interior. It actually is missing a finished dash but I'm not sure on how to make it yet. Hope you like it as much as I do! More on Flickr Thanks for reading ;) Kevin
  15. Perterz

    Hot Rod Flatbed

    Well not intentionally but it has it looks :) I kinda like realistic fantasy. Glad you guys like it, I'll probably make more as I absolutely love these rods! I'd love to build one to drive with occasionally but it's far from street legal I expect :s Thanks for your inputs! Kevin
  16. Perterz

    MOC: Minifig scale yellow Hot Rod

    The gap the bracket creates in the rear is a pitty but it doesn't really bother me. It seems to be a bit inevitable. The car itself is pretty cute, really cool flamejob aswell. Oh, thanks for instructions Kevin
  17. I agree! You can somewhat predict how it holds but you aren't exactly sure. I usually build in LDD when I get bored, once I made something that I would like to build with real bricks but it ended up very fragile :s to bad you more or less have to start all over at that point.
  18. Perterz

    [MOC WIP] SportsUtilityVehicle

    Yeah I wanted to test the look with those cheese slopes as wheelarches, a technique I saw being used in a Castle MOC. I think I've seen it on cars before aswell. Lego should bring back a Model Team theme IMHO, I missed out on them when I was a kid and they're only getting more and more expensive. Thanks!
  19. I'm awaiting a few BrickLink orders for this car I've been building lately. Therefor I've decided to share some WIP pictures of the project. I'm starting to really enjoy building these larger cars, this is my 3rd attempt, slightly bigger and again, for me, a step forwards in more technical models. At least for me as for most builders this is really basic After a working steering wheel, I'm now experimenting with suspension. Why not build some sort off offroader to test it! Day 1 Day 2 Cheers! Kevin
  20. Perterz

    [MOC WIP] SportsUtilityVehicle

    That's a lot off usefull information and inspiration Ralph_S, thanks! I have updates on the vehicle, I've scrapped the PowerFunctions for now and just went further on where I left it. I've broken down the front part because it kept falling off, it needed a redesign. Also working steeringwheel had to be done different, the axle was to 'steep' to work via the steeringwheel using a U-joint. I made a simple gear connection instead, more bulky but the parts used come in handy later on (I'm thinking about the dashboard and its possibilities). All arches are placed, seats are a stage closer to being done and the pics show the headlights in place. I've tested a few configurations and this one looks the best I think. I'm not exactly sure on the what the pattern with the orange painting will look like in the end. The evolution in the build will show the way. That's it for now, any inputs are appreciated. More on Flickr Thanks, Kevin
  21. Perterz

    [MOC WIP] SportsUtilityVehicle

    Thanks for the compliment! I'm guessing I'm starting all over on this one. I've not build any further as I've been busy lately with work and life. Positive thing is I've got all ordered parts to build further. Yet as my interests in integrating technical functions into it evolve, I'm considering to make it drive. I've purchased me a Power functions set #8293 but I'm wondering what I need for steering? Remote control? I'm a complete newbie in this se any input/help/suggestions/braincracks/etc are all welcomed and appreciated! Rebuilding the SUV might not be the best idea as I probably have to design an entire new chassis + I'd try to make a RWD car whereas the SUV is more convincing with AWD. That is a whole other level I feel. Kevin
  22. +1 for Etzel Excellent to work with, fast shipping, perfect items! Thanks for the good deal!
  23. Perterz

    Toy Story minifigs for sale

    I'd like to take 1 off all 4 please :)
  24. Perterz

    Steampunk Diver

    Looks impressive, deffinatly in this colorscheme!