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  1. Fumoffu

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Yup. Happened to me before and I paid Customs and then complaint to Lego saying I thought their prices are GST inclusive and asking why then am I charged a second lot of GST by Customs. Lego apologised and refunded me what I paid Customs when I sent them the invoice. A small hassle but it all worked out in the end. I'll like to echo the comment that Lego's customers service is top notch. Best I ever dealt with.
  2. Fumoffu

    Wounded and Outnumbered

    Nice. I like it. I can just imagine the suspense as the Droids get closer ... closer ... and suddenly the trooper leaps out and club the Droid to dead with his blaster ... since he will struggle to blast any droids without his finger on the trigger. =)
  3. Fumoffu

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Brickthing mentioned that this set is in Kmart for $80 to $90. I think that means this set is exclusive to Kmart and we won't see it in Farmers or Warehouse. At least not initially.
  4. Fumoffu

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    I think the prices have come down. Slave 1 was $200, MMV was $200 and the Shuttle was $200. I think you're right that its because of the NZD. Good to see Lego adjust the prices like that. Unfortunately the shipping hasn't changed.
  5. Fumoffu

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    I think the sale ends Wednesday and it will be $25 after the sale because when I went in to buy some on Wed (before the sale) it scans at $25. I was a day early.
  6. Fumoffu

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    The Pig Farm is $39.99 and the Tie Defender is $59.99 at Toyworld Manukau City.
  7. Fumoffu

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Will the Advent Calendar be available in NZ? Didn't see them in the shops last year. The Lego magazine did have an offer to buy the City version but I want the Castle one.
  8. Fumoffu

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Welcome back CF. I think $40 is a good enough deal and will be getting one. I think we'll just have to get used to Lego being expensive ... especially Star Wars. Looks like the price points will be $25, $55, $100, $150, $200 and $300 from now on. Also not sure what October will do the prices with GST going up so I suggest grabbing those discounted Lego this month.
  9. Fumoffu

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I agree. The CW series is what kids are watching and is the only "live" thing going in the SW universe so TLG is likely to go with the CW series version. I'm ok with that since I don't mind the cartoony look.
  10. Fumoffu

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Depending on the price maybe we can make it 4 ... 1 for fumoffu!
  11. Fumoffu

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Its $600 according to Shop@Home. Available from 1 Sept but $600!!!! I think my best bet will be for Kmart to bring it in at a good price for their toy sale next year. $600!!!! Still can't get over it!
  12. Fumoffu

    10216 Winter Village Bakery

    Thanks for the pic. This is a great set and is a must have for me. Will go nicely with the Winter Toyshop.
  13. Fumoffu

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    20% off Lego Star Wars at Warehouse this week. I haven't seen any of the new sets at my local warehouse. This week will be a great time for the Warehouse to start putting them on the shelves!!
  14. Fumoffu

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    I got my Bane Speeder yesterday but haven't had the time to build it yet. I had a chat to the sales assist and he reckons the Series 2 Minifigures will be here in September and that I can put my name down for a complete set of 16. They will pick out the minifigures and I can buy it as a set. That's pretty good. Saves me running around with a barcode sheet. If anyone wants a complete set then I suggest you talk to your local Toyworld. Chances are they will sell you a complete set without any hassle.
  15. Fumoffu

    New Zealand: "Where to find Lego"

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that its an expensive set and there's not as much of 2010 left to be selling a 2010 set? We need someone who works at Toyworld to shed some light on this ... also whether the $60 on Bane's Speeder is a special or that is the normal price at Toyworld. I don't think I'll risk it so I'll head down to my local Toyworld tomorrow to grab one.