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  1. riplego

    MR730 Event

    On 11&12 Feb 2012 the New England LEGO Users Group (NELUG) set a new world record for the longest contiguous LEGO monorail track at 730 feet (222.5 meters). The event, dubbed the MR730 Event, was held at the Wenham Museum in Wenham, MA. The two day show featured a layout divided into 4 themes; space, city, carnival and forest/castle, with monorail track running throughout. Highlights included two amazing structures that held 11 levels of monorail track, working carnival rides, and 5 custom monorail trains. A video of the MR730 Event can be found at or search Flickr for "MR730 Event" (a group pool of our photos is also under the same title).Hope you enjoy! Mike Ripley
  2. As part of the National Train Show on July 10-12, 2009 in Hartford, CT, Jamie Berard, set designer of the newly released 'Emerald Night' and employee of The LEGO Group (TLG), will participate as part of the ILTCO LEGO Layout. Jamie will be giving talks on July 10 and 11 (Fri. and Sat. - his flight back to DK is on Sunday) about the design process and thinking that led up to the final 'Emerald Night' set, and about the Power functions components that support it. Fans are encouraged to participate to offer their views on the new platform. Jamie will also be available during the show for any questions you may have about his other excellent creations - Fast Flyer, Cafe Corner, Cool Convertible, Green Grocer, and the newly available Grand Carousel. Also as part of this year's show, Steve Witt, LEGO Community Relations Coordinator for North America, has graciously offered to host the traditional ILTCO pizza party at LEGO corporate headquarters in Enfield, CT after the show on Sat. July 11. Along with pizza and hanging out with Steve, Jamie and some of the LEGO Master Builders from Enfield, other events such as tours of the model shop and parts of the campus will occur. All AFOL train show participants are invited to attend. To learn more about the layout please visit the Trains-n-Town NMRA 2009 forums at: Information about the National Train Show can be found at: Hope to see you there! Elroy Davis, Jonathan Dallas, Eric Kingsley and Mike Ripley NMRA NTS 2009 ILTCO LEGO Layout Coordinators
  3. riplego

    NMRA National Train Show 2009

    Help wanted for the LEGO layout at the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) National Train Show from 10-12 July in Hartford, CT USA! The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) is holding its annual convention at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT from 5-12 July, 2009. The National Train Show will occur 10-12 July, and included is a large space for a LEGO train layout. Trains-n-Town is proud to host the planning of the 2009 event, which is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to showcase LEGO trains and the capabilities and diversity of the entire LEGO hobby. We are seeking participation from any and all LEGO clubs, ILTCO members, and from any and all AFOLs , in displaying at this event. Please visit our NMRA 2009 forum for details on how you can participate. Help is also needed for planning the event, and for the event itself, so "all aboard!" For info about the National Train Show - To participate in the LEGO train layout -