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  1. Dragon King

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    I will not turn against the empire. Yes there are three ties however i decided to fly my personal ship the Dragon Striker. I got this ship when i was a jedi or before i became a dark jedi. I am a dark jedi not a sith so i can not remove the device.
  2. Dragon King

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    I have sent out the tie and wingmen to attack mutley infact i am flying the tie. He shall be captured.
  3. Dragon King

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    What is thy bidding my master?
  4. Dragon King

    Black Titan 7701a

    Yes i agree. Other wise awsome looks much better then the original. You should redo the stealth hunter in black also.
  5. Dragon King

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    I swear i will follow every order and never become a traitor. I pledge myself now to the empire.
  6. Dragon King

    Daredevil (the movie)

    The movie had a terrible story :-X . the guy became blind then he got super powers. What is that about many people are blind but they don't become a superhero. :-P However Electra dying was a great idea. :-D I gave it a 3.
  7. Dragon King

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    I will serve the empire if you want me to.
  8. Dragon King

    "The Tie Army Wants YOU"

    Are you saying you killed me because i look like this. Im the green lightsaber jedi. And you belive i do not have conections out of here. Righto keep on thinking that. And i have had my mediene today.
  9. Dragon King

    Lego Clues Mysteries

    Sounds like fun. If i could i want to create a Castle mystery called The Green Dragon's Attack. It is a mystery about who killed the king and all evidence points to a wild green dragon.
  10. Dragon King

    MOC: Another mighty ship!

    Looks good but is not tall enough sides. The back is awsome. Oh sombody should make The Black Pearl now that would be awsome.
  11. Dragon King

    lego batman site update

    Killer croc looks awsome. :ohmy: ONly he should be bigger like matt said. Imagine him lumbering threw buildins lego style yeah yeah.
  12. Dragon King

    Danny Phantom

    Never heard of it. However if lego makes this somebody might jet hurt. :biggrin: JOKING
  13. Dragon King

    Two Star Wars characters needed.

    SO why would he let you buy from here? ;)
  14. Dragon King


    I want the whole story. Overload Phes YAY :-D
  15. Dragon King

    KAAABOOOM!!! The Battle of Gettysburg

    Holy crap. The only problem is not enough figs. Which is a hard problem to fix.