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  1. Andrex

    Tantive IV MOC, not mine!

    Mymy most impressive! That being an understatement! Fantastic work! :D
  2. Andrex

    LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

    Ah that music is so nostalgic! I have to agree that there's not much Lego shown, but I'll reserve judgement since it's a while yet. So the first game is more light hearted, the second one darker it seems?!
  3. Andrex

    2009 game

    Fantastic that we'll be getting Harry Potter in the future. That's a wise move to wait, and hopefully it'll be one neat, yet colossal, package.
  4. Andrex

    Disney and Lego Join Forces

    If only! Beauty and the Beast too! As for Toy Story, we need a Lego Mrs Nesbit!
  5. Andrex

    Disney and Lego Join Forces

    Lego Toy Story? BRILLIANT! I love Toy Story muchly so, and I am an avid Disney fan. I look forward to seeing pictures of the System sets =D Prince of Persia sounds interesting as well. I never knew Disney were making the film, and I'm sure it could be good.
  6. Oh my, thank you! Sorry for not being here on the day! I'm celebrating my 18th next Tuesday, and in July I'll be spending 8 days in Egypt
  7. Andrex

    Lego Indiana Jones 2

    Ah I didn't see the rep! Excellent. Well, I shall still stick to what I said earlier, but it'll be great to have pics soon =)
  8. Brilliant! But we need gameplay screens really before we can judge it. Still, like I said before, if it's as good as The Complete Saga for DS, I'll be in love
  9. Andrex

    Lego Indiana Jones 2

    Hang on, now that I read this back, this isn't new at all. I read this when it was first 'leaked' and we've had nothing on it since. *Diverts attention to Lego Battles*
  10. I wonder how it plays.. if it's similar to Battlefront, that'd be excellent, especially with Lego Star Wars elements. Ninjas vs Pirates indeed! Bring it on!
  11. Andrex

    Mega Blocks Gets Halo License

    Oh dear, I thought this was a joke when I read the title haha. I don't care for Halo whatsoever, but hey, any way to make money!
  12. Andrex

    Playstation Network names?

    InFamous has failed to impress me until now. That preview's raised my hopes a little bit, it's good to see some actual diversity. The game looked so shallow in previous videos, especially with such limited power and identical enemies. Here's hoping it turns out well!
  13. I just came here to post this myself! Hmm it sounds interesting... I'll have to see it in action first though. If it uses the same engine as LSW: The Complete Saga for DS, I'll be happy. I love that game muchly so! Thanks for the heaps up anyhoo =D
  14. Andrex

    Lego Indiana Jones 2

    Meh =/. I used to love Lego games, and would get immensely hyped the moment a new one was revealed. This time however, I'm not too sure. More Indiana Jones? More of the same gameplay? Lego Star Wars are fantastic, I really enjoyed Indiana Jones too, Batman is alright, but I'd really like something truly different this time. Well, of course keep similar mechanics, but add something new and fresh, something surprising. Still, I love Indiana Jones, and I'm sure it'll be fantastic. Bring on the official news, bring on the screens! I'll do my best to report all the latest tidbits again =). I shall pray for a future Lego Tron =P.
  15. Andrex

    What book are you reading right now?

    I was trying to read Brave New World and Edgar Allan Poe, but I find myself being drawn more towards Necromonicon by HP Lovecraft. 900 odd pages of surreal short stories, so illustriously written . He writes in a style not too dissimilar to my own, plus a lot of his stories genuinely make you think. That's what I like to read.