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  1. BrickworldBryan

    Brickworld Chicago 2019

    I will keep my ears open...There are usually several people that pair up. Having the room puts you a step ahead of most people...they decide to pair up and neither has a room reserved. Thanks for coming such a long way! Bryan
  2. BrickworldBryan

    Brickworld Fort Wayne

    Brickworld Fort Wayne is not the same as Chicago. There is no convention. It is a public expo. Displays are by invite. Not sure who from EB will even be there. Maybe Josh C and Mark L. If you were a convention attendee in Chicago, your Chicago badge will get you into Brickworld Fort Wayne. Feel free to come and hang out. There is no registration. We will be there Thursday through Sunday. Thanks, Bryan PS - really, you don't have to try and contact us 2 or 3 different ways. We see our emails and stuff. You are excited and we are tired after just finishing Chicago. So, responses take a couple days. :-)
  3. BrickworldBryan

    Best Lego Event in US?

    Note: There may be bias in my comments as I run Brickworld.... Each event has its own personality. There will always be one event that is more fun for you based on your personal preferences and how you live your life. As was stated above, do your best to try out different conventions. Eventually, you will land on the one that you like the best...and that is all that really matters. It is not a competition for us as event runners to be the right event for everyone. There definitely are differences and similarities between all events. The three listed here (BF VA, BW Ch, and BC) are widely considered the big three. But, other events can be fun too. Personally, I try to get to one or two other cons a year just so I can have fun at an event. So, I find other events fun. Each is fun for its own reasons. The most important thing is to make friends wherever you go. This is such an incredible community to be a part of that I don't know what I would do without it! B
  4. BrickworldBryan

    Brickworld Fort Wayne

    I guess I will be there too. For anyone visiting, if you were registered for BW Chicago this year, your printed badge will get you into BW Fort Wayne too. And you are welcome during non-public hours. Thanks, Bryan
  5. BrickworldBryan

    Brickworld Chicago 2015 Registration

    We have confirmed that the pull back dragster challenge will occur. Rules are currently under review. Thanks, Bryan Happy to help Owen....yes, I am doing a lot of things...but, keeping everyone well-informed is one of them :)
  6. BrickworldBryan

    Brickworld Chicago 2015 Registration

    Hey Captainowie, Sorry about the confusion on the web excuses...sometimes we just aren't on top of everything. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! We are waiting on final clarification on whether we are having the pull back dragster race and any changes to the rules. Stay tuned for more info on that. The Underby IS happening according to the rules. I will get the web site updated to include it. Thanks, Bryan
  7. BrickworldBryan

    Brickworld Chicago 2015 Registration

    Hey Owen, I hope you make it! Typically, people double up (or even triple up with turns on the floor) to save money. We don't officially do anything to help find roomies. But, posting here might find you a roommate too. Of course, you could always kidnap Ryan McNaught and stuff him in your suitcase to get him back to Chicago with us too. I will keep my ears open for others that might be looking for a roommate and point them your direction if I find someone. I look forward to meeting you in person. Warmest, Bryan
  8. BrickworldBryan

    Brickworld Chicago 2015 Registration

    It is awesome to have you guys coming to Chicago. It is exciting for me to see the international aspect of the show continue to develop. I will see you in June! Warmest, Bryan
  9. BrickworldBryan

    Brickworld Chicago 2015 Registration

    Good morning, We are happy to announce that registration for Brickworld Chicago 2015 will open on January 5th. Learn more about changes here. If you have questions please use the Contact Us form on the Brickworld website. We hope to see you in Chicago! Warmest, Bryan
  10. BrickworldBryan

    Brickworld Indy 2014

    Thanks for posting pictures!! Actually, we have had a great ball contraption at Indy before. But, this year, we invited Tom A from New Hampshire down to the event. He made the GBC a lot bigger than in previous years :) It is simply mesmerizing!! B
  11. BrickworldBryan

    BW Coming to Tampa this Fall

    Hey everyone, I am sorry to tell you that this video announcement has a lot of the facts wrong about Brickworld Tampa. Brickworld Tampa is an exhibition only with displays by invitation. It is not a convention like Chicago. It is like our Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Lafayette events (if you have been to any of those). If you want to be invited to display, it would help greatly for me to see your display or for GFLUG or OLUG to endorse you as a displayer for the event. We will be inviting people officially sometime in the July time frame. If you are wondering why we aren't doing a full convention in Tampa, here is the short answer. We do one convention and we do it right. It is in Chicago. :) We hope that you have an opportunity to attend in Chicago if you haven't already as it is a ton of fun. We hope you are all as excited about the show in Tampa as we are and as the Florida LUGs are. Thanks, Bryan
  12. BrickworldBryan

    Brickworld 2014 - Indianapolis - March 8-9

    Wow - I never really thought about announcing anything but our Chicago event here. But, hey, I am thrilled about the excitement and now sorry I didn't. This is the 5th year for Brickworld Indy. We have 45,000 square feet of display space at the fairgrounds and the displays are by invitation. So, we are pretty much full of great displays including a huge MTron layout, a big LEGO Movie layout, several great train displays, and much much more. Brickworld Chicago attendees just need to show up with last year's badge for entry. Now - a bachelor party??? okay, I must admit, that kind of scares me I hope you have a great time at the event. Thanks, Bryan
  13. BrickworldBryan

    Brickworld - Chicago 2013

    Travel - Opening ceremonies are at 8 PM on the 12th. So, travelling in that day works fine. Leaving is another story. And, the ending of that story depends on your age and how much you like to hang out with people sucking down adult beverages. I would recommend staying Sunday night ;-) Hotel - we are checking on what is going on with the hotel. May not have an answer until Monday. It is possible that one night is sold out for the type of room you selected. We will try to rebalance the remaining room nights if we can. I will try and remember to post here once we get it modified. But, if I don't, go ahead and try to book through the link on the Brickworld web site again on Monday. Castle - We will be posting details of the collaboration "rules" soon along with a contact name. The "rules" are basically the classic castle standard. Later, B
  14. BrickworldBryan

    Brickworld - Chicago 2013

    Here is how it works: Public is only allowed in the event hall during the published public hours. If you really want some time to speak to builders, you need to be there when the public is not there. Many of them run and hide during public hours because they don't like crowds. There are two types of registration (Full and All Access). All Access is cheaper. You can see the differences between them at the Brickworld site. Just scroll down for a side by side comparison on the site. Mike - I am very bummed you won't be there. We had a lot of fun last year!! If you have any questions or issues getting your hotel room booked, please send a note via the contact us form on the Brickworld site. Cheers, Bryan