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    REVIEW: 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack

    I do like the ice cutter, but the faces on the minifigs are not nice. Especially the one with the mustache. I like the black eyes more instead of these ones with white dots on them.
  2. the horrorist

    Millenium Falcon...

    Personally I like a new one cause I don't own any of the former sets. I prefer a episode VI MF. We already have seen the the episode IV & V versions. Plus it would give us new minifigs.
  3. the horrorist

    Review: 7659 Imperial Landing Craft

    I have two of this set. One in flight and one that has landed. It is one of my favorites. At first I didn't know in which movie it was, but then I immediately recognized it in A New Hope: Special Edition. I have them set-up with the Sandcrawler on beige baseplates.
  4. the horrorist

    Naboo Battle Pack

    This is one of my favorites. Nice selection of figs in nice colours. Finally something to set-up against my 2 MTT's.
  5. the horrorist

    Death Star Battle Pack

    These minifigs are true army-building types. I like the whole set. There's everything, part diorama and a vehicle. When I see this I have the urge to buy several of these. Makes me wonder what the counterpart battlepack would have been.
  6. the horrorist

    Hutt Clan Battle Pack

    I really like your figure selection and your vehicle. It feels very Tattooine/Star Wars-like. I'd never thought of this battlepack, but I'd immediately buy a few of these. I do prefer this version of the Gammorean. The simplicity has its charm.
  7. the horrorist

    MOC: Imperial Shuttle

    This is a very nice and playable version. Much nicer than the 2 official versions. I love the cockpit for two persons and the boarding ramp under the cockpit. If this would be produced it would indeed be affordable. Great work.
  8. the horrorist

    What're your favorite and least favorite Star Wars sets?

    The Sandcrawler must be favorite. All those lovely droids and 3 Jawa's. Runner-up is the latest MTT or AT-AT.
  9. the horrorist

    Review:10144 Sandcrawler

    This set will always be special to me. It's the second set I purchased. The first being the latest version of th MTT. That's a lot of brown pieces for my first 2 sets. I love the minifig selection. It's only a shame there is no Luke, cause he was in the scene. The doors on the side are not exactly movie acurate and not really needed. I fixed the floor with some extra pieces and it never fell apart when I re-aranged my collection. I have it displayed with 2 Imperial Landingcrafts and 2 Tusken Raiders. I hope we will get Beru in a future Moist Farm set. In any way a very nice review.
  10. the horrorist

    [Review] 8015 Assassin Droids Battle Pack

    I think the bendible parts of the wings are to prevent the kiddies from hurting themselves. It would be to sharp otherwise.
  11. the horrorist

    [MOC] The Penguin's Confederate MTT.

    Very nice re-creation of a fantastic vehicle. I love the new frontdoor, with the smaller dish on it. Very subtle.
  12. the horrorist

    [Review]7754 Home One

    This is a stunning set with awesome minifigs and cool playfunctions. Like the removable engine. Will pick this up for sure.
  13. the horrorist

    Review: 7749 Echo Base

    Great and fun review. I'm glad they packed an extra goggle with it so I can replace the 7666 ones.
  14. the horrorist

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Yes yes the prices are all in Euro's since we are on eurobricks. You're absolutely right on the Bith in Jabba's Palace, there is only one. I confused it with the Cantina scene from ANH which featurered three of them. The Power-droids are the droids that jump out of the ground in the Clone Wars movie. I also skipped a lot of figures for a set that already exsisted like BIB Fortuna. But thanks for the comments.
  15. the horrorist

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I would like to see: * New Snowspeeder (24,99): set: one Snowspeeder, same as in Hoth Rebel Base-set, difficult colourings to make two different coloured speeders if you bought more than one set minifigs: Rebel Pilot x 2, Hoth Rebel Trooper x 2 * New TIE-Fighter (24,99): set: grey & black colours minifig: TIE-Fighter Pilot * New TIE-Bomber (44,99): set: grey & black colours minifig: TIE-Fighter Pilot * New TIE-Interceptor (29,99): set: grey & black colours minifig: TIE-Fighter Pilot * Jabba's Palace (129,99): set: entrance/gate, throneroom with trapdoor/floor, Rancor section, Droid section minifigs: Jabba the Hutt, Luke Skywalker, Slave Leia, C-3PO, Selacious Crumb, Max Rebo, Bith bandmember x 3, Rancor-keeper, Gamorrean Guard x 2 * Bantha Patrol (59,99): set: Tusken hut, tower minifigs: Tusken raider x 3, Bantha * Dewback Patrol (19,99): minifigs: Sandtrooper x 3, Dewback * Lars Moisture Farm (79,99): set: homestead, speederbike, tower x 2 minifigs: Owen Lars, Beru Lars, Luke Skywalker * Battlepacks: Imperial pilot/driver battlepack: TIE-Fighter Pilot, AT-ST-Driver, AT-AT-Driver, Deathstar Trooper, piece of hangar Droid battlepack: protocol Droid, R2-unit, R5-unit, medical Droid, probe Droid Gungan battlepack: Gungan x 4, Kadoo, battlewagon Geonosian battlepack: Geonosian Warrior x 4, Orray, piece of arena Battle Droid battlepack: Super Battle Droid (new arm) x 3, Battle Droid (sand colour x 3, Droideka x 2 (MTT version) * Arena Creatures: set: pillars x 3 minifigs: Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Padmé Amidala, Jango Fett, Acklay, Reek, Nexu * CW Tri-Droid (39,99): minifigs: Clone Trooper x 2, Power Droid x 3 * CW Crab Droid (9,99): minifig: Clone Trooper That's all, for now.....
  16. the horrorist

    Multiple sets

    Hello all, I'm new to this site and also rather new to collecting LSW. I started collecting in february 2008. Since then I bought a few sets more than once. In my collection I like to create small-scale diorama's like: the Naboo ground war, Geonosis clone war and the Hoth attack to name a few. The multiple sets I own are: 7657 AT-ST (x 2), 7658 Y-wing Starfighter (x 2), 7659 Imperial Landingcraft (x 2) and 7671 AT-AP Walker. I'm planning to buy (or save up) for many more of the same sets. I'd like to have 3 X-wings & 3 Y-wings, 2 B-wings and like 5 A-wings to create the spacebattle from ROTJ. Also with the bigger sets like the AT-AT or the MTT I plan to buy a second. If the LSW license would end in 2011 I know I will continue collecting sets for a long time after that. With multiple sets I don't mean the battlepacks, because it's obvious they are meant to be purchased multiple times. So what are your thoughts on this? Do you have like 10 X-wings fighting against a legion of TIE-fighters or do you prefer one of each set?
  17. the horrorist

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Wow, those pictures really look professional. They really are eye-candy. I like to see you take on the bigger sets or bigger scenes. Good luck with photographing, you're being followed.