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  1. Norton74

    [MOC] Gypsy Wagons

    LIFE IN THE SLOW LANE... Gypsy wagons have been around for a very long time, having primarily been seen with travelling circuses, before being adopted by gypsies. The "Horse drawn, painted, one roomed house on wheels with a stove" is believed to originate in France in the early 19th Century. Gypsies themselves adopted them around 170 years ago. Its Romanesque characteristics, its baroque carvings and bright colours are likely to have been picked up from wanderings in Central and Eastern Europe. The Gypsyes' name for their wagons is a "Vardo", from the Iranian name vurton, that means cart. There were six main types of wagons and they were made of oak, ash, elm, walnut and pine. Most caravans were pulled by draft horses. I've always been intrigued by Gypsies Wagons and in the past few weeks I built a couple of them. Inspiration come mainly from a coffee table book my wife gifted me, "Les Roulottes, une invitation au voyage", a big source of colourful and funny caravans. It was very funny designing and building these caravans and also choose the right Minifigures from old sets and Collectionable Series. If you are wondering why Jack Sparrow is in the MOC the answer is that I think he has the perfect look of a yesteryear Gypsy :) A few pictures below Below the Wagons pulled by horses... And the back views... Hope you like it. More info and pictures on my Flickr. Thanks for stopping by!
  2. Norton74

    [MOC] Walden; or, Life in the Woods

    ah...ah... Thanks @kaelthas Thank you!
  3. Norton74

    [MOC] Walden; or, Life in the Woods

    Thank you! Yes, the book inspired generations of writers and common citizens too. Thank you very much! Thanks ah ah, I didn't know... Thanks for stopping by!
  4. Norton74

    [MOC] Santa's Home

    Thank you! Yes, real Finnish vibe That's great! Ah ah, it could be a Coca Cola commercial for sure... Many thanks for your kind words and remarks about the part usage. Merri Xmas! Thank you! Many thanks!
  5. Norton74

    [MOC] Santa's Home

    Thank you @Kristel, yes I like the chimney too Thanks! I built a new diorama, it's not a remake of Walden, in fact colors are totally different. But it's clearly inspired by Walden. Thanks for your remarks, very appreciated. @deravenYou saw the owl but there is also another big animal in the diorama, can you spot it? ;) Thank you @LEGO Train 12 Volts ! Oh yes it could be easily a train station during the cold winter Thank you @RyszardBosiak!
  6. Norton74

    [MOC] Santa's Home

    Thank you @peedeejay
  7. Norton74

    [MOC] Santa's Home

    It's time for Santa Claus to go! Like every year at this time Santa Claus has to get to work, children all over the world are waiting for him. In my latest diorama you can see Santa Claus leaving his red cabin at the North Pole to get on his sleigh pulled by two Huskys. He has a long way to go... I inserted in the diorama a big animal. Can you spot it? This is probably my last MOC for this year and I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! More info and pictures here. Thanks for stopping by!
  8. Walden; or, Life in the Woods A few months ago a friend of mine loaned me a book I had always heard of but never read. The book is the well-known "Walden; or life in the woods" written by Henry David Thoreau and published in 1854. Walden details Thoreau's experiences over the course of two years, two months, and two days (1845–47) in a cabin he built near Walden Pond amidst woodland owned by his friend and mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson, near Concord, Massachusetts. By immersing himself in nature, Thoreau hoped to gain a more objective understanding of society through personal introspection. Simple living and self-sufficiency were Thoreau's other goals, and the whole project was inspired by transcendentalist philosophy, a central theme of the American Romantic Period. It is considered Thoreau’s masterwork. Struck by the history and inspired by the cover of the book, in the few past weeks I built Thoreau's cabin in the wood. It´s the first time that I made a woods-themed creation and I really had a lot fun building it. Hope you like it! For more detailed pictures tap here. Thanks for stopping by!
  9. Norton74

    [MOC] Mariachi wagon and Mexican house

    many thanks @peedeejay, glad you like the whole scene and details Thank you @Boindil
  10. Norton74

    [MOC] Mariachi wagon and Mexican house

    Thanks a lot for your kind words @Littleworlds, hope to spend holidays together in Mexico
  11. Norton74

    [MOC] Mariachi wagon and Mexican house

    Thank you very much @LEGO Train 12 Volts So glad you like this MOC Thanks a bunch @neonic, very appreciated Thank you @zoth33 very appreciated Thanks for your kind words, very appreciated @miniman I look forward to seeing your Mexican-themed MOC
  12. Norton74

    [MOC] Mariachi wagon and Mexican house

    Thank you @Professor Thaum! I'm glad you noticed all the details About the dark gray add-on it's the same I used in my previous Stranger Things MOC Thank you very much @Exe Sandbox Thanks @Aine Thanks @leafan! Yes this kind of architecture is too few depicted in Lego.
  13. Mariachi wagon and Mexican house One of the most vivid traditions of Mexico is surely the Mariachi culture. I’ve been always intrigued by Mariachi musicians and when LEGO released the Mariachi in Series 16 Collectible Minifigures I thought it was really cute and perfect for a Mexican themed MOC. My latest creation represents a classic Mexican scene: the Mariachi Wagon with the musicians on board ready to play the serenade to the beautiful girl on the terrace. On the right her father with his eyes well opened. The house boasts a multi-level terrace structure, a couple of arbors covered by flowers and a large patio. Cactus and plants of all kind are all around. In addition to the Mariachi, I also included in the diorama the Maraca Man (Series 2), Flamenco Dancer (Series 6), the Taco Tuesday Guy (the LEGO Movie) and the Cactus Girl (Series 18). Below few pictures: Hope you like it. More info and pictures on my Flickr. Thanks for stopping by!