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  1. Palms

    Selling off my collection

    Hello, I have decided to sell my collection and buy my self a laptop for collage. I am on the trusted seller list as well as having 100% positive feedback on bricklink. So with no further ado here's what I am selling. my bricklink can be found here: http://www.bricklink...RoosterDentures SETS: 3451 Sopwith Camel - $75 Good condition some stickers peeling but bricks in great condition. w booklet No box 7752 Count Dooku's Solar Sailer - $50 100% complete all minifigs included. Comes with instructions,(a small number of stickers may be missing) No Box 10174 Imperial AT-ST - $140 UCS 100% complete, Includes instructions (Amazing set) 8036 Separatist Shuttle - $25 100% complete with minifigs, includes instructions, no box 6212 X-wing Fighter - $50 100% complete, all minifigs. Includes instructions, No box PARTS: Black Horse with Persian Blanket Pattern - $1.50 4 Long star wars blasters - $.50 each 15 Standard star wars blaster - $.40 each MINIFIGS: Skeleton with Standard Skull - $1.00 Fantasy Era Skeleton Warrior White - $1.50 Fantasy Era Troll Warrior (Orc) - $3.00 Top of head is a little damaged but is hid by helmet INDIANA JONES: Irina Spalko - $2.00 Russian Guard - $3.50 Temple Guard - $6.00 NINJA: Red Ninja - $3.50 PRINCE OF PERSIA: Dastan - $2.00 Ghazab - $2.00 STAR WARS: Ahsoka - $7.50 Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars) - $4.00 Anakin Skywalker (Parka) - $3.50 Assassin Droid (Silver) - $2.00 3 Battle Droids - $1.50 each Clone gunner - $3.00 SOLD Clone Jet Trooper - $6.00 Imperial Officer Hoth - $2.00 Luke Skywalker (Celebration) - $9.50 R2-D2 - $4.00 2 SOLD 2 Rocket Battle Droid - $2.50 each Thi-Sen - $4.00 Yoda (Clone Wars, Gray Hair) - $6.50 Pictures can be provided upon request. All offers considered. :)
  2. Palms

    Selling some stuff

    Yes I am, want anything?
  3. Palms

    Selling some stuff

    Sorry, I don't know the tax but if you tell me which sets you are interested in I will look into it
  4. Palms

    Selling some stuff

    No,sorry it's the most recent one.
  5. Palms

    Selling some stuff

    $7.00, Do you have paypal?
  6. Palms

    Selling some stuff

    I would, depending on which sets you buy I would try to see if we can work out some reasonable shipping price.
  7. Palms

    Selling some stuff

    BUMP! Because I added 10 sets.
  8. Hey old friends! I haven't been on here in just under two years. I am going to college soon and my laptop just broke. So I'm selling a few of my sets. I'm selling a bunch of mini figs on my brick link store (http://www.bricklink...RoosterDentures) UCS AT-ST- $145.00 100% Complete with instructions UCS General Grievous- $95.00 100% Complete with instructions Sopwith Camel- $95.00 100% Complete with instructions Count Dooku's Solar Sailer- $45.00 99.9% Complete with instructions and minifigs, missing one of the magnaguard's capes Darth Vader's Tie Fighter (not ucs)- $45.00 100% Complete with instructions and minifig Hailfire droid and spider droid- $35.00 100% Complete with instructions and minifigs Republic Attack shuttle- $50.00 100% Complete with instructions and minifigs Separatist Shuttle- $30.00 100% Complete with instructions and minifigs Naboo N-1 Starfighter and Vulture Droid- $25.00 100% Complete with instructions and minifigs Pirate Tank- $40.00 100% Complete with instructions and minifigs ARC-170 (2010)- $50.00 100% Complete with instructions and minifigs X-wing (2006)- $50.00 100% Complete with instructions and minifig I will always remember you guys as great people and am sad to be leaving.
  9. Palms


    Thanks, I designed it as a with a Pre-PT era in mind when the republic was stable and their was lots of luxurious ship manufactures I usually display my MOCs instead of "playing" with them (I swoosh them though). and I think it looks more realistic without studs.
  10. Palms


    Oh, I understand. The four thrusters swing out to a 30 degree angle to cause it to slow down and spin.
  11. Palms


    Authentic greebles?
  12. Palms


    This is my escape pod MOC. It is used for smaller command ships and can serve as a small shuttle as it has reusable thrusters and landing gear. Side. Back, hatch closed. Back, hatch opening. Back, interior. (Sorry, its hard to connect the hatch to the roof so I took these with the hatch open hence the shadow) Interior. Front greebling. (I built the ship around it) Top greebling. It's the shield generator (weak but it helps.) Top flare. (to distract missels) Adjustable thrusters. (Angled to make the pod spin) Landing gear. (closed) Landing gear. (open) The heart of the build.
  13. Palms

    Miniscale Hanger

    The ship is republic, It's just picking up supplies ;) .
  14. Palms

    Miniscale Hanger

    This is my Hanger for my Challenge with Rujilskywalker to build a MAX 20X20 miniscale Vig. It is supposed to be a hanger in a space station run by a neutral company over a neutral planet named Darpin 3 in a strategically placed system, Darpin 3 has a larger than normal army so it can defend itself against hostile forces from either the Republic or CIS armies. Well on to the vignette, this is the side of the vignette that shows the parked republic supply ship, It mainly carries feul (the reason for all the domes) but also carries some food and medical supplies. You can also see the glass passage way overviewing the hanger. This is the other side of the vignette, Which is where the storeroom is. You can see the republic and CIS crates stacked against the wall as well as a few neutral business crates. On the other end of this side you can see the security and lifting vehicle patrolling the area, It has two large, powerful lifting arms to transport cargo from one ship to another, to the ship to the storeroom, and vice-versa. It also has two Ion cannons on it's shoulders. Gallery
  15. Palms

    RamRod Mark II

    The ion cannon is designed to weaken the shields in a small area enough that the ship can tear through them. It is moderately maneuverable but the main premise is that it's small (hard to hit), fast (can punch right through the belly of the ship), and well shielded( both electronically and with hardware). I'll try to fix the camera it's just so annoying to shoot with a 4 megapixel camera, Also if any staff would like to merge this with my mark I topic please do.