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  2. Admiral Rodgers

    'Behind The Helm'

    As a matter of fact EVERYONE on the site should be over 18 but I suppose it is easy to pick out the kids. {Because of multi-coloured buildings}
  3. Admiral Rodgers

    IJ: River Chase Truck MOC

    It is exactly how it looks in the movie , except for the pointy front but other than that great job
  4. Admiral Rodgers


    What's wrong with a History lesson? I'm a History teacher/ archeologist , oh and great work on the grass
  5. Admiral Rodgers

    10124 Wright Flyer

    I knew about the camel and the Red Baron but never heard about this one! It doesn't look very aerodynamic
  6. Admiral Rodgers

    Spaniards' Bay

    That's the sort of scene most of us can only dream of making!
  7. Admiral Rodgers

    Defense of the Iron Oak

    That's a tree! It's almost humbling
  8. Admiral Rodgers

    [REVIEW] Anniversary Silver Stormtrooper Magnet

    That chrome colour is very interesting, i'm not a SW fan but i might buy one if I see it.
  9. Admiral Rodgers

    REVIEW: 8402 Sports Car

    I thought Lego released a car like this early last year. I'm eyeing the figure more than the car.
  10. Admiral Rodgers

    German World War I Tri-Plane!

    All very nice EXCEPT the boxyness of the cockpit. I've finished making a Sopwith Camel minifig scale. Other than that great job
  11. Admiral Rodgers

    Hanseatic Town

    The brick work is brilliant! Everything from the minifigs to the tudor style caraval is pure genius!
  12. Admiral Rodgers

    REVIEW: 7198 Fighter Plane Attack

    I've just finished building a minifig scale Sopwith Camel { got no idea where to post it} and now building a minifig scale Bristol Fighter. The bi-plane appeals to me because of the planes I am building, and also i'm not a fan of Nazis.
  13. Admiral Rodgers

    INDEX: Armies

    Can anyone tell me if there are any modern sets wich have those small tyres? I wanted to use them as shakos for my cavalry, but all the tyres I had were to big.
  14. Admiral Rodgers

    Chapel Rock

    Beautiful! People like you should be designing Lego sets. I'm impressed with the number of new techniques you have included more than anything else, Great Job