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  1. Hound Knight

    New Products/Colors from BrickForge!

    Since they debuted in August BrickForge has been working on releasing its latest glassware/FX mold in additional colors. Today, we are happy to announce that all 13 items are available in 12 transparent colors at the BrickForge Store. These are wonderful decorative elements for your MOCs - note the iconic screen printing on the Potion Bottles and Flasks! And don't forget to post your MOCs & Minifigs to the BrickForge Flickr Group Pool for a chance to win a $15.00 gift certificate
  2. @comment: Yes, bask in your moment of triumph.

  3. WOW! I am the first one to comment after 10 months!

  4. Hound Knight


    As seen in Clash of the Titans (2010).
  5. Hound Knight

    Thor & Loki

    That's some sweet decaling work man!
  6. Hound Knight

    Mr. Fixit's Tow Truck

    Inspired by The Busy World of Richard Scarry. Edit by Rufus: I've indexed this under 'Media' rather than Fabuland as it is based on a story. Let me know if you disagree and we can discuss
  7. Hound Knight

    Dragon Rider

    Sir Ackrin Torthe the Dragon Tamer.
  8. Now with 50% more armored-ness.
  9. Hound Knight

    Charlie Sheen!

    "Duh, winning!"
  10. Hound Knight

    The Auto Ceiling-Painter

    Thanks! Yes, something like that.
  11. Hound Knight

    The Auto Ceiling-Painter

    Thanks! And what's next? Maybe a carpet cleaner? *notices paint drops all over floor*
  12. is happy to have been building quite a bit lately.

  13. Hound Knight

    This Means War!

    Thanks very much everybody! Yup, they've put out some awesome stuff. The Archangel and Demon: (pic=link)
  14. Hound Knight

    The Auto Ceiling-Painter

    (pic=link) Does your Auto-Butler's exhaust leave your ceilings with an unattractive grungy appearance? Then Sir Angus McDodd's new Auto Ceiling Painter is the automaton for you! Paint not included. Enjoy!
  15. Hound Knight

    Space 'figs

    First, three members of the strange alien race of Squidmen: P-Squiddy, El Hombre Pulpo, and Squidbot. On the far right is one of their dreaded enemies, an Officer of the Department of Public Safety. Enjoy!