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  1. Evil Willy

    TUTORIAL: Making Sails

    It's very flattering to see that people care about my tutorial, and that here a year after people are still using it. Thank you eveyone for your kind words. William
  2. Evil Willy

    ~Free Pirate Lego MMO in the making! ARR!~

    looks sweet can't wait!
  3. Evil Willy

    Happy Birthday Evil Willy

    Thank you guys! I had a great birthday, this year, my drivers liscence was my present! Do not worry that my Pirate Ships are still in my bedroom and I still come here and read the threads every once in a while...Someday I will be back. Thanks again!
  4. Evil Willy

    Dos Mas Cervezas

    I would be curious to see how you go about sorting your lego out, how is your stations set up before you begin? How do you put away the lego etc... Picture would be great! Thanks!
  5. Evil Willy

    The Governors House

    I won't make comments, but I very much do like this MOC, and I can't wait to see the rest of!
  6. Evil Willy


    I pronounce it "Fez" and of course, I am right. If you object, you shall not live to see another day.
  7. Evil Willy


    Shall I still be in the game? Even though I am away...? I would be honored too! Ohh I see mr tole is still gone. Nevermind.
  8. Evil Willy

    Good luck Mr. Tiber, You deserve it

    I failed at nothing, I gave the job away for I didn't have time to handle it. Thats all.
  9. Well that's it for my position as moderator. I was proud to do what I did, and now its Mr. Tibers time. Now I am a fellow, which I am very proud to be. Treat Mr. Tiber well :D See you all around William
  10. Evil Willy

    Kurt's ship MOCs

    Your ships are amazing, all of them. But I really like the RTS LEGITOR, it's not like every other ship we see. People don't make steam boats it seems.
  11. Evil Willy

    My First Pirate Ship

    This looks like a beautiful thing indeed, a classic! It's wonderful of you to show us this Brickster. Thank you. I remember having some playmobile myself as a child!
  12. Evil Willy

    Lego Star Wars Spring/Summer 07

    I actually really like fleshies, more than the yellow MF's. But that is just a matter of opinion.
  13. Evil Willy

    Lego Star Wars Spring/Summer 07

    Amazing new, I am very much looking forward to buying these!
  14. Evil Willy

    Very poor pirateship

    I agree with Mr. Tiber, this ship is very bad. No need to post this.