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  1. Pro_Ice

    Hero Factory 2013

    Got some potentially new information concerning possible storyline. First, Bulk is mentioned alongside Furno as a "main hero". As far as I remember, there were also 2 "main villains", Bruizer and someone else. Maybe it will be an arrangement alike Breakout, where Breez was rarely mentioned and received no promotion whatsoever. Also, there was a preliminary poster showing a numerous containers (these, but on a more grandeur scale) with brain slugs hanging from the ceiling. Something alike Bohrok promos from 2002. Maybe that has something to do with "great conspiracy" Greg was talking about. Don't have much more to share, sadly. Except that slugs attaching to the heroes' head is something of a major play element this time, but you already know that. :)
  2. Good day. I'm not sure if this has been reported before, but I've acquired information that next year onward LEGO will be moving away all their brick production (excluding electronic parts, i.e. Power Functions and Mindstorms) from China due to quality concerns raised with chinese plastic quality decreasing each year. Obviously, I can not disclose my sources, but I can say this information was passed on private Lego retailers' meeting. Until it's confirmed by TLC, I'd personally suggest treating it as a rumor and taking it with a grain of salt (primarily due to China being 'the only plant where they can perform complex molding and printing' by their previous claims and various possible production issues). P.S. Humans in Galaxy Squad have multi-coloured robots (and suits), also there's something like a giant Dragonfly on the bug side. :]
  3. Pro_Ice

    Hero Factory 2012

    It looks like Hero Factory sets are made in Mexico too! I found one quite interesting lot on the same site where Superheroes pics came from. Even though I'm not sure the sets are built correctly, here are 2 first real-life pictures of Toxic Reapa and Jawblade:
  4. Pro_Ice

    LEGO Superheroes 2012 Rumours & Discussion

    I don't know if it's 'new' news but apparently Lego DC shorts will be part of Cartoon Network's DC Nation, coming next year. Trailer for DC Nation is here and it contains 2 fragments from LEGO Batman short.
  5. Pro_Ice

    Hero Factory 2011

    Here's the HeroPad code for the concept poster: 493567.
  6. Pro_Ice

    Lego Master Building Academy (MBA)

    Brand new website for MBA has launched too, featuring great info on all 6 kits as well as some overall info on the series. The price for the subscription seems fair enough - $69.99 for 5 kits. 1 kit a month, so there will be 5 kits for 10 month. IMHO, the best one is kit #2.
  7. Pro_Ice

    Hero Factory 2011

    Found Savage Planet's sets info in English on BBCW Distributors site. Nothing brand new, though this text is more correct. And, yeah, Stringer is a Black Bear (a.k.a. Baribal) and Furno wields a bow. Rocka 3.0 Attention Rocka! Red alert on jungle planet Quatros. Witch Doctor is trying to remove all of the planet’s Quaza. If he succeeds, the planet will die. Stop him before it’s too late! The planet is crawling with beasts under his control, so use your double claw combo tool and lion animal power to ward them off. Furno 3.0 Come in Furno! Your Skills are needed on jungle planet, Quatros. Witch Doctor is removing the planet’s Quaza core and it’s becoming unstable. You’ll have to stop him before it’s to late! He’s protected by a group of vicious beasts, so you’re authorized to use your plasma bow and eagle animal power. Good Luck! Nex 3.0 Action stations! Join Furno amd Stringer on jungle planet Quatros. The planet will be ruined if Witch Doctor finishes taking the planet’s Quaza core. Time to use your tiger animal power and double-bladed tiger claw in action. Just watch out for Witch Doctor’s vicious beasts. Intel reports say they like anything metal and shiny. Stormer 3.0 Stormer! Gather your team and rush to jungle planet Quatros. Assist Rocka in stopping Witch Doctor before he removes the planet’s Quaza and destroys it. You will need to use your new rhino animal power and dual fold-out blades to fight through the beasts under Witch Doctor’s control to save the planet. Bulk 3.0 Calling Bulk! Assist Rocka and Stormer, put an end to the Witch Doctor’s destructive plans. If he removes jungle planet Quatro’s Quaza core, it will break apart. He must be stopped! Use your wolf animal power to track down Witch Doctor and use your wrist-mounted blades to keep his vicious beasts at bay. Good hunting! Stringer 3.0 Time for action Stringer! Distress signal from jungle planet Quatros indicates that Witch Doctor is extracting the planet’s Quaza core. If he succeeds, the planet is doomed!. Cover Furno’s back with your black bear animal power and use your triple-bladed bear claw to fend off Witch Doctor’s vicious band of beasts. Be alert! Fangz Heroes! Witch Doctor’s servant, Fangz, has been sighted! This ferocious beast will defend its master with everything it’s got. Including the jaw-mounted spears and corrupted Quaza spike. When you see Fangz, you know you are close to Witch Doctor, so set proximity sensor to maximum! Raw-Jaw Watch out heroes! Recon has picked up a huge beast header your way. With the agility and speed of a gorilla and armed with what look like elephant tusks, Raw-Jaw is going to take some stopping, did we mention the corrupted Quaza spike on his back! Waspix Attention heroes! The beast they call Waspix has been spotted in your vicinity. It may use its wings to attack from above so keep your eyes peeled! It also has three stingers and two corrupted Quaza spikes installed by Witch Doctor to control it, so this beast is no pushover! Scorpio Come in heroes! We don’t want to alarm you but a huge scorpion is headed your way! With heavy spike-plate armour covering its body, power pincers, tail shooter and corrupted Quaza, this beast is going to make stopping Witch Doctor a little bit harder! Rocka XL Listen up Rocka! All of the other heroes are busy holding off Witch Doctor’s beasts and they are starting to run low on energy. Only you have enough power to stop Witch Doctor before he drains jungle planet Quatros of its Quaza. It’s the only way we can save the planet from certain destruction. Don’t let us down! Witch Doctor This is it heroes! Witch Doctor has a nasty plan for jungle planet Quatros, to steal the planet’s very life force, its Quaza! You must stop him before it’s too late or the planet will break into pieces. You will have to battle through his corrupted helpers, the beasts, to get him! And keep away from his mighty power staff!
  8. Pro_Ice

    Hero Factory 2011

    New Store Calendar says that Hero Recon Team is released on the 5th of April and Hero Factory pieces will now be part of shops' Pick a Brick. And the pics from Toys'n'Bricks: Front Back
  9. Pro_Ice

    Hero Factory 2011

    Hero Factory Recon Team's teaser website is now available. No new info except release date (April 2011) and a short story about the team from Quadal. I wonder if that guy on background is Merrick Fortis.
  10. There was a BBC Radio 1 news report, where on the background some pics of the new SpongeBob sets can be seen. Not the best quality, but that's something. As far as I can see, the sets are not Duplo. And, BTW, new Plancton mold! The video is .Edit: Didn't see Clone O'Patra's post, sorry.
  11. Pro_Ice

    Hero Factory 2011

    The new videos are now in's video section. You can also watch them on YouTube: , , .
  12. Pro_Ice

    Hero Factory 2011

    HeroPad feature is now available. Later: Hey, that trailer is on YouTube now! Link.
  13. Pro_Ice

    Hero Factory 2011

    HeroPad feature seems to be epic, don't know why they removed it. By the way, I uploaded the introduction from the first challenge onto YouTube. . I hope someone managed to save that trailer, cause I didn't see it.
  14. Pro_Ice

    LEGO News: Meteor Crash in London!

    That's the original video. There's also a twitter account. The translation is: "...New promotional video subtitled "They are amongst us", designed as a news report about the meteoritic impacts throughout the world. Video is advertising HERO Factory actions in British LEGOLAND (LEGOLAND Windsor) and LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, with contests and giveaways of Hero Factory souvenirs." There was an article about it on Lego Club News page, but I can't find it. Facebook album about LEGOLAND Windsor event and another one about Trafford Centre Discovery Centre