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  1. mifody

    LEGO Wallpaper

    Some more Wallpaper:
  2. mifody

    LEGO Wallpaper

    Update Wallpaper:
  3. mifody

    LEGO Wallpaper

    Update Wallpaper:
  4. mifody

    LEGO Wallpaper

    I represent to Your attention a series of desktop Wallpapers. The Wallpaper is made based on the film and computer games. All the Wallpaper is fully developed by me. All these Wallpapers You can download a larger version in my gallery on flickr.com: Hope You liked it!
  5. mifody

    [MOC] UTV/Side by Side Buggies

    Excellent model! Many thanks for the LDD file! I built on your LDD such UTV. But a little modified - something was removed, something replaced. Here is what I got:
  6. mifody

    Army Humvee and Hummer MOC

    Excellent model! Especially liked the red hammer.
  7. I represent to Your attention a small collection of my custom minifig! - Cops - Indians-hermits - Citizens LegoCity - Nurse-zombie - Zombie Hunters - Bikers - The police of future - Space Pirates - Group of intelligence - Assassins Creed - Brotherhood - Men in Black - Persians These and other minifig You can find in my gallery on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/misha-mifody/ Waiting for Your comments!
  8. mifody

    [MOC] White coupe

    Excellent model. Only bad that minifig not fit in the car. PS: Your white pickup truck I still like it more!
  9. And here is the owner of the car showed up! He is known as a "Sinner"! He has a best friend is "Gloomy". He prefers to ride a motorcycle!
  10. This model is giving me exactly SergioBatista format LDD file! Thank You!
  11. Thank You! Yes, the old man is very mysterious and highly dangerous personality! Nice to hear such a compliment from a talented Builder! And thank You very much for the instructions that You share! Monster Truck is mod Dodge Monster Charger from SergioBatista! I have many different monster trucks:
  12. And so, dear friends, I created 6th module titled "Cabin in the woods" with their project "the Suburbs"! All modules: Previous modules You can see here: - module 1-2-3 http://www.eurobrick...topic=83852&hl= - module 5 http://www.eurobrick...topic=90996&hl= - module 4 http://www.eurobrick...topic=93426&hl= Let me remind you! In the future between modules 1-2-3 and 4-5-6 appears modules "wastelands", that is, modules with no buildings, only nature and the road. This will be done to "unload" the overall picture homemade, because now she is oversaturated buildings! The module does not have any technical bells and whistles, but there's a couple of secrets, hiding places! The main thing here is the environment and the cabin in the woods! The hut is built on a modular type (she removed the roof and she is easily removed). The interior of the huts are quite scarce. Remove the hut: And here is the first secret - at the hut there is little cellar: I think many people see WHAT is in the basement, realized that the hut it is not easy!!! And the owner is also very and very mysterious man! Next to the hut there is another hiding place! In this cache is easy entire minifig! So I got the "Cabin in the woods"! Let me remind you that all the modules are based on the plates 48x48 and connected by pins! And here is how it looks together: On this I have everything! Waiting for Your comments! PS: Sorry for my bad English!
  13. mifody


    Great SUV! Very interesting design of the rear lights!
  14. First, if Thomas Selander created a Mercedes, then Yes, I gathered on its design. My truck is somewhat similar to the Mercedes from Thomas Selander, but in our development plan and even external design models are different. And here You have not guessed. A similar model I met on flickr and gathered similar external design. But thanks for the link - I can now download ldd file and build some more models!Now about the scale! Lego minifigures not proportional, respectively, and models out too, is not proportional. And the last! This theme is about modular work, transport is used as extras.