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  1. VWcharger69

    Modular Fire Station

    Yes sorry. It was just a simple suggestion as asked. So I delete my last post and a moderator can delete the first. Chris
  2. VWcharger69

    Modular Fire Station

    Deleted Chris
  3. VWcharger69

    Modular Fire Station

    Hello, Here my LDD/MOC for an extension of the FB: https://plus.google....=CKPJ6q3QrouFcQ I had added 3 bay and extended the length of the building, so most of the fire car can stay in. An heli ,like 60010, can land on the top May be it can help you. Chris
  4. VWcharger69

    [MOC/LDD] La Poste Du Louvre - Modular

    Very nice MOC. Are you planning to build the whole "rue du Louvre"? Very nice render from the LDD file.
  5. VWcharger69

    [MOC] Nazgul In Mordor

    It would be a nice box for LOTR fan.
  6. VWcharger69

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    Excellent. Impressive work. Christophe
  7. VWcharger69

    Hello , Malolau from france !

    Hello, Nice collection and welcome aboard. Few words but I can translate it .
  8. VWcharger69

    Variable Pitch Propeller

    Most of these blade are made from very rigid polymer or composite. ABS fron the lego piec isn't rigid enough for this application (I'd made several tests on different materials as an engineer) IN RC helicoter, Nylon is use for the blade of small helicopter (500 mm long, weight less than 600g). For bigger blade are made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (resin is alomst epoxy). With this type of blade, lenght can be over 600mm. Weight of the helicopter in flight order can approach 5 kg for the bigger. As an indication look at this reference: Align T-Rex 450: http://shop.align.com.tw/product_info.php?products_id=5116 If you had any other question, like how to stabilise the heli... Electric motor use or battery technogy, I'll be happy to share my experience in RC. Christophe
  9. VWcharger69

    Variable Pitch Propeller

    Just an indication. As I like playing with toys, I own 2 RC planes and 1 RC helicoptere. Just as comparaison my RC heli have the folowing specs: - 2 main rotor: diameter 460mm each - weight in flight order 410 grammes - electric motor: 2 unit: power 400 watt each. Here is a photo of blade use in RC: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/catalog/074000013.jpg All specs are far away, we can find in technic piece. Perhaps you should mix RC parts like blade and motor (thinking about a 1 kw motor) to make a RC technic heli.
  10. VWcharger69

    MOC: Unmarked SUV

    I like it. The minifig is awesome. Very impressive and it reflects darkness and suspicion. Christophe
  11. VWcharger69

    Any Guesses as to what these parts are..?

    Thanks. It's one of the other reason i think this set isn't overpriced when use in this case. Count the time pass on bricklinking whole parts. Time to get it... This kit are design for training manager, director, chief designer and other people who do lead team in enterprise. Intermixing part: duplo, standard technic, can be take for an approach of communication problem: duplo connect each other with certains rules which represent communication in one group. Technic bricks connect with other rules, another group, and so for dtandard brick. 3 groups having ways of communication but they have to communicate each other to achieve the project. Some of the rules are the same for the 3 groups and that's the solutionthey will use to communicate each other and achieve thier common goal. There are other developpement for using differents sort of bricks. Just an example which is use by some AFOL building big MOC: Duplo is use as foundation and structural piece. Lego standard bricks are use for the visible parts of the MOC. And technic are use for implementing or just animating. Three goals = three type of bricks. For cheapest use, if you look on the community page http://seriousplaypro.com/, you'll see that Serious Play is use in school. But as it is mentionned in one article, for kids building set like lego build to express: http://shop.legoeduc...s-set-45110-52/ or the lego ultimate building are more than enough. Christophe
  12. VWcharger69

    Help with Stairs on GP38

    It was just my 2 cents... Happy you can go on and brick.
  13. VWcharger69

    Any Guesses as to what these parts are..?

    No I don't make margins. I'm working in a University. I was just speaking about course as consultant. Overpriced course: no it's just reality when you make course not for student teaching but as an consultant. All these set are not just parts, but selected parts for an application which isn't playing, but a commercial application. Research for this kind of tools developpement isn't cheap and I'd think paying the research isn't silly. The Lego Serious Play is developped since 1990... I understand that as an AFOL you think it's overpriced (and personnally as an AFOL I think it's overpriced). But this set is a tool. If you looked around the web for the other "serious game" you'll find that the price isn't very high. As you said it's for commercial uses where margins and benefits are common. Why TLG wouldn't make margin on this product. I don'y understand why you said that i don't have to spend so much money to get the parts. I'm teaching management and project planning with serious game, not only with brick but others serious game. For the game I developped, need all the parts in the set I list. If you have the solution for buying all this parts not on BL (because it isn't possible for payment method use) cheaper than I have paid, I'll wiil take and use it. Christophe PS: If moderator think this discussion should be put in another section, I'll deleted my posts and open a new thread.
  14. VWcharger69

    Help with Stairs on GP38

    Here is a parts of the LXF provided in the MOC page: I hope it can help you. PS: oups, I forget one step. The red plate is a 2x1 flat tile.
  15. VWcharger69

    Any Guesses as to what these parts are..?

    Hello, The Lego Serious Play is an educative programm. As many tools, i'm using for education, this serious game (as many other seriuos game) are not cheap. All set from the Serious Play Line are not overpriced for an utilisation in learning. Further, I would say that this set are specially design and even 750€ or 1000$ is a very low price tool. I say tool because it's just a tool. As an indication, a society which use this tool will sell you a one day learning time for 1500 or 2000€ per participant... Last year, I had developped a serious game qith lego parts and sets. I took me time... and I had to buy as many set as students i had. (15 per session). This serious game use sets ref 4439, 7741, 4203 and 3181. Make the cart and look at the final price. Just my reflection. Christophe Anthoine