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  1. alex54

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    I'm find and still here event if I'm not as active as before. So I will answer the questions asked : Would you like to see more contests? Yes, evenif I don't have all the time I want to enter those contest. What is your opinion of Tags (those small images on the left <---)? Don't have any opinion about them. Do you use, if ever, Eurobricks reference materials (ie. lists of Reviews, lists of MOCS, lists of Forums)? Lists of review is very usefull. And alsow lists of MOCS, if they are from good quality. Have you participated in games on Eurobricks (ie. Role-Playing, Mafia, etc.)? I have participated to one game like that, and it wad funny. Do you use/visit the Eurobricks Facebook page? Eurobricks on Flickr? etc. No facebook for me at all. Flickr not too. I don't like social app like that. Do you post MOCs online? What hosting platform do you prefer to use? I still use Brickshelf, old style! Do you prefer broadly defined threads or multiple specialized threads? multiple specialized threads What is the first page you visit when opening Eurobricks on your browser? The index page Personnaly, I have less time to go on EB. I was more active when I was student. And all the people with wich I speak here seem to be in the same situation. So, I don't know the newer member. And with the smartphone and all those apps, It seems that the discussions in general are not as constructive than before. Maybe it's just an impression. And last, because I don't come often here, I don't write in english, and I lost a lot in that. It's harder for me to think abour how to write properly. All in all, I'm still an EB lover, where I discovered the LEGO online univer, other AFOLS, during my study, when I didn't have my real bricks with me!^^ I'm still mocing my town, with some inspiration moment and other period without envy to MOC. I often think about posting some new pics to share my work, but I don't have the time to take pictures, host them and post. Or maybe I don't take the time to do so... I know I have to, but I have so many things to do aside...
  2. alex54

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    I've got mine! Thanks a lot again Copmike!
  3. alex54

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Thank a lot Copmike for this prize!
  4. Thanks for this detailed review! This series is not my favourite one, even if there are some nice figs. I don't find a general cfeeling about those figs, some are in the costume theme, when some other are not really. By the way, I really like the new mouse, which looks really cute!
  5. alex54

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Sorry Copmike, I didn't understand that I had to give you what price I won, and I can't remember it... Bad guy I am... Thanks for this funny game! And like others, I hope to find some interesting things in my mailbox each day ^^
  6. Click to choose files A ciber Christmas tree with ciber Santa and his wife ^^
  7. Thanks for this review! I find this serie funny and cool, and great for a city fan too : - Those bowls and spoons are so great - nice new hairepices and recolour - new "clothes" with scarf and hoodie What can we want more? And this serie is a good way to have the fish gear in a cheep way, so I like it! And the octopus one is so great too, by its own. The Npop girl is definitevly my favorite fig from this serie! I'm an Unikitty fan... It's funny to see that LEGO has made a technology update on the stereo player ^^! Whitefang, do you have the Harry Potter shark head, it's missing on your shark family picture Thanks for this great job!
  8. Not so far away, the world was divided in two, between Zombies and Minifigures, each tribe with its one rules, its own cultures and traditions. Zombies lived together in some quiet, peaceful and comfortable towns. They were very respectful of the other Zombies, independently of their zombie appearance, origin or color. Contrary to them, the Minifigures grown with the vision of a one colored world : in yellow! They don't have any rules and hated this wonderful and cute Zombie-land so much that one day, they tried to go to fight them. Poor Zombies, it seems this is the end of your quiet life! Never trust Minifigure, they are treacherous and will make you out be the baddies of the story... And here the link of the gallery for all the pictures.
  9. Those are not stockers, but printed parts. For the stop, I can't remembered, they came from city sets from the begining of the 2000 years. And for the pedestrian crossings, they came from a Junior set from 2015 or 2016. I don't know the ref exactly.
  10. Nice city layout, very "Crhistmasy"! And glad to see that you have used my pavement for your street! ^^
  11. Thanks fot the last comments! ^^ In fact Wout, my city is always under modification! And always lakes some interiors details...
  12. alex54

    My city story

    Thanks for your comment! I have fixed the link. I will try to take some nicer pictures form those MOC to present them.
  13. Thanks for you comments! Here if France, it's like that, The traffic light is at the font of the intersection. I know that it's not like that in Canada.
  14. So, I’m glad to share with you another step pf my town layout story. This time, it’s not about houses, but street sections. After spending a lot of time on my buildings, I decided to take a moment on the streets. In fact, a city couldn’t be a great city without public furniture, flowers and roads ! In 2009, remember, I have already work on the pavement of my street. In fact, I don’t like how TLC made the pavements in the modular buildings line. And with LEGO, you can change what you don’t like ! So I have found a module, that used upside-down gives a more random look, even if it’s a regular module : But with all the modulars I have, with the official ones and my owns, I need a lot of straight road. And damned, TLC send only one straight with a crossed one. Damned, I will have a lot of crossed road, without any utility. So, some straight roads, I hurt my fingers with all of those dark grey tiles to put on ! Hopefully, I have some 1x2 plates to put too, and 2x2 tile with one centered stud. In fact, I want to have some modular road plates, with which you can put some street furniture and so on, without any effort. The 1x2 plates on each sides are here to attache the road sections between them, with a street lamp for example. And the other studs can fix flowers, garbage, fire hydrant and so on. The result of the street sections is for a crossed one : And for a straight one : After that, I worked on bus station, which need to be not too big and not too small to feet in the street. After some works and tries, I came up this this bus stop : I also made some garbage : Fire hydrants, simple but enough effective for me (some times, simplicity is your best friend!) : I need to put some touch of green in my town. Those flowerpot will help a little : Like those other flowers sections, in two kind of colors, for more diversity : Seeing the Gostbuster headquarters, I find the traffic light great and effective. So, I decided to duplicate it. I just add some flowers for a greener street and that’s all ! And without forgetting some traffic lights for pedestrians and other road signs : I also need some benches, and find a nice way to make them one day on a picture of a moc (don’t remember the source…), so I decided to reproduce them, Now, my minifigs can sit and have a quiet moment ! And I have enough white street lamps to fix all my road plates together. But I fall in love with a black version, from New Elementary,and couldn’t resist to reproduce them as well. Don’t you find them beautiful ? Just note that the base of the street lamp ha changed, with only 4 notches instead of the 6 for the older version, making it less beautiful IMO. And what a street without some trees? TLC never bring me some decent beautiful trees. It’s not that easy to make some nice ones, enough sturdy with a nice look. I have made some tries some years ago, remember, with those kind of trees : Time has past and TLC bring us a so wonderful part, like the new stalk piece ref 19119. Maybe it’s one of my favorite new part from 2015! So I tried to use this, and made a lot of versions. In fact, I wanted to build a tree that is enough sturdy, without small parts falling down (even if we are in autumn ^^!). And I’m quite happy with the result! Now it’s time to show you how all those elements go together. I have taken some pics to do so. Just note that I don’t have put some corner buildings just only because I don’t take the time to find them in my boxes. Firstly, some pics with one of all the element presented above : And finally, some pics with a touche of life, with some minifigs and cars, just to see how it looks in situation : So, this is just 1/3 of all my road plates I have made this way. We can image to have some other element to put in the street, like newspaper boxes, little food stands, a phone box and more ! Just let your imagination works ! I just hope that you enjoyed reading this long post! And you can discover some extra pics in my FlickR or Brickshelf galleries.