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  1. Should I build the train as a super roller coaster?
  2. Nice that I can always surprise some.
  3. After watching the movie some time ago, the train never left my head. After a long test and try, I had an idea. Many hours / days later ..... Have fun looking, Greeting üfchen & Safti https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKTE6oUwu8A 1. LEGO Star Wars Imperial Conveyex Train Han Solo 75217
  4. uefchen

    Fast GBC Unit with Night Mode

    thanks for the many likes
  5. After that did not work with the surprise eggs, I could not let go of the thought. Somehow that must be feasible. Finally finally had to believe real eggs off. Have fun looking. Greetings
  6. I've always wanted to build a GBC unit. But as to build something that does not exist in any way and form, it was already difficult to build something new. At some point I had an old LEGO Race Road in my hands and it made klink. Have fun while looking, Greeting üfchen
  7. uefchen

    Lego Dishwasher

    Thank you for the many flowers. Greetings
  8. Lego dishwasher Here I have the perfect Christmas present for every household. Have fun watching. Greetings
  9. uefchen


    Then something like that does not work?
  10. Actually, that should be a bell! But as it is ..... Have fun watching. Greetings
  11. uefchen

    Lego Vehicles Test Machine

    @ sacm93 The thought is great. I have to think about it. Thank you . Greetings
  12. Hello, now I have some of the original Lego cars on the tooth felt. Have fun looking, greeting üfchen.
  13. uefchen

    Rolling Bridge

    The idea for the bridge Leger I had when I saw the LEGO TECHNIC Bridge Girder SLJ 50018. Have fun mimicking, greeting üfchen. https://youtu.be/DH8iP1EOkEo Video Link : Rolling Bridge
  14. Endless Roller CoasterI had the idea some time ago.That it would be so easy, I had not thought: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_Q7V4Dca0Y&feature=youtu.beGreetings
  15. uefchen

    üfchen Top 10 Train´s

    Hello, I have made a video of my trains. While looking a lot of fun. Greetings https://youtu.be/FKmF1Hcrg1c 10 Hottest Trains