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  1. Dark1

    2006 sets prices

    What are you talking bout they already do sell green baseplates. |-/
  2. Dark1

    What did you buy today?

    I just now purchased the ultimate LEGO Star Wars Product can anyone say Rancor this guy can heres the link hopefully thats the link you have to have digital desighner though the set sadly doesnt come with instructions so when i say you have to have it i mean you really have to have the progam so you can save the instructions
  3. Dark1

    What did you buy today?

    I just ordered 2x8 Black Bricks Life on Mars Accessories 1X2 Clear Bricks Bridge Elements Fire Station Fire Truck Large Green Baseplate Assorted Light Grey Bricks Scorpion Prison Cave ARC-170 Starfighter the reason I got the "extra pieces" is because well I am goin to make a bridge type thing I will try to put it into my Brickshelf accout.
  4. Dark1

    My Drawings

    Im making another one. EDIT:Okay I'm taking my website and putting the pics there the link will be here soon EDIT: I finally got it if you want to see it e-mail me a message saying i want to see thats all and I'll try to send it to you my e-mail is jdjdark@aol.com EDIT:YES I sent an e-mail to myself and i can see the pic! :') :oD
  5. Dark1

    My Drawings

    Thanks I wil try Edit: I cant it says: You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board. A valid format is: http://www.domain.com/picture.gif, an invalid format is: http://www.domain.com/picture.one.gif What does this mean?
  6. Dark1

    My Drawings

    I have a account that was a link to one of the pictures and these are drawings of LEGO minifigs so it should be Lego related ;) but how do you post a pic.
  7. Dark1

    My Drawings

    Sorry can an admin tell me how to post it. Edit: I call these drawings "pack1" so for those who cant see it these are the mfs in there:Jason Vorhesse,Ghost Rider,Superman,Jawa,Batman,Samas Aran,General Grievous,weird wookie with mace, and Anakin ep.III In pack2 this is what i have so far Link(Legend of Zelda), Mario,weird Goomba,mushroom man Spiderman, Master Chief, Goku SS1, Jango Fett, Smilie guy, death, more coming soon plz not that these have no color
  8. Dark1

    My Drawings

    My Drawings will be here soon so plz wait. I'll have them on by the end of the day. edit:finally the link is here If it is messed up can an Admin tell me how to post a pic? :'(
  9. Dark1

    Keychain madness

    OMM(Oh My Megablocks) Thats alot! :oD You should sell the thing (without keychains of course) on EBay with a starting bid of $1000 WOW!
  10. Dark1

    Keychain madness

    WOW :oD that must have costed you $100! Those are alot of kechains! I like it! I cry at such beautiful creations :') :')
  11. Dark1

    What did you buy today?

    I bought 7261 Clone Turbo Tank
  12. Dark1

    All PICS of the batman sets!!!

    Oh well I hope we get a set with Batgirl.
  13. Dark1

    SpongeBob SquarePants

    Ok I will try not to post spam or much unless I have to.
  14. Plz dont kill the king lol. anyways I like the original better.
  15. Dark1

    All PICS of the batman sets!!!

    WOW do you know what he saw.