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    Some Rude Moderators?

    I also agree with this idea, though I have serious doubts that it would be implemented. I would also say that, were it to be implemented, moderators that won't do their job correctly could be "impeached", by either the voters, the other mods, or the admins, so it's not some tyranny by the voters who can constantly vote mods that won't do anything into power (though, having been around here for a few years, I think most members are logical enough adults that they would pick good mods).
  2. Can Man-Bat fit into a Minifigure display box (this,
  3. I think it could be fun to mix it up a little and do the Best Set of a Year, but I'm still down for Minifigure of 2014.
  4. Gremer

    The Best 2015 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Round 1.19

    Nostalgia-wise, I love Assassin droids, but as for best, 3PO.
  5. Gremer

    The Best 2015 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Round 1.19

    Love Vader, but gotta go with the Clone Pilot.
  6. Gremer

    Mystery MOC

    Oh yeah, that makes sense.
  7. Gremer

    Mystery MOC

    What did SAD ANDY SPLIT have to do with the B-Wing? I still can't figure that out.
  8. Gremer

    Mystery MOC

    Is it for the TIE Advanced Prototype?
  9. Gremer

    Mystery MOC

    Is it Vader's mask?
  10. Gremer

    Favorite MicroFighters

  11. I have it and it's a nice alternative to the extremely overpriced 2007 model. It's extremely easy to mod the gaps in it, if you're worried about those.
  12. Well, that was the worst 'break' ever. I couldn't keep myself away, not because I enjoy the moderating (I don't, in case you can't tell), but because this is the best place of LSW news (unfortunately) and the Review Index is a fun read.

  13. If you're wondering why I'm not one here, I'm taking a break. I'm tired of how heavy-handed the moderating is here.

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      :classic: well at least you're voluntarily taking one