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  1. schlangus

    EB SW Xmas raffle 2012

    My entry. The new elf left Santa holding the bag and changed Christmas forever.
  2. schlangus

    Review: 10228 Haunted House

    This set is "dying" to turn into a mansion for The Munsters, complete with a "spot" (green dragon) underneath the staircase, a coffin for grandpa, and the hearse from 9464 parked out front. I don't think this set was intended to fit in with the other modular sets. Its just a coincidence that it shares some similarities with them.
  3. schlangus

    Our Zorro (Dieter) passing away

    27 is far too young. He will be remembered always by his kindness and good spirits. Fair winds and following seas
  4. schlangus

    Build-a-fruit raffle competition

    A tray of watermelon wedges, anyone?
  5. schlangus

    REVIEW: 7599 Garbage Truck Getaway

    Nice review! I like the truck itself , but am not a fan of the minifigs (if you can call them that) or the licensed price premium .
  6. schlangus

    Samurai Dojo

    Nice use of the molded baseplates. I really like this MOC. Good job!
  7. schlangus

    The end of LEGO Pirates by mid 2010

    I am saddened by this news. That, and the impending doom of castle remove two of my favorite themes I can't say I'm a fan of any licensed themes. Although PoP looks kinda cool, it doesn't make up for the loss of the other two.
  8. schlangus

    Off with her head!

    Vive la République!
  9. schlangus

    MOC: Hill House; Homage to the Horror Genre

    That's a fantastic MOC. Awesome details. Great job!
  10. schlangus

    What is your SigFig?

    Got any fine Dwarven stout laddie?
  11. I will most certainly not be buying a city advent calendar. They should offer the pirates and/or the castle one to the US, at least by S@H. If they did, I would buy it.
  12. schlangus

    Dalebottom Keep

    Great work! Love the details, and the doors you made yourself!
  13. schlangus

    Chrome Darth Vader Raffle

    Another raffle, awesome :) Here's my votes. 1. Boba Fett Maxifig Cloud City version by menq 2. F-Wing by Rook 3. Endor Bunker Battle by Copmike and Ras74 4. Republic Interceptor by def 5. Desert AT-ST by Copmike
  14. schlangus

    MOC: Abbey of Saint Rumare

    Truly awesome MOC. Nice use of tan and the different grays. And the Gothic spire is just lovely. :thumbup:
  15. schlangus

    Hello, I am Schlangus

    Greetings- The name is a latinization of the German word for snake. I identify with the snake for a few reasons. One is that I live in the desert. I like to stay under my cool rock and not get burned by the sun except to eat. For example yesterday the temperature reached 106F, and I only ventured outside to obtain food. The other reason is I occasionally shed my skin for a whole new one and take on a whole new identities and pursuits. Only about five months ago, I have come out of my dark age and taken up LEGO. This is remarkable because I used to shamelessly mock one my best friends for building pirate ship MOCs while he was in college (and beyond) . Now I have deeply and regretfully apologized to him, and we even have visited our local LEGO store together. I am also an unapologetic geek. Where some people have exercise and game rooms, I have a library, which doubles as a space to display LEGO. As an aside, what got me to shed my old skin and come out of my dark age was another geek pursuit, DnD. The other players were using minifigs as game pieces. Some guy had a dwarf minifig, and that did it for me, because I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and haven't stopped buying LEGO since. My favorite LEGO themes are historical. I probably enjoy Castle the most. I am currently building a huge 5x5 (of 32x32 plates) walled city with a keep. Someday I might also like to build a Roman forum, and possibly a Panzer tank. Its great to meet you guys (and girls)! Regards, Schlangus