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  1. Tabris

    6277 Imperial Trading Post Remake

    The trade post has been one of my all time favorite sets. Yours looks even better that the original one. Awesome job.
  2. I was about to say, this has to be an April fool's joke. Well done, for a moment you got me.
  3. 1.George G. - 2 12.moctown - 3
  4. 2.L-space -1 6.ego_legis_legere - 2 16.Sid Sidious - 1 24.Bernd - 1
  5. 21.Domino39 - 1 25.Snaillad - 1 27.Myko - 1 29.Kristel - 1 36.Bernd -1
  6. Tabris

    Vote for your favourite Category 1 entries

    Terrific job guys. Here is my vote: 14) Arkham City (Build by Fianat) => 3 points
  7. Tabris

    Vote for your favourite Category 2 entries

    Great job everyone. I specially like Skrytsson's MOC 11) Croc’s sewer (Build by Skrytsson) => 3 points Good luck
  8. Tabris

    UCS Sandcrawler MOC

    Outstanding job. You captured every detail of the real thing. Very impressive.
  9. Tabris

    MOC: One big MOC!

    Amazing work Hoexbroe. The level of detail is outstanding. You really are a master ship builder, as you have demonstrated with your previous MOCs. Shame I couldn't make it to Mungia. Maybe next time.
  10. Tabris

    Dwarven Clan Wars (MOC)

    Outstanding MOC. The color scheme and level of detail is awesome. I love the dwarf statue. Great job.
  11. Congratulations to the lucky winners.
  12. Tabris

    REVIEW: 10219 Maersk Train

    Thanks for the review KimT. I can't wait to get my hands on that beauty. :blush
  13. I finally received my prize today. Thanks a lot for such an awesome game.
  14. Tabris

    MOC: We need more flame units!

    Very funny MOC ISC. My favorite part is the turkey nose. How did you make Mr.Potato's arms?
  15. Tabris

    REVIEW: 8804 LEGO Minifigures Series 4

    Great review WhiteFang, thanks a lot. Can't wait to get my hands on those minifigs..
  16. Tabris

    Barracuda's Quarters

    Very inspiring MOC SlyOwl. I am always looking forward to your creations. In this particular case, your scene is splendid. The level of detail is outstanding. I specially like the stuffed native’s head. It adds a voodoo like atmosphere. Great work mate.
  17. Tabris

    Number Four Raffle... Winners!

    Congratulations to the lucky ones.
  18. Tabris

    TOWN: New Mannum Town Centre

    It looks great lightningtiger, but without villagers it looks a bit empty
  19. Tabris

    Matrix APU

    Great creation IcedCOffee. I love how you made the different textures of your APU. It looks so real.
  20. Tabris

    Ocean wave

    Very nice effect. Great idea.
  21. Tabris

    MOC: Four City Vehicles

    Nice car collection L@go. They all look great, but I must say that my favorite is the Sport Coupé. It is so sleek
  22. Tabris

    Big space diorama

    OMG, that is a huge collection. Lucky you. Welcome to EB. Please share with is your diorama once it is complete.
  23. Tabris

    My T-47 Snowspeeder

    Very nice and realistic design. I love it.
  24. Tabris

    MOC: Flintholm Station

    Very nice MOC. The station roof looks great. The winter landscape is a great choice. It distinguishes it from other MOCs. Great job.
  25. Tabris

    MOC: Bachelor's Pad

    Welcome iamFLIP! You have created a beautiful MOC. From the facade to the interior, everything looks great. The color combination in the exterior is very appropriate. The pool table is great, and the handcuffs detail is hilarious. I'm a conformist!.