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  1. Honeybee

    Ellington House

    I started doing an Interior but decided against it but i did one in my Winter Holidays house. Not entirely sure, prob got some in a set then got more from Bricklink.
  2. Honeybee

    Winter Holidays

    Thanks. Well spotted!! Do u know that glazed door was ment to be an inner door, but this moc had been hanging around for quite a while throughtout Xmas that when i came back to complete it i had just forgot about it, my bad. Lol :) Thanks. Good ol Bricklink lol :) Thank you :)
  3. Honeybee

    Winter Holidays

    Thanks. Just to say there were actually white tiles on the flat bit of the roof, but unfortunately when taking the pics the angle just was not right for showing it. :)
  4. Honeybee

    Winter Holidays

    B-RV-11E Hi, I had built this before Xmas, but with the whole stress that comes with the holidays I didnt manage to post it on. So this is just about the great feeling of Winter, The kids at home playing with their friends indoors or out in the Snow, the Xmas Tree surrounded by presents, the Postman delivering the Christmas cards, mum chilling in front of the Tv with her glass of Wine and Dad working non stop to keep his family happy and keeping their elaberate house running. Hope you enjoy! :) More pictures available at my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/43536154@N03/
  5. Honeybee

    Ellington House

    B-RV-10E Hi, Its been a while since I have posted anything. I am now working on some modern type houses, which i think is going well. I started to add an interior on this moc (if you look closly inside the bay window you will notice some xmas prezzies and tree). I decided that the house was too small so I left it, but you will be pleased to know I have almost finished my bigger house which does have an interior. Take a look and tell me what you think Thanks Honeybee :)
  6. Honeybee

    NEW! Who will come to the Event

    I will be coming along with Derfel, so you can put me down the same as him. Thanksx
  7. Honeybee

    Our Zorro (Dieter) passing away

    Its always very upsetting to hear about a loss especially when it was unexpected and for someone to be so young, my heart goes out to his friends and family at this difficult time. Zorro will be missed on these forums, he was always available for help and advise, he helped me out a few times at the beginning and for that i am grateful. I hope you rest in peace Dieter. x
  8. Honeybee

    Japanese style house with a shop

    Now this is very cool, i love the orange it really brightens your moc up, i love the details like the snack machines and even the fish freezer.... Well done!
  9. Honeybee

    MOC - War Memorial Park

    Nice detailing but i would like to see a bit more foilage, A flower wreath, flowers, trees, bushes etc, other than that it looks good
  10. Honeybee

    MOC: Mr. Wong's Curio Shop

    Yep im loving the oriental look too, well done, nice detail.
  11. Honeybee

    MOC: Village War memorial 11/11

    Very nice, Never forget!
  12. Honeybee

    MOC: BOC Gas & Gear Store

    Very nice, cant wait to see the final result...Good job
  13. Honeybee

    The Phoenix

    Wow this is bright, better put my shades on lol, Its good that your experimental with colours...Well done its very good!
  14. Honeybee

    Pirate port WIP

    What a very neat little moc, very detailed! Shame you couldnt finish the water off but it looks very good.... Well done!
  15. Honeybee

    [MOC] House on a tree

    Very good, I like that you've done an interior, I did actually think the house looked more like a shop front but houses are quite tricky to make and comes with experience. well done!