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    [Autumn Animals] Home in Goblin Woods

    Very nice tree, the colors are fantastic!
  2. Steve Gaels, adventurer during his free time and working in a Parisian museum, found a very old map on a market in London. When he found out that that map could help him discover the lost treasure of an ancient and extinct tribe, he took the first plane to North America. Hapapou is a Native American who crossed Steve's path after he lost a poker game - and almost his life - just before Steve saved him from outlaws. In exchange, Hapapou promised to help Steve to find the famous treasure. See more pictures in the album here : Steve Gaels and Hapapou's Adventures! Thanks for any suggestions or comments!
  3. Back to the Brick

    Review: 21310 Old Fishing Store

    Thanks for the review. I still think it's overrated. For that price I'd buy a modular with more rooms and playability.
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    Eurobricks as a LUG

    Hi, I've seen on this page that Eurobricks is a LUG : So, as a member of the forum I'm officially and automatically part of your LUG? I didn't find a topic about that in the forum and I would like to know what can I do being part of it? Can I have discounts, or maybe invitations to special events? Thanks for your answers.
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    Eurobricks as a LUG

    Hinckley, if you mean FreeLUG, yes I know them, well, their name. I also know that LUGs link, and based of your informations I think I will contact some of them and ask what they do together. Thanks!
  6. Back to the Brick

    Eurobricks as a LUG

    Thanks for your answer! I'm not looking for discounts especially, someone on Bricklink told me that's why he's in a LUG and then sold all the remaining pieces he doesn't need. I was wondering because he sells like 5,000 pieces of a reference sometimes. I'm looking more of a LEGO Club, where you can build and share your creations in a physical room with people of all ages. And I couldn't find that yet in France. That's why I'm looking for more information about what could I do in a LUG, plus make some "real" friends. Being already a member of Eurobricks, a forum I like very much, and recognized as a LUG member would be easier to just find another LUG in France and to be honest, most of them don't interest me. But I suppose my request doesn't exist yet, it's not really what I thought of LUG. LEGO should create, besides their stores, some official LEGO Club or LEGO School where you don't need to be focused on organizing your exhibits, but just building, sharing and learning what you could do with LEGO.
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    MOC: Random Rooms

    They look like small TV sets, and they're nicely done.
  8. Back to the Brick

    [MOC] New Century Corner

    Very pretty buildings, thanks for sharing.
  9. Back to the Brick

    REVIEW: 71012 LEGO Minifigures - Disney Series 1

    Thanks for the review! Always useful. I'm disappointed by Mickey and Minnie's faces. The painting is bad around the nose or eyes, they look like some bad Made in China products you could find for 50 cent at the market.
  10. Back to the Brick

    [REVIEW] 21305 - Maze

    Well thanks for the review but it's not my cup of tea, fun for 3 minutes and then... Also the wooden toys are nicer and more challenging. It's a nice way to say “You can do that with Lego” but I'm wondering how well it will sell.
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    Vote for your favourite Category Mega A entries

    4) Faun Entry (Build by BrickOn) - 1 point 22) Queen Entry (Build by brickie) - 1 point 26) Flying Warrior Entry (Build by SNOTenough) - 1 point
  12. Back to the Brick

    Vote for your favourite Category Mega B entries

    22) Series 13 - Alien Trooper Entry (Build by kritch) - 1 point 28) Series 13 - Classic King Entry (Build by durazno33) - 1 point 37) Series 12 - Prospector Entry (Build by LaceVegas) - 1 point Very interesting to see all your entries. Good work everyone!
  13. Back to the Brick

    Brothers Grimm

    It's a very nice and creative MOC! Keep up the good work. I'm writing that while watching the Grimm TV show and eating a bretzel and looking at your MOC.
  14. Back to the Brick

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VI - Voting

    4 5 6 12 48 But... all of them would have their place in a winter village. Congrats to all builders!
  15. Back to the Brick

    REVIEW: 71011 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 15

    Thanks for the review and photos. Someone should build the cinema seen in Back to the Future 2, and use that shark head.
  16. Back to the Brick

    MOC Hudson's Bay Christmas

    This needs more comments! It's a very nice build with lots of details. Very good work!
  17. Back to the Brick

    The new 2016 Police Car

    Very good work. They look like the ones in the official sets.
  18. Back to the Brick

    Mad Max ElvenHorse

    Ahah. Love it, very original and funny.
  19. Back to the Brick

    Review: 21303 - WALL-E

    For info, the price is 54,99€ in crappy France, not 49,99€. The set is nice though.
  20. Back to the Brick

    LEGO X-Files

    Nice promo!
  21. Back to the Brick

    MOC - The Floating Island of Todaidh Beag

    The roof and the trees are fantastic! Very nice work!
  22. Back to the Brick


    I'm not a big fan of Frozen, but she looks great. Well done!
  23. Back to the Brick

    MOC: The Brick and Stud Tavern

    Awesome MOC! Your photos are good enough in my opinion, you should maybe spend your money for LEGO instead of a new camera.
  24. Back to the Brick

    Chima early concept work

    Thanks for the link. Very interesting, especially those zombie animals!