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  1. Executor, Vader's Star Destroyer by Pellaeon My take on Vader's flagship from The Empire Strikes Back: the Super Star Destroyer Executor. Nineteen kilometers from stem to stern, Executor is over 11 times the length of a typical Imperial Star Destroyer. It's time for Eurobricks' third Executor MOC in as many weeks! Others have gone big or gone accurate, but I've opted to go midi! TLG's 10221 is lovely, but at $400 and 4 feet in length, it's a bit impractical... this 22-inch version has taken me weeks and countless revisions, I'm pretty happy with the result. All photos are links to larger images on flickr. I need to take more and better pictures when I get a chance... I forgot to take any pictures of the bottom of the ship. Anyway, I hope y'all enjoy these photos! Serious question for the micro-scale MOCers: So here's a problem: my 2-inch "to scale" Imperial Star Destroyer is actually waaaaay bulkier than it should be because of its snub nose--it would be almost 3 inches long if the bow continued to a sharp point. I made a smaller Star Destroyer using two 2x4 wedge plates, but I'm not happy with it... What are the alternatives? Is there a way to build a 2-inch Star Destroyer with something other than those blunt-nosed wedge plates? UPDATE 13 JULY: Here are some more photos, now featuring the smaller Star Destroyer discussed on the second page of this topic. Photos are links to flickr, as always. Enjoy!
  2. Here’s my midi-scale version of the Millennium Falcon from SOLO, based on the 7778 Midi-scale Millennium Falcon from 2009. It’s mostly true to the build and aesthetic of TLG’s original midi-scale Falcon, though I made a few special modifications myself. Full gallery on Flickr:
  3. This year? My ideal tree is small. Definitely small.
  4. Christo sold one last year with custom printing and custom molded headpiece. It’s no longer available, sadly. photo source
  5. Pellaeon

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Snowglobe I love the new Mr. Freeze armor. Thanks CopMike!
  6. Pellaeon

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    IMDB says Mayor Marion Grange, voiced by Mariah Carey.
  7. Pellaeon

    [MOC] Batmobile: The Animated Series

    Good to see another BTAS Batmobile, nice work! (My take on it, from several years ago, is linked below)
  8. It’s just under 8 inches, according to my tape measure.
  9. My ideal tree has studs-not-on-top! Why would a tree have studs anyway??
  10. Yep, rollermonkey has got the basic idea. Lego designer Jamie Berard made a presentation called Stressing the Elements (pdf) a few years back that explains some of the techniques that Lego considers "illegal", usually because they can damage the bricks.
  11. Pellaeon

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    I just picked one up at my local Target. They had about 30 of them on an endcap. Closeup photos! I don't think any of the other 3 figures are exclusive, which is a little strange. Maybe we'll see Superboy in another set next year? Or a Lego Store promo?
  12. Pellaeon

    Minifigure Gift Set 2014 at Target

    Superboy confirmed! My local Target (Sunnyvale, CA) had a Lego endcap with ~30 of them.
  13. All I want for Christmas is... more Lego Super Heroes! Why, what did you think I was going to say? :D See it bigger on flick. I apologize for reminding you of a terrible, terrible song.
  14. Pellaeon

    MOC: Micro-scale Batcave

    Holy micro-scale Batcave, Robin! Actually, it is not to scale with these microfigs at all, but I had to take a photo with them… More photos on Flickr, including lots of closeups! This was my entry for Nicks superhero base contest on flickr, though this MOC has been on my to-do list for a long time. The design is mostly based on Batman: The Animated Series, including the Batmobile and Batwing. The computer is inspired by TLG's Batcomputer, and the Batboat is lifted straight from the Lego Batman board game. I hope you enjoy! PS: Building rocks sucks. Building water sucks. :P
  15. Pellaeon

    [MOC] Midi-scale Super Star Destroyer Executor

    Wow ScottishDave, nice work! I hope your nephews enjoyed the instructions and completed model. Thanks for the continuing kind words, everyone!
  16. Great review, thanks WhiteFang! Way more back printing and double-sided heads than the past CMF series. Let's hope that continues.
  17. Pellaeon

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    Here's my entry, hanging from a real (fake) Christmas tree! Fitting a design inside these Lego "Holiday Bauble" ornaments is a fun challenge. I have more on flickr if you're interested: Enterprise, Galactica Viper, Batwing. Thanks CopMike and Eurobricks, and good luck to everyone!
  18. I want to buy: 75009 Snowspeeder & Planet Hoth 75010 B-wing Starfighter & Planet Endor 75011 Tantive IV & Planet Alderaan 50003 Batman board game … but I can't because they aren't sold in the US. Got them all, thanks to some folks on bricklink and the brickset forums. Thanks for reading!
  19. I asked Kevin Hinkle, Lego Community Coordinator, at Bricks by the Bay last weekend and he said their release is "being discussed" and not yet ruled out. No word about the Star Wars Planets Series 4, which also are out in Europe but not North America.
  20. Pellaeon

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    No mention of any female characters in the 2014 sets. I'm hoping we get Batgirl, and not another Harley variant… The Star Wars folks have pictures of the catalog prelims, where are the Superheroes?!
  21. Pellaeon

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    Has anyone seen the Planets Series 4 sets in the US? My local Lego store and TRU had all the summer Star Wars except the Planets. Given that Series 4 has been out overseas for 6 months, I'm a bit worried the US won't be getting them at all…
  22. Pellaeon

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    FBTB has a better image from somewhere: Riddler has a purple question mark on his hat and appears to be wearing some sort of racing jacket. :-/
  23. Pellaeon

    UCS Black Pearl

    Stunning work, I love it. Wish I had one, I'd put it in the living room!
  24. Pellaeon

    [MOC] Arkham Asylum Expansion [Modular-style Add-on]

    Awesome work, I love the details… especially's Harley's room.
  25. Pellaeon

    [MOC] Midi-scale Super Star Destroyer Executor

    Thank you! Everything is hung off that central Technic frame, so as long as you "swoosh" it by the stand it's very stable. I bet you could get your A-frame thinner but it might be too unstable. Of course I would like mine to be even thinner if it were possible! Your idea of simply hanging the bottom hull off the top hull would eliminate the need for both up and down facing hinge bricks, which in turn might eliminate the need for a brick-built A-frame at all... hmm. The thinner city is disappointing, I was looking at that last night. It might be possible to shorten a few of my "blocks" in order to preserve all the "streets". Bar-with-clip shoved into some technic piece.