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    Allanar Mine

    Beautiful build! The size is very deceptive, looks a lot smaller then it really is. Great use of colours and I love all the tunnels and interior. Very cool👍
  2. Derfel Cadarn

    [Freebuild - Mitgardia] Dilapidated Church

    Most excellent work! I love ruin Mocs and this certainly does the job!
  3. Forgotten how to build?‍♂️?

  4. Hello there! Ive been asked many a time to do a tutorial on landscaping. Well, Im going to go one better than that and do a guide for a whole village. I will build a village from scratch, showing you each step and how its all done. My aim is to provide help and tips on creating realistic landscaping, buildings and techniques which will allow you to build your perfect village. I will try and be as in-depth as I can, and look into the more extreme detail that no one else bothers about. Imagine a detailed landscape with lots of buildings similar to my Forge but better :) I plan to update the progress as regularly as I can, hopefully every other day! I am currently sorting out the first step, which I will post in the next few days. I hope this will be useful to anyone thinking of building something lke this. Thanks, step one is on its way! DC See the whole guide as it gets updated here
  5. Derfel Cadarn

    Druids Perch

    That's really cool and different! Not good in an earthquake but cool :) Must have been tricky trying to get it to stay in place. I would have been good if you had built another rock jutting out that the walkway/bridge connects too but that's a small niggle. Nice work :)
  6. Hi all I have not been very active here for a while but that does not mean I have not been building! Lego has now pretty much become my job after setting up my own business and getting myself involved in as many projects as possible. The castle theme is still a big part of that and I am currently working on a book which will be featuring tons of different mocs never seen before as well as every tip, technique and guides that I hope will help and inspire anyone who loves and builds in this theme. I have also started a new advanced guide in Bricks Magazine and over the next 12 issues I will be showing and revealing how to build all those crazy angles, roof techniques, realistic stone work and everything you need to know to build a scene that really looks alive alive. For an example of where I am, here is my latest creation and this is the sort of thing I will be explaining how to build in the magazine. Lots more info and pictures in the Magazine... For those interested here is the link for Bricks Magazine For all regular updates on everything I have coming out including my custom sets, please check my Facebook page https://www.facebook...23164767891806/ Many thanks DC
  7. Derfel Cadarn

    Wild Things & A New Medieval Building guide

    The book will be much more in-depth when it comes to guides, the magazine articles are more of a watered down version but still full of helpful info :) The book will be a physical release, not sure weather they will do an ebook version as well, thats for the publisher to decide. The release date was supposed to be later this year but is now looking more like an early 2017 release.
  8. Derfel Cadarn

    Skyrim: Regaining The Pale

    Hey there, Ive been messing about with a few Skyrim mocs recently, this is the first, set in the Pale region. Hostile Stormcloaks and an Ice Mage try to stop the brave Dovahkiin as he battles to the top to get his hands on a chest containing some useful Ebony Armor, but after the 1000th time of finding tomatos and carrots, he refuses to check any more barrels! Larger pics availible over at Flickr: Thanks for viewing DC
  9. Derfel Cadarn

    Nancy's Tavern

    92a Derfel Productions Ltd - is proud to present 'Nancy's Tavern' "Come take a drink and drown your sorrows and all of our fears will be gone till tomorrow. Have no regrets and live for the day at Nancy's harbour cafe" This was originally my entry for PTV2, but I abandoned it half way through for something smaller, simpler and less hassle (mainly due to the fact I wouldnt get enough time). But i had a some free time in the last week, so decided to finish it off to see what i could have done for the contest if i had put some extra time and effort in. The tavern has full interior and can be lifted of to reveal the basement/celler. Enjoy This is NOT my contest entry, just a bit of fun.
  10. Derfel Cadarn

    All Hallows Keep

    Still running from the attack on his village and the evil army that is laying waste to the land, young Gawaine continues his journey into the most mysterious depths of the Dark Isle. He now finds himself at the foot of a mysterious castle manor inhabited by goblins and a wizard who seems to rule over them. Could they be allies or an enemy? This whole particular sub chapter of the Dark Isle Saga was mainly created as an excuse for me to dabble in a few more fantasy styled builds and go a bit more over the top. So just a bit of fun really :) Not really sure if I'm even posting this in the right forum anymore as I have been very out of touch with GOH for a while but seeing as the mocs from this series are all based in Avalonia I figured its the best place. I will hopefully have a lot more pics available on flickr over the next few days with more close ups of the details.
  11. Sarlina is very much alive and tends to set free an evil Druid who she believes may help her cause! I will add story text at a later date. Enjoy.
  12. Hey guys, its been a while but I'm building again. First freebuild is an old moc from last year: More pictures on my Flickr Not sure how I claim points for this stuff as Its been a while since I was on here but its all for Avalonia!
  13. Drudwyn takes Sarlina to his cottage to gather supplies and reveal his agenda. I apologize for the barrage of mocs but I had a few to post and there's more to come. Enjoy
  14. Derfel Cadarn

    Freebuild – The Old Watermill

    Glad to hear you appreciate it. It's always nice to get praise but it sometimes comes to the point where people feel afraid to point out where improvements can me made and as Lego builders we need to know our weak points so we can learn and become better. I'm just the same, I constantly want to improve and welcome any critique that people have that I could improve on. Keep up the good work, I'm sure your next moc will have improved even more.
  15. Derfel Cadarn

    Gloomy Gulch

    Hey Guys This is an old moc from way back in January that I never got round to posting here. It was a commissioned build of a haunted cottage that originally started off as a CCC entry. I wanted to give the cottage some real character and modelled it in the shape of a ghoul with out stretched arms glaring down. I have been absent all year due to moving house and other family reasons but plan to hit back in a big way soon!
  16. Derfel Cadarn

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hey Guys I must apologize for my inactivity, I have had a long drawn out house moving saga topped off by two close family deaths, so things have been difficult. I have pretty much finished my new Lego room so hope to be back building again soon. Good to see a great selection of awesome mocs being still being pumped out by you guys!
  17. Ready to start fresh and focus on building again.

  18. Derfel Cadarn

    The Jester's Prestige

    CCCXI Court Entertainer For many years now, the two Jesters have competed against one another. Each trying to get one up on his rival for the entertainment of the crowd. On this day however, tensions reached boiling point and a dispute turned to a battle of the sword. Little did they realise and to the watching crowd's delight, this would turn out to be their finest act! Another entry out the way :)
  19. Hi guys This is my entry for the Chil'd Life catagory of CCCXI As a Page Boy, young Arthur toils night and day at his duties which include helping Kay to win a joust tournament. This particular scene in the movie is very basic, not much to see apart from the young Arthur winding the training horse as Kay jousts against it. So I choose to keep it that way and kept all the scenery basic without adding to much lying around. The main emphasis of the scene is the joust and Merlin up in the tower watching.
  20. Derfel Cadarn

    The Sword In The Stone: Kay's Squire

    Thanks guys! All the current techniques I have been using this last year will all feature in part 2 of my Medieval builders guild early next year :)
  21. Derfel Cadarn

    Ps4 or XBox One?

    Xbox One all the way, got mine pre-ordered with Ghosts and Black Flag. Never liked Playstation, just don't get on with the controller lol. I had the 360 last generation and really enjoyed it. Plus I have been waiting 15 years for the mighty Killer Instinct to be rebooted, so I'm gonna be all over that!!! I do however love my retro gaming! Growing up with the Snes and N64, I love the old Nintendo games and do own a Wii U which I use for playing the old stuff as well as anything good that comes out for it. Huge fan of classic Rareware games!
  22. Derfel Cadarn

    HMS Audacity

    Great ship EK, the sails and rigging in particular are nicely done! I'm glad you had the 'audacity' to post it here :)
  23. Your churning out some great designs with these. I have enjoyed seeing each one you transform into Lego! Keep it up
  24. Derfel Cadarn

    Road into darkness

    Great little build, the sandy landscape looks great as does the camel carrying the belongings.