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Well, I live in England just outside of London, although im surrounded by countryside! I work in London as a events organiser for the rich and famous, which can be very hard work! Ive always been very keen on myths and Legends and history, expecially in Britain. I get a lot of inspiration from this when it comes to building mocs. I love to go fishing and im lucky enough to have a lake 5 minutes walk from my house in a lovely spot surrounded by medieval ruins and Spitfires that regularly fly over from Biggin Hill which is next to where I live. I have had Lego ever since I was 5 when my older brother passed down his colection(I was lucky enough to be given the whole classic space and town themes). Then I would allways get Lego for birthdays and Christmas every year and Pirates and Castle were always my sets of choice. I never really had a dark ages as I was always buying the odd set, but I never started mocing till 2009 when I discovered the whole online world of AFOL building. Since then I havn't looked back and build as much as I can. I always had a clear vision of how I wanted my mocs to look and im slowly achieving that with every model. I really like to try and make realistic scenes that really bring out the medieval and pirate feel that legends and history envoke. My other great love is music, heavy metal in particular, and ive been listening to it ever since my brother gave me a metallica album at the age of 6. I play electric guitar and have a Gibson Explorer for rhythem playing and a Jackson Demmelition V for Lead playing. My biggest influences are Metallica, Megadeth, Faith No More and the mighty Led Zeppelin.

Well, there you have it, thats a small insight into my world, even though I doubt anyone will read this!