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  1. Ready to start fresh and focus on building again.

  2. Feels like putting some effort in, no more cutting corners and being lazy!

    1. soccerkid6


      Does that mean interiors now?! ;) I do think it would be cool if you did a few more of those, your Avalonian throne room was amazing :)

  3. Blah blah blah....bugger. Ok, so how'd ya like me status now!

  4. Custom, crazy darkness!

  5. Lego pays the bills, happy days!

    1. Legonardo


      I'm curious...

  6. Ready to launch Nu Breed!

  7. Keeping low.....but ready to strike!

  8. Busy building for the Lego show! Rushed last minute builds are always fun!

  9. Yeah the name works kinda well lol

  10. Never underestimate the power of a good status!

  11. I'm envious of your great varied moc collection. I need to branch out into the unknown and try building......... a Hoover. Ha, no-ones ever tried that!

  12. 30 pages? Where did I get 4 from then? lol

    How's Uni?

  13. Im very appreciative of all that you have done mr clone..... Although if you could send me over a crate of you're finest beers, and by sent I mean flown over expecially and delivered to my door in a limo. Oh, and that has to be a weekly delivery I might add! lol

  14. Life and work does get in the way, but you have to work to buy the bricks!

    Soldiers vs Pirates would be great!

  15. Hey mate, how do I link both threads or what ever it is? I never know how to do these things!


  16. Just dropping by to say it was nice to meet you at STEAM, i have always been a admirer of your great builds. Look forward to seeing future projects of yours and meeting up at the next show.


  17. It is a nice area, I do get a lot of inspiration from my village. We have an old tower in the woods, an iron age hill fort and 2 ruins of water mills. Although I found out there were 3 mills, so I went looking for the 3rd and found it in a great hidden spot with a lake and this one still had it's water wheel. I do have some pics, I will post some on flickr.

  18. Greetings mate, thanks for the nice sheild icon! As you know, Im starting a medieval tutorial but as people have pointed out, its better if I have 2 threads, 1 for the guide itself and one for comments and questions. So when I start it tomorro I will post in a new thread just for the guide. The current thread needs to be changed(topic description)so people know its just for comments

  19. Hey mate, wonder if you can help me. You know that part that you use on the top of the masts, it's octaganal but has handles all the way round and you use it to tie rigging to. Do you know what they are called on Bricklink? I've searched but can't seem to find them.

  20. Hey mate, regarding the 2012 EB event, ive inquired at work about the time off for those dates, however they are still not sure as that period is a busy time. So i dont want to say anything concrete yet because im not sure, a similar thing happened this year with the windsor event. Looks doubtful at the moment as my work superiors can be difficult, but i shall try!

  21. That would be cool( i play a black V myself) but I would have to earn it of course :) thanks for the info on events and sub forum! It's really nice in UK at the moment and I've been doing a lot of outdoor activities, which is why I havnt built anything. Now I'm at that stage of knowing what I want to build but can't get round to committing to it. The weathers too nice!

  22. How come every other country has big Lego conventions and England get none? Ok yeah we get steam, and I will be there this year, but only a few EB members go. Spose I could walk to Oz or run to the USA, but I'm too lazy. So what you working on these days? Oh and I really think you should have a tag of the new Lego minifig V guitar from series 4, I would build a whole gig just to earn it...

  23. Hey mate, I'm planning on going to steam this year and was thinking of displaying some mocs. How does it work there and what do you need to go about this? I was gutted about Windsor, work said I would be clear for Friday off, but when it came to it they refused as they were too busy and needed the staff!!! It Looked good