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  1. captaincreek

    Aayla VS. Aayla

    Probably TLG's, arealight's face doesn't look very acurate, and a little big out of proportion.
  2. Thanks for the preview :)
  3. captaincreek

    REVIEW: Portal of Atlantis 8078

    Great review, but might I say that it's a curiass (the Armour) not a pauldron anyway nice review.
  4. Go to their site and go on missing pieces and order the correct pieces for the minifig lost, they'll usually let you keep the fig that came with it for their mix up.
  5. captaincreek

    ValVe decals

    Great decals, nice job on them. I particularly like the spy ones.
  6. Thanks for this. Looks great, I think I'll check this out now.
  7. captaincreek

    Monstosaurus Rex Rampage

    I love this, nice job.
  8. captaincreek

    Review 8191 Lavatraz

    This was a very nice review which I thoroughly enjoyed. I love the vending machine .
  9. captaincreek


    I saw this on your flickr page aswell, I also added it to my favourites, seeing how awesome it is.
  10. captaincreek

    Neyo's minifigure customs

    Great job Neyo, these are great customs!
  11. captaincreek

    Delta Squad

    Nice work, the finished product turned out well I see. Mraz: Nice dooku saber. ;p
  12. captaincreek

    Star Wars Bounty Hunter Bossk

    This is totally sweet, I would of never thought anyone would've done something like this.
  13. captaincreek

    MinifigCustomsIn3d - 14th Mold

    All the new accessories are great, I love the sci-Fi helmet! Great work.
  14. captaincreek


    Very nice decals, these would be useful if someone was creating a custom product.