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  1. Hey guys I do not know if it is only me but all notifications from Eurobricks about new comments to a topic I am following or new personal messages have stopped suddenly - what is wrong? I double checked if for some reason my settings are reset or if I do not make Eurobricks signed accidentally as a spam in my email but nothing like that. Any thought/help would be great... P.S.: I also noticed it does not appear as notification here at the top of the EB site as well so I guess it is something with the EB site itself, right?
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    Can I delete my account?

    I surely will, but how is it your cannot understand I DO NOT WANT MY NICKNAME PARTICIPATING IN HERE? even if I got banned my nick will be here - there is no other bublible anywhere, so it is me - I am 100% sure if I would be that rigorous and actualy contact my lawyer it would be considered as "ulawful" (but i won't - lost of time). It is not about me forgetting this placee exist - absolutely no problem, actually that is what will happened - it is that when you go to web search my nickname will be shown participating in here which is exactly the thing I do not want, i do not agree with it. I already did that, problem is I cannot change my nicname so it would not appearing in conneciton with EB anymore! That is my concern, nothing else.
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    Can I delete my account?

    What is wise about not commenting except showing his fear of expressing one's real thoughts as soon as they deal with moderators? Guys, sometime I really wonder how can you actually live with yourselves...nevermind.
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    Can I delete my account?

    That is actually extremely lame, ridiculous and unbelievable: I do not want participate in here anymore (at least until ONE pseudo-moderator - Superkalle - is removed from moderating this forum...and as I know this will never happen I am leaving myself alone, i do not need this, why should I? Just one of trillions webforums around the web) but my profile can be still found in here? I do not want to have anything with this forum and would be really glad if some NORMAL moderator would reply or at least some administrator of this forum remove me from here!
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    Can I delete my account?

    How can one delete his account on this forum?
  6. Now I am not sure if I can even say - if I am even allowed to - post my opinion (actually a fact), Suprkalle, without "fear" of receiving another message from you, but I will try: how you can say all entries are OK when at least 2 are not (@gercrow -> only 2 models/sets, more than 5 allowed "new brick/color combos", @BrickMark-I -> more than 5000 pcs allowed, using Photoshoped backdrop)??? I really lost in all of this by now, rules are there to be followed, they are not followed by some (gee, why we are not allowed to say it / point to it when it is quite visible thinking moderators also must see it for sure only to understand that moderator(s) actually saying it is OK? How can someone like you be moderator after all? This is really too much - it is quite pity that other users just "shut up" do not demanding the same right for all and it seems like I am the only one who is actually punished for speaking out - why? I think there is a topic where one can report moderators that seems to be abusing their privilegues (why i do not feel the same about @legoljintje? his reactions are so different from yours, yours are inconsistent, many times dealing the same thing quite differently according to specific user you are dealing with...it'd be nice if more users have actually "guts" and also speak out cos I know some think the ssame about you and it is they are just quite fearing possible consequences - I am not and I told you many times over PM! If it will lead to me ban from the forum I can take it but i surely can not take your absurd maneurism anymore, sorry (and i really thought it is just some misunderstanding between us, but clearly it is not). This being said I most probably quit being user of this forum because it is functioning childish way, not adult at all...bye! P.S.: you most probably delete this post - as you use to if the message being presented is not what you like, but at least it will be here for a few seconds, maybe others would see it and thosse I know think the same as me will actually speak out against you finally!
  7. OK, thanx for your clarification - now is all clear...
  8. Ah, that is pity - it would definitely add your nice theme final real LEGO bricks like touch, you know...
  9. Thank you for your answer - I appreciate it but you/we are actually not allowed to interpret the rules (as I was told, not even if you know the right answer!), so I really have to wait for moderators answer...so still waiting. Hey, but we have that - I made it possible with my MOD (ehm, are you aware of the MOD, arren't you? ) http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=114649&hl=sunflow
  10. Ehm: do you know there are actually 2 separate parameters for background and baseplane, right? In case you did not know: you have to set the same color to both, BUT as the background is using Constant Shader you would need to set constant shader also for the baseplane cos else shading of the baseplane would not make seamless transition into the background (actually sky) tho in that case you will loose all shadows on the baseplane (simply because of the Constant Shader = just a color without any shading whatsoever) - hope it'd help you a bit.
  11. Fine, so I am asking: do I understand it right that I can have logo on my participating render entries in form of another picture/font (that is how I understood what you wrote for CM4Sci)? can I make some machines in my renders that actually fly in the air/space or do I need to have them "sitting" on some kind of stand/support simulating them being in the air (I would rather go without those stands/supports)?
  12. Super then. As for the "hanging" brick: I guess we should really let mods decide and wait for their conclusion and stop any further discussion about this matter at least until then (although if you ask me in your particular case it is absolutely fine, I would say - one small brick that actually do work in RL).
  13. @anothergol Your entry now looks great! I like it, it is original your own idea - am I right? If so, perfect job!
  14. Haha, OK, we may have a deal then! BTW just a side note: when you talk about BR: my own internal MOD version grown up considerably - quantum of new features and improvements actually - from the last time I updated it officially here on EB cos I think I already drifted too far from official BR now so I will most probably not updating it nevermore, as I am working on something new (kind-of Mecabricks approach in JAVA app format) so when I have it working and going I will most probably post it here on EB for everyone for free...
  15. But he did exactly that "add extra visual elements like a background with distinct parts or similar into it." and that is the reason why I am objecting it although it has nothing to do with this theme which looks fantastic + I guess adding some tiny arrows showing what the model can do is quite different thing compared to poster like presentation (as @nine09nueve pointed out before), right? Except that where/why did you left out the 2nd part to it which is even more important in this particular case: "Don't create box-art or similar to present the theme - just the models themselves"?
  16. Exactly as I meant it, thanx. Gee, only if I would have this kind of knowledge of english language I guess there would be much less misunderstanding of my "thoughts"...wouldn't you mind being my official english-speaking speaker?
  17. No, no, it is not about that: model hanging in the air is what? Bubbles? Those are too bricks in the air, and as it should be real models, you have to use some kind of stand, or at least that is how I did understand that rule and perpetual pointing out the fact of "real bricks builds".
  18. Basically we discussed it amongst us ourselves coming to some kind of "internal conclusion" what is OK and what is not but I guess it'd be really good and helpful if you - as moderator - would just additionally clarify if what we think is right is realy right (gee, I know I sound complicated once again but I do not know how to say it "easy way" - fingers crossed you do understand what I am saying here ). Simply answer these question for us, please - YES or NOT: - does CM4Sci, bbqqq and anothergol broke some of contest rules? Our conclusion: YES, IT IS QUITE CLEARLY A BREAK OF RULE(S), spcificaly these ones: - does using "flying object in the air just like that" (that is: without any support/stand) breaks rules? There are different opinions, some "pro" some "con" - I personally think it is break of rule, as we discussed earlier together - you and me, if you remember - where you were putting a lot of weight to the fact that it should really be taken as real brick models, so by that statement there is no option how to have "flying objects" (= bricks hanging in the air "just like that") except using stand/support or photoshoping (which is not allowed), this is the specific rule: When it comes to that specific entry it was already discussed by MODs and they basically said that if he do not change it he will be disqualified and he simply replayed he does not care and that it can be deleted, I guess. I am affraid that not only this one "poster", but actually all of your lately updated entries are breaking that specific rule...but hey, let's wait and see what MODs will say (tho I have actually no doubt about it if you'd ask me, sorry).
  19. Yes, it is absolutely OK as mods already said that before, tho you have to really wait for MODs reaction anyway (as I was told it sometimes seem as I am moderating it here myself which I am not, of course ).
  20. Well, I am really not MOD, so only they can tell for sure, but I think yes it breaks that specific rule + also @bbqqq's one entry too (the first one having that special "font logo" Thomb Rider). I understood it like that when the words are just some kind of normal informative-like ones and not eye catching "advertising campaign" (I've used your phrase, @nine09nueve ) then it is OK...
  21. Sorry, my english is not that great, so please can you explain me what do you mean (could you say it in some other way so that I would get it )? No, you are wrong. If you read this topic thru (OK, I know it is a lot of reading) you would sse this specific part was already discussed and allowed as it is just "functional description", that is explaining in small pictures inside the main one what it can do - it is not any kind of promotion like a poster or box cover.
  22. Oh, now I look all participants and I found 2 other rule breaking stuff, like: @CM4Sci This is from CONTEST RULES, read: Your addition is really a great one, no doubt about it at all from my side, BUT are you sure it is allowed to present the entry the way you updated it so that now it looks like kind of box cover or poster? Wasn't it prohibited in rules??? Now I would be really interesting what mods would say about that cos it completely change the game here: as you look at all the other participants, we only posted our models as they are as it was in the rules i guess, but you come up with the thing that is going really against it (+ please, do not take it as personal attack cos it is not, I really like your models, but there should be the same rule for all cos else the other ones are discriminated) @BrickMark-I This is from CONTEST RULES, read: I am afraid that your entry will be disqualified by mods just because of the fact your models using far more bricks than those 5000 allowed - you should rearrange it in some way so it'd be accepted.
  23. It is not problem of redoing, it is rather matter of principle for me: so is it allowed or not allowed? Besides: so I will redoing it like working on it for several hours just to find out I was right after all that it is not allowed? That is the reason I would like to hear it from the mods how it actually is, if you understand my point. BTW what if it is you who will have to redoing his entries?