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    [MOC] We come in peace ..... Arrrrrrr !

    Very good - I always adore ppl that are able make this small "picture frames", you know: like some still from a film or something cos me myself was never trying anything of this kind (my interest is elsewhere as for the LEGO) so I find it really enjoyable looking at these sculptures (it just can't be overdimensioned as it quite often becomes kind of norm or something which I find a bit ugly sometimes), bravo (+ what I also appreciate is that castle-space hybrid feeling to it )!
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    [MOC] Explorerbots

    I really like it more and more: it is not big - rather compact, it has its own "feeling/flow" to it...actually this could be some small but nice LEGO line (I mean I can clearly imagine this)
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    [MOC] MkII Tomahawk racing Skiff....

    nice design - I like it (+ I see you were probably inspired by one of the latest Batmobile designs)
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    [MOC] #691512 Space Hydroasis Delta

    Thank you very much...actually I am just finishing my first LDD screen-captured set modularity video I am gonna posting it to YouTube today and then place it here as well so anyone can see it in "action" (lhough still just in virtual reality, of course) - hope you all will like it.
  5. I am quite familiar with this "stop bending" bug so I can tell you what ALWAYS WORK FOR ME (but I somehow assume that it is not your case cos otherwise you would probably notice it yourself, anyway): all I have to do when this happen is JUST SAVE AND REOPEN YOUR MODEL - after that all works as it should (and once again: if it happens over time, jut redo the same process again).
  6. SUGGESTION: BluePrint -> Page layout -> RMB -> Add Text sometimes it would be very useful having ability to add some additional text like when you need to say some part that consist of let's say 30+ bricks needs to be done 3X more, so you do not need to make it 4x in "Step design" part of the SW GUI (yes, you can do it fine just without that additional text BUT than builder would not know it needs to be done 4x) BluePrint -> Page layout -> RMB -> Edit Selected Text sometimes it would be very useful having ability to edit selected text BluePrint -> Page layout -> RMB -> Delete Selected Text sometimes there are generated texts that do not need to be there at all (like for example now I am working on a model that has generated some text that should not be there but I am not able delete it so it will be exported with it) BluePrint -> Page layout -> RMB -> Scale Selected Object sometimes it is highly needed pure simple scaling down of some generated pictures in Page layout cos they are too big and they simply do not fit into page setup we are using (even more if there are some additional call-outs of submodels on that page then the space may become extremely cluttered) - widen the page would not be the best option as it would make other subpages that are designed/placed OK look more or less empty (having a lot of empty space on a page) BluePrint -> Step design -> RMB (on actual step picture) -> Set submodel bg color it would be nice having this option: color that would be set for a submodel would be applied to all submodels in given hierarchy, that is, for example: if we are setting bg color for a submodel of 3rd order then all 3rd order submodels nevermind in what model's "group" would have this color PROBLEM: when I hit EXPORt (pdf) there is additional last page added with intended summary of all bricks used in a model: very good idea BUT it happens that only the 1st page of that list is generated, and all the other bricks that did not fit into that one single page are just smashed right after the right page side/margin (if one widens page width temporarily they can be seen there) in one huge mess one over another. Now I know you said it is just the first initial version of this list, I just giving it to your attention for possible next release bug fixes...maybe?
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    Slig Soldier

    yea, actually I like lime green - I wish I could use some logical usage in mz MOCs too
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    Very interesting build!
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    Slig Soldier

    Actually it reminds me of Alien...you know Anyway interesting "economical" build indeed!
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    [MOC] #691512 Space Hydroasis Delta

    But then let me kindly ask my question: how can one add his newly created LEGO Ideas project page for/to already existing EuroBricks posted MOC so the others would know (it is still allowed, right?) and yet it would not be taken as self-promoting bump? Or it is just allowed adding that link without letting others know although the fact is that respective initial MOC post was originally posted here like 1 year ago so without "bump" no one will notice...? Is this taken as that unapropriate part? What reasonable options (that is: others would notice there was some kind of update) one have in such case here on EB to add LEGO Ideas link? Just really wondering cos it is a mess for me then (even more when the same was done before exactly the same way and no one said absolutely anything wrong about it and moderator(s) must seen those too I guess - in such case: how can one derivate any logical conclusion from such thing - once it is OK, next time it is not etc.?)... Anyway: it is not that extremely important for me as to argue with you about it: if it is such a bad thing for you, please, just delete it and case closed. Actually I did it myself few seconds ago (I mean that "bump" - update info post - that angered you so much...I only added the link in the initial post).
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    [MOC] #691512 Space Hydroasis Delta

    Ah, Bob, c'mon now: I thought it is clear that the added part (with the smylie) is meant as a joke - as I did exactly the same like 4x before around here (everytime my MOC was approved) and there was no complaint whatsoever I was sure everybody is taking it humorously...nevermind, I changed it to a normal text if that was the problem + stripped the "fun part".
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    [MOC] #691512 Space Hydroasis Delta

    Sorry, if I did something wrong - all I wanted to do is, as I always do, let others know there is something new about this, it was not meant as LEGO Ideas promoting (if you meant that) For example: If you look above you will find yesterday I updated it with completely new bunch of renders as I redesigned it a lot...and today LEGO Ideas approved this as my new set therefor I wanted to let others knoww this important change that was not stated before (it was empty field as I did not intended using this MOC as LEGO Ideas set first when it was published here) I think posting it as new topic just because it is highly redesigned (changed in design and functionalities) would be unnecessary, right? Oh, maybe you meant wording of the update info? OK, I just changed it to normal text instead (hoping that was it)...
  13. SUGGESTION: As I am playing with it last 2 days (working on one bigger project) I noticed that it would be nice if we could simply FOLD SPECIFIC SUBMODEL: quite often I need to check steps I made in some of my previous steps (as model I am working on consist of two basically same parts with some differences but I want logical building steps for the same section would look exactly the same...see, I cannot simply copying them as they are mirrored so I basically need to do it from scratch so I need paragon = steps I made previously earlier in the process) that are way too far away (gotta scrolling like mad) so I guess it would ease things a lot if we could simply fold all sections we do not need to see right now and let opened only those we need (you know: in such case only the upper-most submodel picture would be visible of those folded ones), something like this maybe?
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    [LDD] Ice Piercer LD-118 (Ice Planet)

    Understood - no problem. In case you would be interested here are the links: BlueRender My SunFlow MOD for it
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    [LDD] Ice Piercer LD-118 (Ice Planet)

    You should use some rendering software so it looks realistic - I am suggesting using BlueRender with my MODs (search for it around here)
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    [MOC] #691512 Space Hydroasis Delta

    UPDATE: highly re-designed: added lots of additional modularities all images newly re-rendered (different angles, better quality) 5 completely new images 2 "multidimensional" images describing in detail model's functionalities
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    LL-924 and Variants

    Haha, ambulance & Shell are my favorites - great MODs!
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    [MOC] Explorerbots

    Nice colors and design is too quite good
  19. Better...more realistic tho I do not like that default skylight blueish shadow which is wrong, of course (I have never seen in my life blueish shadows of opaque things from sun light, did you?) + also you should use "aa 1 2" for your final render - it will look much more smooth, not that grainy as yours look now...try it too!
  20. PROBLEMS: unable delete steps that are generated automatically upon LXF import: if I add my own those can be deleted but we have to be able edit the default ones too as, for example, I am using GROUPS differently from Blueprint intended usage (I am using GROUPS for grouping parts of a model into logical blocks that can be manipulated later on as a whole object instead of making some steps for building instructions) UPDATE: i just noticed that if I add my own submodel and move there any brick from some other submodel that DELETE option becomes grayed for my added submodel too so there is something strange going on here + I had no such behavior like an hour before when I was playing with it a lot, it looked overall very good to me BUT then suddenly it stops working properly and is not working still (tho I did all the cleaning stuff) SOLVED: gee, my fault once again - I simply did not realize that the submodel that is being deleted NEED TO BE COMPLETELY EMPTY FIRST (I just thought it would move all its content to the next submodel automatically which was wrong, of course) sometimes moving submodels of other than latest one in hierarchy do not work (like the 2nd and 3rd subs from main model) As I first thought that something could happen with the BP itself, I deleted it and clean all my OS cache files, but those problems are still being there...and there is no error in CMD window.
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    [MOC] Droneuary - Drone's Life

    Haha, quite funny indeed...the last one of those pictures is really epic!
  22. Well, that's definitely much better BUT did you also noticed/checked out there is MOD for BlueRender (made by me ) making it look even more realistic (brick seams, logo-on-studs, better glass etc.)? if not, you can take a look HERE.
  23. Yes, definitely - check it out yourself HERE.