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    Did anybody else make this little guy as a kid?

    I just wonder what designID (brick number) they actually are?
  2. What??? None of the displayed MOCs were ever displayed anywhere else besides the contest (basically I finished them during yesterday just for this cause, for the contest) - I understood the rules like that one cannot post MOCs that were already posted somewhere, not that the subtheme itself needs to be some completely new from the scratch but rather new in terms of "not of any already known/present TLG subthemes"...can @legolijntje or @Superkalle clarify this? Also, can you admin guys confirm that I am being disqualified because of that? P.S.: limit is 10 if I read it right...at least 3, max. 10, with max resolution of 1024x768 - I've posted 9
  3. ___

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Thanx for the set number. Actually - besides our beloved CS logo(s) & stuff: I, for some unspecified reason, really do more and more like those Friends pastel colors (Medium azure, Pink, Violet and trans-light blue combo)...I have like urge finding some usage for them in SPACE pseudo-subtheme, gee!
  4. Understood...meanwhile I am finishing my last 9th addition (with only like 130 pcs that left from 5000 pcs overall limit )
  5. OK, no problem...actually it is good (for me) cos it gives me some extra time to "polish" my 9 MOC additions for my Techtroners Space subtheme entry.
  6. People, c'mon: how's that after a day I am still the only participant?
  7. ___

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Can you name exact set number, please?
  8. That is because in previous version that 2x2 turntable was "one piece" but now it is as it should be, that is two separate pieces so I think (ehm, I actually did not test it, it's just an assumption) one have to re-edit his model adding the missing part to the turntable (if the problem is missing part)...
  9. In case you're still looking for it its decorationID is 610390
  10. ...and I fully agree on this with Bob, Nicola: it'd be nice if you at least allow users decide for themselves if they find it any useful or not, you know, not making it some "hardwired" kind of default not changeable option (like we have now) - maybe you could add something like GUI settings in option inside BluePrint's menu.
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    [MOC] Classic Space Power Suit

    Very good, almost micro suit...I was trying to accomplish this kind of thing (= as little bricks as possible) before myself but results were terrible (see I am not good in mecha's at all ) but your approach is really nice - good job!
  12. Nicola, I have updated LDD yesterday and from what I saw in db folder that "mechanism" of geometries and stuff is still the same - they basically only added new bricks (geometries) and 1 new material (336), but I can be wrong, of course. As for the semitrans suggestion: just make it semitrans with somewhat diffuse/constant material mixture = no shading and then unless a person is semiblind or posses at least IQ50 ( ) one should be able understand what is what I guess. And as for the "parametrizable" pink: you definitely should...
  13. BTW I have just find out (do not ask me how ) that we can probably expect brick 30363 to be decorable in some of next LDD updates/releases too cos there is internal decoration (609090 = CS Golden Moon...probably for Benny's spaceship) already assigned to this brick although it has not its 3D binaries ready yet...interesting (I would hope for 3297 & 3298 as well - that'd be great if they finally make those OLD STYLE CS bricks decorable too)...
  14. PERFECT FIND - another previous "hack" that can be abandon now...
  15. What? Where? How? EDIT: Eh, I did not noticed that sarcasm part at first...
  16. But on the other hand I just found out - having update done - that now at least 3010 is decorable internally so no need for special BR MOD solution for this particular brick anymore, super...
  17. Thanx for info...
  18. ehm, guys, before I get to update I would like to ask you who already got it: does LDD finally supports decoration for brick 3298 (2x3 slope) internally or still not?
  19. ___

    [MOC]Space derbis harvesting ship

    What I like in these the most is, maybe paradoxically, is how beautiful it works when close ups are made with DOF in place - it gives such render completely new dimension, somewhat really realistic approach...nice job indeed (but gee I would add it a lot more, but you know, it's just my own "skewed" taste or something )!
  20. Click images for FullHD resolution... Buildable version for real LEGO bricks (see Rebrickable link below): Find out story plot behind this model and even more on set's official webpage: http://lego.queryen....681522.php?j=en You can see it also at MOC Pages here: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/420960 Rebrickable - official building instruction: http://rebrickable.c...ildable-version LEGO Ideas direct link for those interested: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/130732
  21. ___

    What did you guys think of the Mars Mission series?

    Well, I OWN COMPLETELY ALL of Mars MIsion and all I can say is: absolutely awesome - I love them!
  22. ___

    [MOC] #691522 Geckoentaur Traxformer

    Thank you were much for your really kind words, my friend! BTW how we stand with our "grabler" project - did you already have all needed bricks for real LEGO bricks model testing?
  23. DONE - now as I have managed to customize my LDD color palette (tho I'm admitting that it is not possible "normal" way - just letting know to those who would be wanting to make something like this, and as it is taken as kind of hack I cannot talk about it further here but what can I say is that now I have names inside my LDD color palette exactly as i wanted= according to BrickLink color names and only those I really need/use so I can chose them easily without thinking too much about what LDD name/color is which one on Bricklink store(s)...yayks! )...thank you @Umbra-Manis & mainly @Scrubs for your PDF file, it was very very hepful to my work!!! ...I plan to update my bublible_materials.sc later so their metallic colors would be more accurate in terms of real LEGO bricks colors (for example my Copper looks pretty nice BUT it has almost nothing to do with real ricks Copper color - to my surprise (it is basically kind of brown color, ah), but it is not priority for me right now, just saying for those who might be interested (if they using BR with my MOD).