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  1. No problem... Well, from what I see it looks OK - can you send me both your .lxf/.sc files (zip/rar) so I can test it here?
  2. And in addition to that there are also - in some extremely rare cases - brick & colors combos that were produced in extremely small numbers (sometimes less than 10 pcs!!!) and are not available on BrickLink or anywhere else, and are not listed not even as unknown, so it is a question now: can we use such bricks that there is no mention about them anywhere but were demonstrably produced (with their pictures and "story" behind their existence - if needed - tho be it only for some of TLG presentations, therefor just a few people, basically 2 or 3 maximally might posses them actually...for example trans-dark blue part 4737, normally only in light gray, blue and black)?
  3. Hey, I am not "over-analyzing" anything : just saying that I guess it would be fine leave at last one sentence in question so it is clear as what I was reffering to, that's all I was saying (actually I am all for stripping long unnecessary stuff from posts). Yes, this is real answer. I am not talking about rules being not clear, I was rather saying that a theme - at least for me and as I look into past also for many TLG themes - should have more to it than just "some new brick color combination + not being anything that already was/is there"...like having some stuff that is present across all theme's models (for example: interchagable things between respective models, specific parts that needs to be present in every model of that theme etc. - simply some "recognition signs" of respective theme, not just color).
  4. That was not the answer to my question "what if" but OK, whatever (I see you are not willing answer that question for some reason - there could be simple "yes" or "no"...or does it mean you consider not worth it to answer hypothetical questions? Nevermind...) + now as you've removed complete quoted text and as my question is not right under the questioned/quoted text how can one know what am I refering to in case one is curious about the source of the question (from time to time I have feeling EB stuff is "overdoing" themselves)? You could leave there at least the questioned part so it would be clear to anybody what is it all about without need to scroll to some previous pages of this topic to find out because now it looks as I for some reason answering to the previous poster which have no logic whatsoever... Another question: When is a entry considered being "new theme"? Should not new theme has some of its own kind-of rules so that every model in that theme correspond to them? If it all it needs is some "new" color combination - Isn't it a bit "not enough" for saying "Hey, this is my new theme because I come up with new color combo...because I said so"? Now if we look into past for some reference as to what new (sub)theme is (in many TLG cases, specifically SPACE themes cos that is where I am "at home" therefor I can speak about): every new (sub)theme introduced some new principles specific to that theme, not just the color combo, for example: Blacktron: models were modular so that one could combine them between each other creating new hybrid models = there was compatible connection principle between models so they always fit Blacktron II: every mid/big model included kind of smaller spacecraft (those ones with trans-neon green "ball" cockpit) that fits between respective mid/big sets - it was interchangeable and was kind of "recognition sign" of this theme M-tron: all models included magnets - main "recognition sign" of this theme etc. I mean - in case this is really meant seriously - one should provide some real clues as on what "principles" is his (sub)theme(s) made of - what is expected to be in all models of respective theme to be called "the theme" (whatever the name of the theme is).
  5. Eh, actually this has no relevance for me anymore as I decided to go only with real existing "real life" brick colors combinations with my MOCs starting with this contest onward... BTW Just being curious: what if there will be let's say only 10 participants in this contest or even less (purely hypothetically, of course ) - do you have some sort of minimum expected participants before you go to say the contest is canceled or nevermind the number of participants it will stay?
  6. Search for line(s) "resolution": uncomment the one you want to use (remove the sign "#" at the beginning of the line), comment all the others (add sign "#" at the beginning of the line) - I guess it is really self-explanatory by pure look into the code you just posted: "resolution" means simply resolution of your rendered image, those 2 numbers after the word are actual predefined width and height of the render (if you look into the code you will clearly see that the one uncommented is "1024 768" thus being used as a resolution for your render)...you do not need to change anything besides the resolution there.
  7. Q&A -> With your MOD background would be still plain white even i choose other color in the parameters tab (applies to all Parameters tab values, actually) - why?
  8. ___

    Car boot build (Pic heavy!)

    Nice ship
  9. I am second that tho I can understand that for some people it can be probably much easier finding exact brick/decor/color combi they are looking for that way (do I do not agree with that myself )
  10. ...and yes this including as a reason too, you are right
  11. ___

    [MOC] Scarab SRV (from Elite: Dangerous)

    Nice model indeed but actually i would like to ask something a bit different: can you tell me exact model of the camera used? I like the fact it can manually focus (or I guess so from what I see) and I would like to own one myself (if the price is good, you know)...
  12. ___

    Did anybody else make this little guy as a kid?

    Thanx for info
  13. Now, as I think of it more I guess many of you did not understand it right: most probably it is meant basically as normal real life brick build except (with the advantage of) you do not need to go and buy all your needed/desired bricks first (thus loosing a lot of money in some cases) to be able build your model (in case you do not have them) - this way you can use any number of them without spending a single penny/cent on your design, so think of it rather as a real brick build just in virtual space therefor anyone, even the purest guys can build something and be able participating on this contest (@Superkalle and @legoljintje may correct me in my understanding of this stuff if I am somewhat wrong)...
  14. Hey, I know you were not asking me but if I can tell what I am doing in such case: I always go to www.bricklink.com and there at the top of the webpage I enter the brick in question into search field (with ALL ITEMS option selected) and it works for me like a charm when it comes to existing colors for specific brick... )
  15. ___

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Yea, but on the other hand - why not? Just yesterday I kind of started with potential new SPACE-like pseudo subtheme called "Undersand" so I guess I could go that very fancy and bright way cos the more darker surroundings (ehm, literally creatures/race living IN THE SAND...LOL) the more colorful and neon-shining creatures, right (see parallel with real life deep sea shining fishes like that famous Devil fish)?
  16. Yes, that is true: my preview was just quick "grab" of two separate already finished renders of my previous work put together to show what I mean, so in my real entries for the contest there would be like 4 or 6 small images at max, not those 12 as shown in my example above. OK, thank you, so I will make it like my preview...ehm, also many times I think it is just a case of misunderstanding between us cos in fact we are saying basically the same thing.
  17. OK, thank you for explanation - that being said and guessing you also already saw mt example above I will make those 5 images the way my example shows (if I misunderstood you once again please tell me so I can ask more question if needed). Well, but in cases like my example shows - the one I am planing to use with my entries - it would be of logical use having such complex smaller picture (1024 max width) linked to its native higher resolution - why is that problem, was not the main and logical concern which I fully understand and support (being webdesigner myself) avoiding too high page overloading with many high resolution pictures? Besides: why is it bad for one having further interest in the presented model before one decides if he give it his vote or not (is not the main purpose of it all - giving votes for models/themes presented?) in more detail and capabilities when it could be "the thing" that could tell him if it has any value for him or not? Please, remember that there are still some people that requires more than some static nice looking bricks that actually do nothing besides the build itself so for those there need to be some other stuff presented in the model, like possibilities of the model, modularity, different configs etc. - with such a small preview of 1024 pixels yet with such a density it would lost its intended reason: here is a small preview (where you simply cannot see the detail of those small pictures inside) and if you really care not just in the look but would like to see if it goes further than that (advanced stuff of the model) just click the image and you can see those smaller parts in great detail (it would not make any harm to EB site accesibility like too much overload or something as it is linked externally like normal text link we use everywhere)...
  18. OK, we will wait then... Anyway, that way one could make quite complex self-explanatory images of its model into one picture, and as we can link our image to its external bigger version (after clicking on that smaler image posted in contest here on EB) there would be no problem reading such complex image once opened in its full resolution externally. For example I could make single image that would contain one main render of the model + several small pictures - lets say on its right side - showing it from different angles, showing its capabilities, modularity and so on - all in one single picture, so we would stick to the rules - max. 5 images and yet having it shown from different angles and other stuff! BTW: Image dimension and size - thus overloading the site - would not be of any problem, of course (cos everybody can simply change their final image resolution so that its width is not bigger than those requested 1024 pixels with enabled ratio (so that its dimensions are not deformed) + rendered as jpg with not more than 80% quality it will never exceed 1MB. And as I think about it more it could be a good thing to make one of the rules exactly like this: expected picture format JPG, expected compression ratio/quality: not bigger than 80) P.S.: I am doing one preview for all of you to show exactly what I mean cos one picture is more than 100 words, right? So please, wait a bit for it... OK, here it is what I mean (this is example made of pictures from my already posted MOC 691512) - dimensions are in the requested limits, specifically in this case 1024x288, 108kb...once clicked it will open externally in its full native resolution 3840x1080 for perfect image readibility if one is concerned or interested about/in the image details, so this way 5 different models could be presented inside one post in the best possible way (or at least I personally think so) still being within rules and limits of the contest + maybe we could set like max. number and max. dimensions and exact placement for those smaller images inside the picture so it would not be that wide if you will tho I myself have no problem with the state it is pictured now (please, click the image for its full native resolution):
  19. So, that being said - in case I understood you right (fingers crossed once again as always with me and my english ) - the answer to this question of mine ("Can there be something like mosaic of several other renders of the same model into one picture showing its intended modularities...") is YES, IT CAN BE DONE AS MOSAIC (cos if we can have multiple models in one picture it means we can also have multiple shots of one model in one picture), right?
  20. Just to be sure I won't do anything wrong and that I understand things right: I really do not know how to interpret this - how can 10 sets be presented in only 5 images? If it was vice-versa (5 sets on max 10 images) then I would understand it with no problem (every set would have 2 images) - @Superkalle, can you explain this more, please? Another question: Can there be something like mosaic of several other renders of the same model into one picture showing its intended modularities like this (maybe without the "explanatory" writings if you want): And also: What is the final conclusion about bricks in not existent color combinations? that is: existing bricks, existing LEGO colors but not existing combination?
  21. Ah, thank you then guys - appreciated a lot! BTW in fact I immediately did begin to work on a new subtheme idea but this one - if anything can come up from it, we will see in coming few days - would not fit anywhere: as of now I am calling it "Undersand" and as its name suggests it should be civilization living under (that is inside) sand as their technology allowing them moving inbetween sand withou much resistance, like when one is swimming in water or so. I have only few sratches of the first design, you know, finding colors, shapes, idea behind it all...but as of now I would stick with Techtroners, thank you once more.
  22. In that case you can delete my entry, of course, cos Techtroners are here for sometime now as @BasOne said, tho specific entry MOCs were not presented anywhere (they are brand new). Just side note: no, it is not space hospital theme - it was just one MOC of hospital from Techtroners subtheme.
  23. I have just edited my entry leaving only 5 as required... No, none of them were never ever presented anywhere...you will not find any of them nowhere except this entry.