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    Spectre 501 (long range recon shuttle)

    Now, with the updated images, I have to say the amount of modularity is mind blowing ...unbelievable - definitely the BEST REAL BRICKS BUILD I ever saw - everything thought thoroughly to the most detail, perfect - you are very talented in this regard!!!!! C'mon: this would never ever happen - it is unplayable as a set for children (extremely big and heavy for that purpose), BUT as a model that is just displayed somewhere and occassionally presented its modularity, OR - as author said - designed for "cartoon child play" - absolutely fine.
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    [moc] The last peaceful explorer

    I like first 2: 1st is Classic Space, 2nd more like Futuron/SP combo...3rd is SP3 vilains ship "clone".
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    LEGO Sci-Fi 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Man, I could not say it better - absolutely agree (tho I must admit I already bought complete Nexo Knights line too cos I somehow taking it as kind-of Space subtheme anyway )! :thumbup:
  4. But in such case I am really afraid you'll be disqualified from the contest...
  5. I think it could mean any brick that you would see in stores on BrickLink - that "normaly" means brick(s) that are there for a good amount of time, not some "rare" stuff that could be there like 10 days and then 5 years no sign for such brick(s), I guess. If I understood @Superkalle right the only "merit" is brick's availability on BrickLink, so although they can be expensive as hell while they are available there you can use them (but rather wait for MODs answering this themselves).
  6. Ehm, you're wrong on this (= it was already "said") - @Superkalle already answered exactly such question that I have asked him publicly on the other topic over here ("Rules, prizes and questions")....short answer: no, we can not use such brick(s) in case they are normally not available on BrickLink.
  7. I would also recommend BrickLink website as others already mentioned cos I guess it is the most accurate one even more when one of the rules are "bricks combos that can be bought on BrickLink"...but beware: BrickLink is using it's own bricksID in some cases (for example LDD brick "43675" will not be even found on BrickLink cos BrickLink has it listed under its own name as "78c19" - in such rare cases I simply go to Google and type "LEGO part 43675" which show me sites that actually list that brick under its LDD name, namely Brickowl and there I simply look in which sets it came from, then going back to Bricklink, find that specific set and finally find the exact BrickLink brickID of the part in question )
  8. Thanx! Well, yea: I am always here cos my whole day work is basically non-stop behind PC (be it programming, be it music studio work, be it dadaistic writing or even LEGO designing, you know) with permanent internet connection...so I have immediate response that someone replied and it is simply my nature that I am really quick with answer/reaction (most times) As for the last part (your question) I will kindly leave it to moderators.
  9. As I did not see anything about WIP in his post (I thought it was one of required stuff to be written there if actual work's still in progress? ) so I think it's already finished (and I guess even more like that reading what he has wrote about it: "...if it's not meeting requirements it can be deleted..." - his own words). But of course, let's hope he reads this and improve/clarify it...
  10. @gercrow QUESTION TO MODERATORS: I guess it does not meet required conditions (only 2 models presented, more than 5 non-existent brick/color combos etc.)...shouldn't it be removed then?
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    Very well done - bravo!
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    Scorpion ABS (armoured battle station)

    Overdimensioned "upgraded" LEGO version (copy) of Aliens' vehicle with color combi from Galaxy Squad - not bad at all (tho for my personal taste too big, actually).
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    MOC: Centurion

    Oh oh oh, now that is very very interesting build and I especially appreciate all those hoses - perfect!
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    MOC: Advanced Blacktron Devastator

    Yes, canopies - that's exactly what I actually meant, of course...ah, my english!
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    MOC: Advanced Blacktron Devastator

    Ehm, just a friendly "noticed" side note: trans-red was never ever used with Blacktron (trans-yellowed) or Blacktron II (trans-neon green)...BTW that mech looks like Alien queen from the film Aliens (1986).
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    Spectre 501 (long range recon shuttle)

    Oh, sorry then - I didn't noticed that...
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    Spectre 501 (long range recon shuttle)

    This is one of a few MOCs I see that actually have some (or any at all) modularity - VERY WELL DONE, MISTER! Actually the only thing that would worry me a lot if I was a child willing to play with this "beast" would be it's quite visibly really hugely overdimensioned for a child play (or for any play), really: it is so big that even adult would have problem "swooshing" with it or get around it somehow (what about the child then), sorry. From my point of view every model considered as playable should be in some reasonable dimensions compared to minifig...unless, as in many cases here on EB, you intended it to be just displayed, then it'd be OK, of course, But except that I really think it is one of the best/interesting MOCs I saw here on EB with lots of playability/modularity (which should really be the main stuff I think), congrats.
  18. yes, we can (if you would only look at already posted entries you would notice it yourself imediately )...
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    HMS Excalibur : Imperial Gunship

    It is all OK - I like those walkers quite a lot (like WildWest goes Sci-Fi...why not? ), but to me that big ship somehow does not fit quite well for/to them: it looks more like Steampunk wheres those walkers are more Space-like robots (than anything else)...unless that is your exact intention, Steampunk-like stuff? Also, if I can give an advice for better overall imagery feeling (so it looks more realistic) you could try to continually blur that bg image of forest and castle so that the further those objects are (from the ship) the more blurry they become...there are free apps there or even free PS filters that would enable you to do that.
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    On the other hand I would be very uncertain about the feet lower and upper parts connected just by one extremely fragile silver "Light Sword Shaft" - that seems to be the most vulnerable part of the design that would probably constantly fall off when playing with it, unfortunately (ehm, unless it is intended for pure display and not playing, of course)...
  21. Eh, now I know where is your "problem" (tho it is not a problem, rather misunderstanding of "what-is-what"): the thing you seem to think is "background" is actually baseplane - background is what you see when you angle your LDD camera more towards sky (upward), therefo your value for background{} has no effect - you have to change color for shader "plocha" (Bluerender -> bublible -> sc -> bublible_materials.sc) in object{} code block!