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    Lego Club Bag

    Does anyone have any information on this Lego Club CoolBag / Lunch Bag I found in with some vintage pieces I bought? The picture isn't great but the colours are still vibrant and it doesn't have any wear.
  2. Phreatobite

    Pictorial Review: 8479 Barcode Multi Set

    I bought this set along with half a dozen other technic sets, boxed but without instriuctions and all the pieces in plastic boxes. I have no idea if all the parts are there but I'm hoping so. I will try and post pics when I come to build it. I have the FOS space shuttle to complete first.
  3. Phreatobite

    Difference between 4547 and 10002 - Club Car

    Thank you all for your help - mine does have solid studs on the wavy stripes blocks so... it's 4547!
  4. Phreatobite

    Difference between 4547 and 10002 - Club Car

    The doors on mine are printed so is it the earlier version? I think it might be because the rest of the Lego I've inherited is all eighties / early-nineties.
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me the differences between the first and re-release versions of the Metroliner Club Car? I'm trying to identify which one I own.
  6. I would say most sorry to have missed out on Diagon Alley (for my missus) and Imperial Shuttle for me.
  7. Phreatobite

    'Ello from London

    Hey guys! My name is phreatobite - lover of all things Star Wars (obviously) - especially Lego. Current favourite figure: Boushh