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    LEGO, skateboarding, fun stuff, hide & go seek.....<br> the list could go on, and on! <br>~crispen


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  1. crispen

    Pics of Spongebob and Avatar Sets

    and about him requesting pics for here... thank me! i asked him just recently! he said he's gonna ask..
  2. crispen

    It's official: Jake quits...

    man.. i wish kids could get that kinda job... its kinda sad though.. goodbye jake!
  3. crispen

    Spongebob first picture

    yeah, i wish TLC would make a UCS spongebob like this:
  4. crispen

    Spongebob first picture

    true... your right!
  5. crispen

    Spongebob first picture

    uhhh.. guys read my post again.. you must of missed something! and you can always change spongebobs legs... and yeah.. kinda weird how TLC gave it to us...
  6. crispen

    Spongebob first picture

    hahha... nice joke. you know, i am kinda getting fed up with these kinda jokes... joking! wow.. spongebob looks... weird? i dont know... just different i guess.. and could you give me a link to where you found it?>
  7. crispen

    All PICS of the batman sets!!!

    what do you mean by snot? i dont see any boogers.
  8. crispen

    Exo-Force Story

    awesome! i like it alot.... but when you said "hulking blue battle machine" why did you call the grand titan blue? it is red.
  9. crispen

    new pics of sets

    cool! some better pics of sets! oh, i like the new forum. but i am still kinda a little cofused about some things.. *wacko*
  10. crispen

    New USA LegoLand!

    i hope its min. wis. area. thats near me!
  11. crispen

    who do you contact...

    who do you contact to ask lego if you are allowed to use their logo in a orginization? i need to contact someone and ask before i organize a little something special.. *twisted* so, please help me.
  12. crispen


    bricks i think. reideen can confirm this.
  13. crispen

    Exo-Force Pics

    ahem, meca one comes with venom striker (striking venom) and it is gold and black. the robots WHERE good guys, until meca one, (read the bio) rebelled one day while mining. the robots worked underground mining. they worked where the humans could not work at. meca on is their leader. i learned all this from reading brickmaster edition Jan/Feb issue.
  14. crispen

    updated bios!

    it is the pilot in striking venom. look closely at the cockpit... see the gold arm sticking out?