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  1. UPDATE: 3 Additional Trucks Added from the show (not all Jamie Davis). More pictures: HR-126 Peterbuilt Tandem, same size at HR 126. Jamie's newest truck and his biggest chrome showpiece. I just noticed I forgot to put the rest of the axle caps on this one oops. VSA Highway Maintenance Plow, the contractor for the Coquihalla Highway. Includes main plow in front and side wing. VSA has a variety of trucks in use but I tried to make one of their older Western Stars. Might eventually do a tow plow to go with it (for plowing tow lanes). Quiring Towing's Green Monster driven by Al Quiring. Kentworth Vulcan Tri-Drive wrecker with fold out stabilizers.
  2. Yup it looks a lot better with the new tires.
  3. He sent it off to Alberta when the started working there but I heard he really designed it for his main base in BC. As in season 4 you see all the nice is equipment is in Alberta and a small crew is stuck in BC doing the same big jobs with older, smaller equipment. The two trucks you see here are ones he ordered for Alberta but then once they close down everything there in season 5 they get sent back to BC. Thanks for the compliments :) Thanks! I'm heavily a purist when it comes to painting and stuff, but Jamie is famous for the chrome on his trucks "I drive a big red truck with lots of Chrome". I might swap out the front grills on the trucks though with the chrome ones if I find enough.
  4. I like the cab design and it gives the feel a smaller day cab truck if that's the look you were going for. Have you considered using a bit bigger wheels though?
  5. timtosino

    Steel Mill WIP

    Awesome! Perfect scale!
  6. Thanks! Even though I don't watch much TV it's actually one of the TV shows I'll sit down and actually watch rather than play in the background. There's also a spin off series for Toronto and they have even bigger trucks but I couldn't get to liking it as much. Maybe because it's much further removed from where I live. Thank You! The Tundra is mostly based on 60148. It's interesting to see how many countries the show is broadcast in!
  7. Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue is a towing company based in Hope, BC Canada (about 2 hours from where I live) whose main operations are on the Coquihalla Highway and are featured on the TV Show "Highway Thru Hell". I posted my Jamie Davis Rotator back in 2014 and said I wanted to eventually try to do the same truck in 7 wide. After seeing 4000022 I wanted to try to use those techniques on a new 7 wide truck but around that same time, I heard that Jamie had sold his prized truck the Rotator. When Season 5 of the show started airing last fall I started building the next biggest truck in his fleet which is even newer, a 50-ton Tri-Drive Western Star along with a smaller tandem unit and a Toyota Tundra for Traffic Control. Heavy Rescue 117 is a Western Star Tri-Drive Century tow truck with stabilizers, and a side puller (3rd winch on the driver's side). Used for recovering Semi-Trucks and other large vehicles. HR 116 is a Western Star Tandem Tow Truck with sleeper cab. Smaller than 117, but tandems can do just a much work as the biggest trucks. IR 104 is an Incident Response Truck for flagging traffic control. Toolbox in bed. Dispatched to secure accidents before the bigger trucks arrive or roadside service to smaller passenger vehicles. Full Album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tim_tosino/albums/72157681702229046 Still working on Al Quiring's Truck aka "The Green Monster" which is unit as big as 117 and a VSA Highway Maintenance Snow Plow (all in 7 wide) and I may just tackle Jamie's Newest Truck HR 126 (which hasn't made an appearance on TV yet) in time for our local con (http://www.brickcan.com)
  8. timtosino

    Canadian Eh?

    So BrickCan is just two weeks away. The con is being hosted by the VLC, VicLug and AbbyLug and I know there is a fair bit of people coming out from Alberta. Anymore Canadians coming out?
  9. timtosino

    BrickCan 2016

    So two weeks away and AFOL registration is closed at 225 attendees, and public tickets are over 75% sold. Anyone else on this forum coming out to this con?
  10. timtosino

    BrickCan 2016

    So far 175 attendees registered!
  11. timtosino

    LEGO Seasonal 2016

    Totally love 40221 too. Hope it's not a very limited edition give away.
  12. timtosino

    Fire engine MOC

    I love the way you did the steps on the back.
  13. I got mine 2 weeks ago here at a LEGO Store in Canada, the 40 sets a week reference was said by someone about a LEGO store in Chicago only this week, so they still are attempting to get them to the North American Market at least in LBR Stores. They have not restocked S@H for this market since Oct.
  14. That message has been up for a month, so it seems it taking them a while to consider it :P
  15. All sold out now. Someone was saying that a US LEGO store gets 40+ of them a week, whether they are actually selling those out every week is a mystery!