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  1. Updated 7636 Combine Harvester found here
  2. Anders Nolberger

    any 2011 lego train news?

    Are you saying that the normal curved tracks.are going to be discontinued? Or is the new flexi track a complement?
  3. Anders Nolberger

    PF Trains to the limit

    I have been following this thread with interest and am very interested in a "Lego train brick". Or maybe even a more general PF brick. Unfortunately I don't have the time to help develop it right now and it seems several of you have much more experience with this stuff than me so I think you will do better without me! What functions do you have in mind for this brick? I have some ideas. Maybe I am just stating the obvious and then you can ignore me... In a layout you can have several small hubs that can take commands from a central point, perhaps with Bluetooth from a computer? The hubs can: 1. control PF much like the IR-receiver today (operate for example a train motor). 2. control servos or something to operate switches. 3. forward signals from external sensors (pressure, position? ...) What protocol is used in Mindstorm NXT? Can that be used to communicate with sensors and servos? Then we already have several peripherals to use and we can make some more. To know the location of a train RFID can be used with tags on the rail and a RFID reader in the train. If this would be possible to implement in a small brick I think it would be very useful for trains and even more for Mindstorms and Technics. I said that I don't have the time but this would be so interesting so I don't think I can keep away. I am a programmer so maybe I can help with the PC software?
  4. I think it should be 10029 - Lunar Lander
  5. 7636 Combine Harvester Updated for LDD 4. The water wheel is now present! I used two outer cables to get the correct length to fit between the water wheels. Changes: -No stickers of course -I am not shure about the minifig torso but it is close. -I could not find the water wheel (BL 64566) piece in the front so I replaced them with standard cogs instead. The pieces left on the side could not be placed becouse of that. -At the end of the elevator a standard slope should be attached but I think that is an illegal build. I replaced it with a technic half pin and an inverted slope instead. I think that is all and I hope that I got all the colors right. LDD file here.
  6. Anders Nolberger

    Voting topic - LDD Only Class

    146 Circus Arena by Bojan Pavsic - 2 points 110 Pirate Island Port by mrblue - 1 point
  7. 223 Train Station by mrblue - 2 points 219 Modular Bank by captaintuddle - 1 point
  8. Anders Nolberger

    TTCE: DH-2 or better know as 'De Wadloper'

    Nice looking train! It has a very Lego look to it that i like.
  9. Anders Nolberger

    MOC: Power Functions Commuter Train with automatic sliding doors

    Absolutely fantastic! I love how you have fitted so much functions in it AND made it look very good!
  10. Why not some animals? I think tiger, lion, hippo, seal etc
  11. Anders Nolberger

    MOC: Backhoe loader

    It looks really nice! Is it based on a specific model or is it just "generic"?
  12. Anders Nolberger

    2010 Train Sets

    I think it looks as if there are two motors on the cargo train. There are rubber bands on all wheels and it looks like the "train decorative side" on both front and rear.
  13. Anders Nolberger

    [KEY TOPIC] Wanted bricks in LDD

    Yes, I am really missing the 2871 Black Electric Train Motor 9V Decorative Side to complete my trains. Or the new ones for RC/PF(?) and the new PF motor coming this summer.
  14. Anders Nolberger

    LDD Design Challenge #1

    My Suggestion 1. Not all pices is connected. 2. Choose "Connected Selection tool" and click somewhere on the globe on for example africa . Then drag the selection away from the rest of the pieces to see which ones are left behind. 3. Add more internal pieces. Perhaps by coloring the not connected ones in another colour so that it is possible to see them and then use the "Hide tool" to bee able to place the internel pieces. (I can solve it later but not now since I am officially working...) Ok, so much for working. But it is a quick fix so I would not try to build it in this state. It would be best to have some extra parts to add where appropriate. Are there any more errors in the file???
  15. Just open your design in LDD then choose View|New Themes|LEGO Universe from the menu.