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  1. tophdawg

    Lego Rip-off Brands

    Oxford does have some really cool sets, I've been trying to find their website but i cant, are they still in business. I would love to see some of their sets that are out now. I havent looked at them in a while. I remember Oxford had some intresting harry potter like sets a few years back. Actually I just found their website its in Korean but Google could translate it for me. Its pretty cool check it out
  2. tophdawg

    happy birthday tophdawg

    thank you very much
  3. tophdawg

    Hello My name is...

    welcome to eurobricks. How is it lego is your hobby, but Warhammer is expensive. Ironic
  4. tophdawg

    New to the boards

    Welcome to eurobricks UltraPrime.
  5. tophdawg

    Happy Birthday!

    how do you know they had there birthday(s) today. i dont see it listed under member birthdays. or is it the date line thing
  6. tophdawg

    I've got an idea

    two pieces i dont know if they work but put the connector on the batle droid head sopt the stud in the conector and the head on the pin
  7. tophdawg

    First official pics of 4896

    This set looks really cool. i love the trunk detail
  8. tophdawg

    Dino Quad Review

    I loved this set. It is the perfect way to get one character and a dino. Great to customize. I also think that whatever the guy is wearing is not the same as it is in the helicopter so a fifth man can be added to the team
  9. tophdawg

    Review: 7781 Batman - Two-Faces Escape

    That was a great review. really made me feel like i had the set in my hands looking at it. Now i cant wait ot get the sets
  10. tophdawg

    Im back

    Hi I havent been here for a while because i was grounde then went on vacation and i am having trouble with my computer, but im back. I like that we got the lego smileys back :-) I hope this is in the right spot.
  11. tophdawg

    Days of Our Lives

    i enjoy watching soap operas for the bad acting and worse plots and terrible scripts. My favorite has to be an episode of one soap (i forget which one) in which a nun holds a guy hostage, or in another episode the characters try to break through a force field in the woods (why was it there) and end up jumping into it and get thrown back several feet then stand right up
  12. tophdawg


    welcome or welcomed seeing as you have been here for a while
  13. tophdawg

    Lego Star Wars Article on RebelScum.

    i cant wait for this it looks so much fun although i hope that teh difficulty increasing thing can be turned off because i like to play my games easy
  14. tophdawg

    Not from Europe but hello anyways!

    its okay taht youre not from europe. many people are not from europe and im pretty sure that there are some fellow canadians here. I'm from the US
  15. tophdawg

    Shop at Home feedback

    i think this would be a great idea. I would definately buy it