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  1. legomaniac83

    Canadian Eh?

    I've only ever bought polybags there. There were some US exclusives that made there way up here every holiday so that was a nice bonus. The Targets near me are well stocked, but I have a feeling they will be gone at the first 25% clearance. Always happens with liquidations - Lego hardly gets to the 30-40% stage before its all gobbled up.
  2. legomaniac83

    Canadian Eh?

    The Wal-Mart in Ancaster has Series 13 Minifigs. There were 11 or 12 full boxes on the shelf Saturday night. I managed to feel out a complete set easily. Good luck!
  3. legomaniac83

    The "What Lego did you get for Christmas?" thread

    Town Hall baby!! :thumbup: :thumbup:
  4. legomaniac83

    Canadian Eh?

    I did today as well. Was going to wait until Black Friday to get the 2015 Calendar, but the Double VIP Pts did it for me. Picked up some CITY vehicles that will likely retire soon. Also noticed if I added a TMNT Keychain that a Flashback Shredder polybag would be added for free. Ordered 5 sets but turned into 7 with the 2 promotionals for just over $100. The worst part is waiting for it to arrive
  5. legomaniac83

    Canadian Eh?

    Yes thanks for the heads up! Went to Target tonight and they had about 30 in the Christmas section. They also had a few 30300 Tumber and 30187 Fast Car Polybags on the pegs near the cash.
  6. Didn't see this posted elsewhere but here are some Simpsons leaked photos of future CMF's. Looks like we'll get Hibbert, Willie and Santa's Little Helper. I Like.
  7. legomaniac83

    How can I clean my dust covered 10179?

    It will take some patience and elbow grease! I usually have a damp dish cloth to go over the pieces, and then if it's caked on really good I'll use a toothbrush. I've also gone the way of warm water in a bowl with a couple drops of dish soap. Throw the pieces in, use your toothbrush and set them out on a towel to let them air dry. It takes a while, but works great. Good luck!
  8. legomaniac83

    Canadian Eh?

    I got mine at Toys R Us last Thursday. Believe they were 3:99. Kept checking WalMart every day but they had nothing which was strange. Managed to get a whole box with 3 complete sets of 16, so if anyone is needing a set drop me a PM. I'm in the GTA and you'll pay what I paid.
  9. legomaniac83

    42009 - Left Over Parts

    Hate to bump an old thread, but I just finished the first section of my 42009 and have similar pieces left over. I have only 1 tan gear however. Did you model work with those extra axles pieces leftover? Thanks.
  10. legomaniac83

    Canadian Eh?

    Hit up The Lego Store this morning at Sherway Gardens for Brick Friday and got some good freebies. When you got there they gave you a scratch card and I won a Set worth up to $16.99. Got the new Race Car 60053. Wonder if anyone won the $1000 shopping spree? Also recieved the 2nd Christmas set and the Pick-a-Brick box for spending over $99. The Grand Emporium was my big purchase - wanted it before it gets Discontinued. Also picked up 30185 Little Eagle on sale for $3.50 and the seasonal 40058 Decorating the Tree. Anyone else hit up Lego Stores today?
  11. legomaniac83

    Canadian Eh?

    Anyone know if any special deals are happening for "Brick" Friday at Lego Brand stores? I know they have the 2nd of the Christmas set when you spend $99, but anything else?
  12. legomaniac83

    Members on the map

    Lyn, Ontario checking in!
  13. legomaniac83

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Have to agree that the Tow Truck does resemble Pierre Normandin's as Rick noted. I'm excited for all these city sets. Logging truck looks great, as does the GT car. I can't stand 60025 though - The trailer turns me right off and could have been done so much better (I know it's from 2013). Airport fire truck is a must have as well.
  14. legomaniac83

    How do you wash your LEGO... Seriously?

    If I come across some used bricks that have garnered a lot of dust, I get a bowl of hot soapy water (using dish soap), and use an old toothbrush to clean all in around the studs. It works super. The toothbrush i use was never used for brushing teeth - my wife used it for getting stains out of clothing. After the bricks are cleaned I lay them out on a dish towel and let them air dry. It's time consuming, but works great.
  15. legomaniac83

    40078 Hot Dog Cart Review

    Can't wait to get my hands on this set! When I made a big purchase last month the store ran out. I called Lego, they checked my VIP and saw I made the purchase, checked if they had any and luckily they did. Sent one to me free of charge!