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  1. Aeroeza

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Holy cow! It's got what looks to be a full interior!! Front, back and gunnery sections... with corridors. My heart has skipped a beat. Damn you Lego I have a mortgage!!!
  2. Aeroeza

    [REVIEW] 75144 - UCS Snowspeeder

    It's also on 'Back Order' in Oz... and I'm also glad I ordered mine a few minutes after Lego sent out the VIP offer. It's been a looooong wait between decent UCS models! Bring on being a 2017 SW AFOL with a vengeance!!!
  3. Goodness gracious muchness taken abackedness, with plenty of total surprise-ed superduper conglomerated brick festival fantasticalness! I'm speechless...honest! Nice one Mortesv! Swoosh with pride and daring-do!! :D
  4. Aeroeza

    [MOC] Yet another UCS AT-AT

    Surely to resolve all these issues associated with a large commercial release of a UCS ATAT all that's needed is a stand to provide extra support? After all, a display model does nicely with a well designed display stand!
  5. Aeroeza

    75095 TIE Fighter

    Damn you Lego! You can angle the stand to match 10175... Now...!!
  6. Aeroeza

    Redesigning old UCS sets

    Heavens above! That new UCS X Wing sure looks great in my collection... After all, the old one was getting yellowed bricks!! ;) Oops!
  7. Aeroeza

    75095 TIE Fighter

    ...dude, there's hardly a stud on it.
  8. Aeroeza

    75095 TIE Fighter

    Excellent horn, great model and I love the cockpit window especially! I'm a little worried that the panels are too heavy for the wing pylons though... :) I'd tend to disagree with your statement that the UCS Tie is significantly out of proportion. The margin of error is small given it is Lego. I'd also like to encourage posters to explain why the UCS Tie's cockpit is awful, or horrible etc. Obviously such opinions have a subjective element but if a MOCer had built this UCS Tie and asked for honest feedback what would the community say? If the official UCS Tie was my model I would hope others would criticise it within context and not apply a completely different build philosophy to it or ignore the set of criteria I'm trying to address. Obviously this build 'solution' addresses different criteria to what's come before... Likewise looking at your solution (and Gareths, and Anios etc.) would it be reasonable for me to say they just look really bad because they are more like a low poly count 3D model from an early 90's computer game? Or is that actually the source of your model's charm? My point is that this thread would be far more enlightening if peoples adverbs were thoughtfully backed up by a constructive narrative. I guess I'd just like to know the 'why' and not just read unsupported statements. (Hmmm... Sorry guys, maybe my rant wasn't done. I think I've scratched this itch enough now, time for a 'Bex' and a good lie down...)
  9. Aeroeza

    75095 TIE Fighter

    Ha! You too can stay!! ;D
  10. Aeroeza

    75095 TIE Fighter

    Ha! You can stay! :D
  11. Aeroeza

    75095 TIE Fighter

    ...funny. I find the small sloped cheesecake brick's easier on the eye. From a distance it's even more effective for me. If I squint it's awesome!! :) Perhaps I'm just used to viewing the UCS sculptures I own (Maul, Yoda & R2). I like the spherical build technique they used even though they are more traditionally brick based. This is an extension of the same technique but softer in apearence. It certainly articulates the form of the cockpit better to me even if some greebling is sacrificed along the way. Much like a typographical map it captures subtle contours of change using a variety of angles and bricks. Viewed from different positions and various distances the result is rather elegant and would look excellent when lit to accentuate this (unlike the rather flat lighting Lego have used to promote the product). No other UCS ship has attempted this before which therefore makes it even more appealing to me. Especially when considered as part of a larger UCS collection. 7181 and 10175 cockpits are simple in comparison but certainly illustrate other ways to solve a sculptural problem inherent to the medium. It sure as hell knocks the socks off any System Tie!!! I can't help but conclude that this build is a thoughtful take on the subject matter and, although differences of opinion make for a lively informative debate, some comments have been a bit...well... General observation: Opinions expressed without the effort of adding constructive critical thought to substantiate your post is tantamount to shallow digital graffiti. Do better ;) Rant done. Anyway, I think it's cool to see a different approach to the usual large octagon/plate solutions already tried by TLG and perfected by Gareth... They really are blocky!!
  12. Aeroeza

    75095 TIE Fighter

    I always loved Garth's approach. A massive improvement on the old school octagonal cockpit which scaled it well. What I'm enjoying about the new approach is that it's far more of a ball and still scaled correctly.
  13. Aeroeza

    75095 TIE Fighter

    Already done by MOCers. Not interesting as an actual release as a consequence. Would look pretty uninspiring next to other UCS'.
  14. Aeroeza

    75095 TIE Fighter

    ...and there's the truth of it! I like a good brick build but a Tie is a Tie. It's simple, iconic and sets the 5 year old off in me! But the ball build technique used here is a valid and effective approach. Plates can work but I'm not convinced the effect would look as interesting as this...
  15. Aeroeza

    75095 TIE Fighter

    Damn! I'm out of practice!! :D Fair cop there CG. I was confusing myself with how Vader's Tie covers up the rear hatch and then... drank too much whiskey.