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  1. legomania94

    Best Dump Truck?

    the best in my opinion is the 6x6 dumper volvo
  2. legomania94

    Cylinder file STL

    exactly just like these! thank you very much
  3. legomania94

    Cylinder file STL

    for the intentions that I have not just the simple lego pneumatic, I am doing a dump of volvo 6x6 and I wanted to put the cylinders long as the real ones, but since the lego not produced them and I tried to ask a friend of mine has a printer 3D and told me he would not trouble me cylinders as I wish, however, asked me a STL file of a cylinder lego, no matter if you can not help me thank you very much
  4. legomania94

    Cylinder file STL

    is a pneumatico Lego, for a print 3D
  5. Good evening, I wanted to know if anyone has an STL file of a lego pneumatic piston! thank you
  6. where can I get those wheels that you see in the image higher?
  7. what? but other ways to make the tracks with engines made ​​in that manner?
  8. I have not heard through forums but email!
  9. thank you very much any other ideas? the change that I wanted to do was for the excavator undercarriage zorex doing the same as the real one but do not know how to put the engines and the link to the tracks! I've already tried to contact him not responding!
  10. but such engines as linked them to move the tracks? this is one of his videos but I do not understand how he did it!
  11. excuse me could you tell me how did the undercarriage?
  12. legomania94

    Help with IR

    So in a nutshell is useless because I always have 4 channels!
  13. legomania94

    Help with IR

    Good evening I tried a bit on the internet but have not found anything about that! Could you tell me where to find the IR "new"? if it is already released or will be released if! thanks
  14. legomania94

    Technic General Discussion

    ninth do not try that, I want a woman like that real installarci! I do not know if I explain mo