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  1. ...just spotted Series12, or whatever it is called, anyone the CMF series based on the Lego movies... so apparently for some inexplicable reason we just "skipped" Series11
  2. It's not that, because Series 11 is not available in some countries even via the Lego official website.
  3. Sorry for such a "localized" topic... :) Until Series 10 I had no issues in finding Collectable Minifig in Finland, but I've never seen Series 11 in any market chains I regularly visit (Prisma, Citymarket, S-Market, Vapaavalinta...). I haven't be actually searching for that Series so perhaps it's just an overlook, but it seemed strange I haven't seen it anywhere. Anybody else living in Finland, have you found Series 11 normally available, or did you also noticed it was not availble in market chains as previous series?
  4. Nice thread! Our 6yo daughter is becoming a fan of Friends, she has something like 5-6 small sets. We've talked about minifigs vs minidolls before, and after reading this thread I briefly interviewed her again on the topic before posting :) She says she prefers minidolls first and foremost because they look more real. She spontaneously mentioned a specific issue she has with feet: she says she likes how minidolls show skirts & trousers design as well as shoes, while minifigs normally have one-colours legs without shoes. She also likes that minidolls have names. OTOH, she doesn't seem to think models or colours to be a reason for her preferring Friends sets to City or Creator sets, in general she simply favors houses, plus anything that has to do with animals. As for me, I largely prefer minifigs hands down. Minidolls cannot walk and cannot sit. As an AFOL I am interested in building and not in action-playing, although I do that with my children, so in theory I shouldn't care if a character could or could not walk properly, but still... I think movable legs should be fairly easy to make on minidolls too, so I hope for a 2.0 version. In general, as an AFOL I have always wanted more female minifigs, and at least I'm very happy that 2013-2014 City (and not only) sets have clearly more female characters than before. I also think that in general Friends sets themselves are well done, and since for myself I would buy sets for the bricks rather than the models, I really like they provide interesting and useful parts, unusual colours, and plenty of minifig accessories. It's really just the minidolls I dislike. I would have much preferred Friends to have minifigs and thus be like a re-envisioning of the Paradisa theme. I couldn't agree more! :D But minifigs can still be improved without changing their shape at all. With reference to my own daughter's comments: - feature printed shoes (or at least different colour at the legs' end) more often - give a name to each minifig in a set
  5. Lego is keeping up a great job! We're already overwhelmed with minifigs from previous series (and we usually only get 5-10 each series...) but I won't be able to resist getting at least 3-4 of those Medusas for use in our RPGs. Probably also 1 each of those fighter-types (the Amazon, the Tomahawk and the Roman).
  6. Thanks for the great review as usual, it's very informative! :) This series is really top-notch in quality... I totally skipped Series8, but I think I'll try to get at least 12-15 from Series9, especially a bunch of cyclops to use for RPGing. At least the new distribution policy has a bright side... for me at least.
  7. I am a nostalgic Lego Trains fan and I've never had this one when I was a child (and never will since the typical collector's prices), so this would be my pick: 7740-1: Inter-City Passenger Train Set
  8. 1. castor-troy - 1 6. watzking - 1 14. alex54 - 1 26. psyche - 1 27. Myko - 1
  9. 1. AllanSmith - 1 7. Sebeus I - 2 10. LegoJalex - 2
  10. 7. Kit Fisto - 3 13. Inconspicuous - 2
  11. It's quite a stretch, but they could have made every Cusoo work similar to this: Which means that every vote is essentially a preorder, if the minimum number of preorders is met then the product is made, otherwise no one gets charged.
  12. Legoist

    Finland sales

    At least my local Prisma shop is disposing several licensed sets with 40% discount at the moment. I don't know for sure but this could be the same in all Prisma shops in Finland, so you might want to check... In our case it was Cars and NinjaGo sets, from mid-size upward. I remember at least the following sets being 40% off: 8487 - Flo's V8 Cafe 2263 - Turbo Shredder (not sure, could have been a similar set) 2504 - Spinjitzu Dojo 2507 - Fire Temple In case you don't know, Prisma usually has fair prices (except for Trains which I think they are overcharged) so the 40% is quite good... for example the Fire Temple is 89e - 40% = 53e.
  13. Legoist

    Why so few animals?

    I am absolutely of the same opinion! Don't they say that producing a new mould is expensive? Then why haven't they e.g. put out more cows?? The only 2 sets with cows have been the mid-size Farm and the large-size exclusive MMV, and only 2 per each set Should they put out a "farm animal set" and a "zoo animal set" (similar to the minifigure city packs) on the 10-20e range, IMHO they would sell like mad. Also... Duplo has zoo and circus, Playmobil has zoo and circus, clone brands have zoo and circus... what scares TLG so much that they aren't making these? At least TLG made farm, but IMHO they didn't make it that well... the biggest set was quite ugly, and 2 of the other 4 sets were off. If the small pig farm had cows instead, it would have been much more popular.
  14. Legoist

    Minifigures Series 8 Guessing Game

    Why not, I suppose? 1) Rollerskate girl, with tiny rollers 2) Jazz saxophonist, with saxophone 3) Scarecrow, with broom and crow 4) Female skier, with same skies as S2 but different colour 5) Hospital patient, with flebo 6) Roman noble, with cup and grape 7) College-suit girl, with printed book 8) Amazon warrior, with bow 9) Curling player, with whatever-they-use-to-play-curling 10) Witch-doctor, with skull and voodoo doll 11) Queen of hearts, with scepter 12) Panda-suit guy, with apple 13) Judge, with bible 14) Kung-fu master, with nunchuck 15) Pope, with tiara and curled staff 16) Motorcycle driver, with winner's cup (and muddy clothes)