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  1. cptkent

    Train-mounted camera

    My go-pro mount. Simple bogie with magnetic coupling. No tiles were sacrificed, it’s a double sided tape mount. Does live view wireless, and ultra wide.
  2. Great to receive an update. A little sad R120 Are not on the list yet - that section of my layout will need to remain PF only. Any timing on the P40 switch (it’s shown in your image). David
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me if Big Ben Bricks is still selling their custom wheels? I tried to send a couple of emails, but got a blank ‘auto reply’ both times. thanks
  4. cptkent

    MILS modules with track.

    Thanks everyone for your helpful reply’s - work has had me away for a couple of days. Richard 6x2 grid was an example - I should have said the actual set is much larger, which creates problems of track length. Vilhelm Even though my track is 9v, I had indeed considered cutting the track ends, perhaps in one or two strategic places around my layout. I’m still considering my options here. Chromeknight / Roadmonkeytj / dtomsen Yes I thinks that’s the best solution, it’s annoying but necessary.
  5. cptkent

    MILS modules with track.

    A question that needs some explaining..... I am making a layout with MILS modules. Standard sizes (32x32) in a 6x2 grid. I am laying 9V track over this. I can keep the 6 MILS modules fairly loose, just held together with a plate or two, for disassembly when required. It's easier this way for transport / working / etc. But the track, even if it matches at the joints, is difficult to deal with, as they clip together horizontally. I can't just 'lift out a MILS module' seperate from the rest, when it's also tied in horizontally by track. Is there an easy way to deal with track that overlays MILS modules? How have others dealt with it? How do clubs deal with it? David
  6. I had noticed that my R120 was a little out. 1/4 circle started in one place didn’t end where it should have (according to the plans). It is good to know this may be the issue, otherwise I may have gone crazy trying to figure out where things were amiss! Not a difficult fix I imagine, and otherwise I’m very happy with it.
  7. Hi all, I went looking for some l-draw parts for custom track parts (r120, r104, etc) and found a link to some on l-gauge.org - the site seems to be down, does anyone know why, and/or who runs it? - does anyone else have a copy of these l-draw parts? Thanks Ps ldraw seems to be my best alternative, I know there are libraries for bluebrick but I can’t get that to run in my Mac.
  8. cptkent

    L-draw parts for custom track radi

    Thanks for the link. It was down a couple of months ago and came back. Hopefully it will again.
  9. (For me) the compelling part is, it’s a more complete ‘system’. More curve options, more switches, more straights, etc. I can’t wait. An added bonus is that it uses metal rails. I can use these for backward compatibility, power pickup for PF models (and save the battery space) or just because I like the look! Is there a significant cost difference between quality injection molded tracks with metal and the same tracks without metal? I have no idea (although I don’t see a big RRP difference between the versions Lego sold.) I’m sure Michael has done his research on the pros and cons of metal before making his choice. Was there any mention of crowd funding, or is he just going ahead?
  10. I noticed that earlier as well. I’m very excited and I wish the team all the best. I can’t wait to replace my ME Models tracks, and get some larger radius tracks.
  11. Just straight only was all I thought. With straight you only need one piece / one mold. With curves you need inner and outer lengths, you have to pick a radius, etc. I tried ME Models too, so I’m aware of the problems with curved tracks in multiple parts, and I’d rather not go there again. (Although I’m sure if ME had a product the quality of the Bricktracks parts, ½ of my issues could have been avoided.)
  12. Short straights will be handy, all lengths. R104 switches even more so. When I get the time in a couple of weeks I'll have to work out what I need..... On a side note, double straights (for a smoother ride) and R72 (for my own selfish needs) would be handy also... EDIT I wonder if a 'double straight' can be done as just a single rail, and we provide sleepers / ballast etc ourselves?
  13. cptkent

    Chances of an Emerald Night re-release?

    Slim to none. But I wish they'd so something similar - an 'mini' Emerald Night. Call it the Emerald Dawn. Perhaps a 1-2-1 version, no coal tender. (Buy 2 to get enough parts for an EN). Carriages different, but matching. That would preserve the EN second hand market, let people by their own, and allow the rest of us to get more carriages!
  14. I'm craving a monorail, but too tied up with my Xmas train at the moment. (ME models tracks for R72 loop, on a wood base around the tree - it's complicated.). Maybe next year a Christmas monorail....
  15. cptkent

    Track maintenance help...

    eBay? What was the postage??? I've got a piece of track about 3' long. It's not going anywhere!
  16. Nah. Just checking you haven't taken up Megablocks or Meccano or Macrame....
  17. Just giving this topic a bump. In case anybody has any news?
  18. cptkent

    A PUP (Power UP) question

    Hi, I've tried to follow the PF threads as they evolve, but still need help with a question: If I pull the 'm motor' out of the new PUP bat mobile (76112) can I use it with the new battery box and controller, like any other M motor. What restrictions would I face? I am building a small shunter - no room for an IR controller, and want to use the PUP M motor and PUP battery box only. Thanks
  19. cptkent

    9V battery box with PF?

    Hi, I'm looking for a smaller alternative to the traditional PV battery box. Has anybody used part number 4760c01 (Small 9V battery box) with PF motors before? https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=4760c01#T=C Thanks David
  20. My tracks arrived this morning. Very happy with the product, price, shipping. Many thanks to @coaster for providing us with expansion options.
  21. I’m disappointed the switches didn’t get up this time, but I just ordered some R56 & R120 Not that I need it (though it certainly will be used) but I think that any extra support for bricktrcks.com, the only place I see injected tracks being made, can’t hurt. I’m looking forward to getting some brictracks - keep it up coaster! (And bring on the 9v ;-)
  22. All good points. I backed it because I wanted it (more than needed it!). I thought the price was reasonable, given the parts involved. A single turnout consisted of 5 parts (turnout, switch stand, 2 curves and a straight). I hope that something can be done, going forward. I think these would really contribute to my layout, and I'm hoping that every product coaster adds to his inventory, provides reward and encouragement to go forward and do more.
  23. 100k was ambitious, nothing wrong with that. But I think the main reason it wasn’t reached wasn’t because of the size of the goal, but the size of the audience - I suspect there’s fewer real train fans out there than we realise. Does anybody have an idea as to how many people are really active with Lego Trains? My own layout is a hybrid. I have one loop in 9v, the remainder in PF. Which limits 9v trains to half the layout, but that’s the best I can do. Coasters PF switch would have worked nicely in the PF section. I'd take anything in 9V as well.