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  1. You’ve motivated me! Doors ordered, pics soon!
  2. cptkent

    New trains, delayed?

    In Australia, just received both mine from Lego store. And then noticed I can get both sets ~20% less through regular retailers....
  3. cptkent

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    I didn’t put a photo up of mine, not much to see in 8 black wheels! Just last night I started gathering the parts for the rest of MOC, I should be able to post a WIP in a month or so.
  4. It may help to put some photos up on Flickr as well, and the train threads there. Dont be concerned about “shamelessly self promoting” - it’s the only way to reach everyone.
  5. Hispabrick magazine has some videos on their FB page pairing one controller to 2 motors: https://m.facebook.com/hispabrickmagazine/ Seems like a way to use technology to make something more complicated! (YMMV, of course....)
  6. cptkent

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    Where was the original thread? The OP quote seems to have originated elsewhere. Do you want replies here, or under the original thread?
  7. Backed. Best of luck. I backed the ME rails, the PFx brick and now this. Folks, if you want it, there's only one way to get it! (PS. anything in 9V will also be supported!!)
  8. cptkent

    Powered Up - A tear down...

  9. I’m considering something similar- I really want an indoor test loop. I’m thinking two doors, hinges in the middle for storage. Should fit across the double bed in the spare room, but fold away for storage.
  10. cptkent

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    Thanks to everyone for their replies. It seems Ben is still active (refer above!). I'm not sure why my (gmail) email bounced. Given the hundreds of hours I've put into the model (my first), and that it was base on 24mm wheels, the price seemed reasonable to me. But each to their own circumstances. In the end, the order went through without a hitch. David
  11. Hi, Can anyone tell me if Big Ben Bricks is still selling their custom wheels? I tried to send a couple of emails, but got a blank ‘auto reply’ both times. thanks
  12. cptkent

    MOC BR class 08 shunter

    @richpantson Battery box, FX brick and M motor. Only built digitally so far.
  13. cptkent

    MOC BR class 08 shunter

    Apparently the class 8 is based on the class 11. My own F class is apparently based on the class 11 also.... strange family tree. heres my related WIP: Needs some more tweaking, it will get bigger wheels next revision.
  14. “Will I buy them”? Probably - although the last two city trains I skipped. I just didn’t find them appealing. My reasons for probably buying these two sets: - I don’t mind the designs. - For the new BT control. If the new BT control system measures up to expectations/ potential, I may retrofit it to a lot of other trains I have. I’ll get these two to evaluate it, and decide from there. As an AFOL train fan and MOC builder, all I want from LEGO is basic sets (for the kids) and bricks that I can source for my own designs. I love the advanced trains them make, but don’t expect them. And I know the system has more potential, but I see third party suppliers being more helpful there with regards to what an AFOL specially needs.
  15. Thanks to all those who replied. I have a couple of 'electrical' solutions, but then started wondering about a pneumatic one. I may set up a testbed to evaluate it. David