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  1. L-gauge seems to be a repository of sorts" http://l-gauge.org/wiki/index.php?title=Reference_Instructions#Bogies_.2F_Trucks_.2F_Wheels Probably not entirely what you're looking for, but a start.
  2. I am so “on the fence” about this. I love the idea, and especially the motor.... but I have: 9v / RC / PF / PU and fxbrick. It’a already bad enough! But that tram is sooo cute!
  3. cptkent

    Switches controlled by external levers

    I knocked up a simple switch control servo a couple of years ago, during a period when I didn't have access to my LEGO sets. I figured a 'wired' solution may be easiest for what I wanted at the time, just a remote way of powering and controlling a switch. I wanted to learn how the servos worked, and roughly prototyped something, but stopped at this point knowing it was a solution I could use, but a decent implementation would have to wait for another day: Link
  4. cptkent

    Increasingly losing patience with Lego

    Given the brief of evidence you’ve assembled to argue the case that LEGO does such a crap job with trains, I’m not sure I’d like to see them increase their commitment to the theme. Surly it would just be a continuation of the downward spiral 12v / 9v / PF / PU etc etc...
  5. A great review, leaves very few questions unanswered, and I like the rolling updates. On the topic of 'cant', I've seen other curved rails (R120 from another manufacture) do the same thing, or a little worse. I find the curved tracks seem perfect in single pieces, but over 1/4 or more loop, they do not accurately form the expected arc. Forcing them slightly to lay where they should (ie, ends pinned on a baseplate) produces cant and stresses the joints. The issue seems to be caused by very minor, so I've not even raised it with the manufacturer. I'd just presumed that if the moulding tolerances weren't 100%, then they would add up over the course of 1/4 loop, or longer, and cause issues. If the FX curves can be pinned at each end of a 1/4 loop, and ballasted without issue, then that's fine by me.
  6. If you can’t find anything on Bricklink, PM me, I have a box full of r40 curves.
  7. Great news. I hope you have made enough to go around! And I hope R120 or bigger is on your radar - it's my missing link...
  8. I really like the packaging too. I've just been for a walk on the local beach, picking up plastic, almost entirely from packaging. <rest of rant deleted>. Anyway, recyclable is good, but reusable is better. I'm hoping (as it seems) that I can repurpose these boxes for storage of parts, etc. Thanks to Fx bricks for making the decision to use better packaging.
  9. Great review. I’ve compiled my shopping list already.
  10. cptkent

    A Long MOC Journey

    I like your work. Do you have a 'flickr' presence?
  11. Great news. R27 is mentioned - that seems tight? Is it for something special? edit: typo, I think they mean r72
  12. cptkent

    MOC - SQDY Wagons

    I give up.... what does SQDY stand for???
  13. cptkent

    The Love/Hate stage of a layout/build

    It can be a significant investment in time, so I’d be surprised if most people who build train layouts didn’t go through periods where they start to get frustrated. I’m fortunate that I like the planning and dreaming as much as the building. But the preparation work, finding the space, getting it ready, was growing tiresome. I’d love to have a nice clean big room and.... just like everyone else I guess!
  14. cptkent

    The Love/Hate stage of a layout/build

    After many delays I’m finally back in the building stage. I’ve spent far too long planning, changing plans, starting and stopping. Too long building and making space in my shed, and cleaning up.... it’s only been the last year I’ve got into consistent, focused building of my town. It’s nice at the point I’m at, I have ideas and can’t build fast enough. Just recently I reconstructed a complete loop of track I hadn’t had for over two years, it was disassembled at the last ‘replanning’ stage and lay in pieces since then. If I found a bigger space, I’d be back where you are, moving again - I’d always go bigger even with all the frustrations that come with replanning and moving. I don’t know what the future holds for my town, I’ll just make the most of it while I can.