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  1. cptkent

    Is anyone selling ME Models Rails

    Mine are one piece, thanks to glue.
  2. cptkent

    Is it worth it to get into 9V trains now?

    9V all the way for me. Simply because I think it looks better. I'll take any other advantages I can get, if there are any to be had.
  3. cptkent

    Ideas for New Train Sets

    How about a NASA train.... they have them... LEGO has made: Apollo Saturn 5 rocket Apollo 11 lunar lander Curiosity Rover Numerous shuttles... even sets with trucks and planes carrying shuttles.. NASA railway employed the EMD SW1500: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EMD_SW1500 Would suit me... even with a little rolling stock... make it an 18+ set, put it on a 'stand' like the crocodile. Done.
  4. cptkent

    Ideas for New Train Sets

    The world is full of crocodiles, and variants of...
  5. cptkent

    Trains forum banner

    That looks cool. Well done to everybody involved.
  6. cptkent

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Ha, you "stole my thunder".... which was: It’s a Locomotive only. I’ve read the comments for and against extra carriages and / or wagons. What worked in the past and what didn’t. But one thing has changed since the last “Expert” train. LEGO now owns Bricklink, and hence (I presume) studio. It wouldn’t be difficult to sell the locomotive, and make Studio models of a couple of extra bits of rolling stock available as models. The last page of the instructions can lead people to do this, if they choose. Models can be built as presented, or used as a stepping off point for your own variations. People would be introduced to Bricklink, Studio, and through one way or another, probably purchase more LEGO.
  7. cptkent

    New England BrickWorks: 3rd party curves and switches

    Agree 100% I’ve now made (and ballasted) 2x full loops of Bricktracks and 2x full loops of ME Models. Not an issue with Bricktracks. Had to glue everything with ME models. Really not interested in another Kickstarter. I think you may need to be a little more committed and motivated to see this through.
  8. cptkent

    Cereal Docks

    Yes, thanks. I tried to search but had no luck.
  9. cptkent

    Cereal Docks

    @LEGO Train 12 Volts Do you have a Flickr account?
  10. Thanks, I'll start with that.
  11. Hi, I am looking to run 9v track over a large layout. It’s a loop of ~ 6m x 4m Can anyone help me out with how power supply to 9v track is usually handled with large layouts, ie as a LUG may set up a display. Is there simply one point of supply to the track, or multiple points? I imaging this is already detailed somewhere on the internet, at a LUG or similar. Does anyone have a link to something that might help? thanks
  12. cptkent

    Train-mounted camera

    My go-pro mount. Simple bogie with magnetic coupling. No tiles were sacrificed, it’s a double sided tape mount. Does live view wireless, and ultra wide.