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  1. cptkent

    Small layout on a door - major update!

    I'm craving a monorail, but too tied up with my Xmas train at the moment. (ME models tracks for R72 loop, on a wood base around the tree - it's complicated.). Maybe next year a Christmas monorail....
  2. cptkent

    Track maintenance help...

    eBay? What was the postage??? I've got a piece of track about 3' long. It's not going anywhere!
  3. Nah. Just checking you haven't taken up Megablocks or Meccano or Macrame....
  4. Just giving this topic a bump. In case anybody has any news?
  5. cptkent

    A PUP (Power UP) question

    Hi, I've tried to follow the PF threads as they evolve, but still need help with a question: If I pull the 'm motor' out of the new PUP bat mobile (76112) can I use it with the new battery box and controller, like any other M motor. What restrictions would I face? I am building a small shunter - no room for an IR controller, and want to use the PUP M motor and PUP battery box only. Thanks
  6. cptkent

    9V battery box with PF?

    Hi, I'm looking for a smaller alternative to the traditional PV battery box. Has anybody used part number 4760c01 (Small 9V battery box) with PF motors before? https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=4760c01#T=C Thanks David
  7. My tracks arrived this morning. Very happy with the product, price, shipping. Many thanks to @coaster for providing us with expansion options.
  8. I’m disappointed the switches didn’t get up this time, but I just ordered some R56 & R120 Not that I need it (though it certainly will be used) but I think that any extra support for bricktrcks.com, the only place I see injected tracks being made, can’t hurt. I’m looking forward to getting some brictracks - keep it up coaster! (And bring on the 9v ;-)
  9. All good points. I backed it because I wanted it (more than needed it!). I thought the price was reasonable, given the parts involved. A single turnout consisted of 5 parts (turnout, switch stand, 2 curves and a straight). I hope that something can be done, going forward. I think these would really contribute to my layout, and I'm hoping that every product coaster adds to his inventory, provides reward and encouragement to go forward and do more.
  10. 100k was ambitious, nothing wrong with that. But I think the main reason it wasn’t reached wasn’t because of the size of the goal, but the size of the audience - I suspect there’s fewer real train fans out there than we realise. Does anybody have an idea as to how many people are really active with Lego Trains? My own layout is a hybrid. I have one loop in 9v, the remainder in PF. Which limits 9v trains to half the layout, but that’s the best I can do. Coasters PF switch would have worked nicely in the PF section. I'd take anything in 9V as well.
  11. cptkent

    What’s your Railway called?

    My railroad doesn’t have a name - yet. My town is Hadabrook. The name come from adage I once heard, that places are named after what was once there, but has since been replaced by a town, such as: - Forrest (used to have Forrest) - Sunny meadows (used to have...) - Deer Park (used to have....) - Palm Springs (used to have....) so - Hadabrook- Had-a-brook I am taking note of the other Lego towns that exist, for use on some of the Train and Town signage around Hadabrook. Even my fictional town can’t stand in isolation ;-)
  12. cptkent

    Small layout on a door - major update!

    Yeah I thought of screwing, after ‘splatman’ mentioned double sided tape. Gluing is less flexible (the route would be somewhat permanent), but you could easily detach the tracks. Screwing is a little more permanent (if I need to use the tracks elsewhere for a while it’s harder to do so) and puts holes in the boards (not that glue is much better). There may be merit in the tape option, but I’ve usually found it doesn’t stick well enough. Decisions, decisions....
  13. cptkent

    Small layout on a door - major update!

    Thanks, A different design for a different purpose, I guess. I don't intend a full layout like yours, just a loop I can use to run occasionally (I have another layout out the 'shed'). I'll open it up on the double bed in the spare bedroom when I want to use it to test a train or let the nephews play. When I want to use it as a table, it will sit across a couch in the study, where I can build on it. So it doesn't really need legs. The cleat that runs down the middle 'seals' the box when its folded, to keep the dust out. I'll post another pic one day when I have a loop laid out.
  14. cptkent

    Small layout on a door - major update!

    As promised. My door layout in progress. Album here I may paint it - I haven't decided yet. I'll play with it for a bit first. Handles may need to be bigger... I plan to glue down some 2x4 plates, and fix the track to these. I can't do it yet as the track I need is in use elsewhere. Having a folding door obviously limits the height of the structures you can erect, but it will serve it's purpose for me.
  15. cptkent

    Small layout on a door - major update!

    You’ve motivated me! Doors ordered, pics soon!